Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Days 7 & 8

Monday, day 7:

8 hours in bed! Woke at 4 hot/sweaty/gross, bathroom (see Sunday night binge), but fell right back (yay!). Morning pull-ups down to 7+3, focused on smooth, no swinging. A little tired but decent throughout the day. Utility bike ride to UPS store (+ 2 miles) at lunch; eve 45min yoga class, not too hard, nice & rejuvenating. Laziness at home.

Food details: 6a-egg bake, c decaf, fish oil, MA, zinc, D, FS; 7a-c decaf; 830a-1.5c reg, med apple, Sunbutter; 11a-egg bake; 115p-stir fry, MA; 230p-8 almonds; 3p-2oz chicken; 330p-3oz chicken; 345p-16 almonds; 445p-8 almonds; 7p-stir fry, egg bake, fish oil, MA, zinc, BSM, FS; 8p-magnesium
Totals: 1721 cal, 90g fat (18 fat), 79g carbs (26 fiber), 158g protein – goal of 1700, right on!

Week's averages:
-1909 cal, 88g fat (19 sat) 41%, 140g carbs (33 fiber) 29%, 153g protein 32%
-Down 2%, 43 cal avg & 301 total, from prior week
-Burned 3764, down 710 from last week
-Created a 2654-calorie deficit and so in theory 0.76 lbs lost -- instead, I was up 0.4 lbs. Fuck you, scale! YOU DON'T OWN ME.
-But seriously, I have visible results. My stomach fat is dwindling, and even my arms have leaned out some more, and I didn't think that was really possible!

Tuesday, day 8:

7.75 hours in bed. Woke at 4, a little hot/sweaty, but didn’t need to get up. New plan to get my magnesium in w/ supper and have NOTHING but water after 730pm, see if that helps. But overall I slept decently. Felt a bit tired, but not bad. Since Dustin is slacking with his wife & new baby, I had training w/ Mike instead, which went well. Thought about adding an eve workout, but I am hosting girls’ night on Thursday and I needed to get some cleaning done & food prepped. Instead, a 630am Spartacus is on the docket for Wednesday morning! (This is also due to a lunch meeting Wed, thus no noon run. Sadness.)

Food details: 6a-stir fry (yep, so good that it's even tasty at breakfast!!), egg bake, c decaf, fish oil, MA, zinc, D, FS; 715a-c decaf; 8a-1.5c decaf w/ stevia; 930a-med apple, oz almonds, 1.5c reg w/ almond syrup; 12p-banana, salad w/ hb egg, MA, 1.5c reg w/ stevia; 330p-stir fry; 630p-salad w/ hb egg, 3 banana slices, a grape, a strawberry, fish oil, MA, zinc, D, FS, magnesium, two slices Simple Bread (not that great, but to my deprived tastebuds: OMG BREAD)
Totals: 1741 cal, 80g fat (13 sat), 153g carbs (44 fiber), 125g protein – goal of 1700.

A house update for those who are playing along: the counter-offer ball is still in their hands. The county inspector recommended that the sewer be replaced. (Recommended - but not required? The government never says that!) They are also testing the water and waiting on those results. There are 7 siblings to decide on a final firm price, and that's what the realtor is waiting on now. Funny, you'd think they would have discussed this when they listed the house. But what do I know?

Anyway. Playing the waiting game and trying very hard not to spend any extra money in the meantime. Even today I very nearly bought this STRONG [IS THE NEW SKINNY] shirt but managed to talk myself out of it. Sadly. Sometimes being a responsible adult really blows.

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