Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 9

Wednesday went really well!

7.5 hours in bed. Woke at 2, h/s/g, but didn’t need to get up. Woke again at 4, h/s, dozed until 430. Pull-ups just 5+5 because I did them with ZERO leg movement. No swinging or lifting or anything!

Came into TS to do Spartacus, but my Garmin was at my desk, I had loaned my stopwatch to Mary, and my Spartabuddy is in Ecuador - so I had no way to keep time! Instead I dug out a Metabolic Effect workout list, as I have several workout sheets in my planner at all times. It felt pretty easy overall, though most moves were tough - a great way to start the day! Every now and then. Not going to be a daily morning workout person, like, EVER.

Eve trackwork w/ Mike of NSS, Lisa, Dawn, and NONE of the boys showed up! Afraid of a little rain, I guess...the sissies!

At home I made homemade venison breakfast sausage (first recipe listed) in prep for girls' night on Thursday. And learned that there is a difference between "ground venison" and "venison sausage" - because I used ground venison, and it's definitely missing some fat flavoring! But it will work, as it's not the focus of the meal. THAT would be the French toast!

Victory: I threw away the loaf of almond bread. It wasn't that good, definitely not worth the calories, and I found a strong moment and TOSSED IT OUT. So proud of myself!

Couple of random tidbits:
-This has nothing to do with eating, but I might go to FL in November with my lucky friend Amy who won a week's stay at the company condo. Just have to know whether I can swing it financially, which depends on the house, which is waiting on the final 2 siblings to get back to the selling agent. COME ON COME ON COME ON!
-I have been dying to do Ragnar Relay since I first heard of it last year. I know of a great team needing 3 more people. It's the week before my August marathon, so the timing is awful. BUT the 3 legs are all less than the miles I'd run that weekend anyway...just gotta convince the chief!
-New: I'm doing a daily acne score. Wednesday was 24. That would be a count of raised blemishes; isn't that awful? I'm going to do a daily tally so Ican track progress. I feel like the supplements are helping, but I need an objective way to keep track.

Food: 5a-egg bake, slice bread, c decaf, FS, D, MA, zinc; 6a-c decaf; 7a (PWO)-hb egg, slice bread, 1.5c reg w/ stevia; 9a-1.5c decaf w/ stevia; 1130a-salad w/ balsamic, chicken breast, veg blend, 3c reg, MA; 330p-stir fry, MA; 630p (PWO)-.5oz almonds; 7p(PWO)-egg bake, 3oz venison breakfast sausage, few honey roasted cashews, fish oil, D, MA, BSM, magnesium
Totals: 1744 cal, 91 fat (20 sat), 86 carbs (28 fiber), 152g protein – goal of 1750

Tip: the honey roasted cashews are. absolutely. incredible. I am using them in Thursday night's banana ice cream, so I only bought a tiny bit from the bulk bin. This is the sort of thing I can't keep stocked in my house, because I am pretty sure I could eat my bodyweight in them. Remember your weak points when grocery shopping!

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