Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 6

Sunday had some ups & downs.

First of all, as I mentioned yesterday: 6 hours in bed. I need 8 to feel good. However, I did NOT wake up hot, sweaty, & gross at any point, so that was downright fantastic!

I got up at 6am because I ran 10 miles at SJU w/ great DailyMile pal Greg at 8am. (Whiny tangent: Greg burned 1403 calories. I burned 957. What a crock!) Tooling around on fantastic trails in beautiful woods (deer sighting!) is the perfect way to spend Sunday morning. If you know me well enough, you know I am not remotely religious (almost anti, actually) but wandering about in the wilderness is usually a spiritual experience for me. Plus, man, it's just plain ol' FUN to cruise around in the trees & hurdle mud puddles!

Came home, started laundry, computering, then lunch at my parents’ for Father's Day. (And let me take a moment here to apologize for hogging the Best Dad Ever. But awesome daughters deserve awesome fathers!) Laziness there; had planned to help mom with garden chores but I was shot and got very tired atbout 2pm.

Came home and napped solidly for 1.5 hours. I only got up because I didn't want to fuck with my sleeping overnight. I was still tired ... lethargic .. bingey. DAMN. At first I did perfectly well by eating grilled chicken (though 12 mf-ing ounces of it!), but then I also ate a piece of spice cake. That had soy. No. Fucking. Willpower. Looking back, I should have just ate a piece at the start, instead of all the chicken, and maybe that would have been the end of it.

But the whole shebang happened because I was SO TIRED. I should have simply gone to bed at 8pm, truly. I had 99g carbs at supper alone!!

Food details: 6a-2 fried eggs, chicken sausage, c pumpkin, c decaf, FS, vit D, zinc, MA, egg bake; during run-SP, CL; post-run-pancakes, SP, CL, 1.5c reg; 11a-pancakes, SP butter; 1230p-6oz chicken, salad w/ balsamic, strawberries; 230p-blueberries; 315p-6 almonds; 5p-salad w/ hb egg, balsamic; 530p-6oz chicken w/ c SP; 6p-6oz chicken; 615p-piece spice cake, c decaf, fish oil, zinc, MA, 1 DX7, BSM; 730p-magnesium; 8p-oz chicken w/ T mojo sauce
Totals: 2425 cal, 97g fat (20 sat), 199g carbs (42 fiber), 195g protein – goal of 1950 (was 2000 before changing Monday's workout)

Acne: definitely need to drop caffeine intake. It is not friendly to the endocrine system. 3c coffee per day is the MAX. Here we go, decaf, here we go!

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