Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 5

Saturday was pretty successful!

For starters, 8 hours in bed. Unfortunately I was once again up at 4am, hot/sweaty/gross, bathroom. UGH! Woke at 550 but fell back asleep and was up for good at 630. Felt great! Breakfast, putzing, knocked out 10 chin-ups, then headed to Osakis to run a 5k.

Funny: the t-shirts were prior years’ leftovers! I had a goal of 21:03 (1 minute better than last year) & I came in 4 seconds above that. My secondary goal was a potential win, given last year's winning time was 21:23 and I knew I could top that. However, my time of 21:07 (just 4 seconds off my goal, I'll take it!) was about 1.5 minutes behind 1st place. She was BLAZIN fast!. You can click the DailyMile widget to the right to see a full race report if you're just dying for more info.

Afterward I went to Heather’s for pancakes (that I ate, while she ate turkey patties) & coffee & talk. It was lovely. We solved half the world's problems with no alcohol involved! Ha. We did theorized that Dustin was possibly onto something over my acne issue: that physical stress is making my hormones go whack, more so than mental stress, or what exactly I'm eating (though carb levels do seem to matter). So, I've added two supplements to my regimen: Metabolic Advantage and Blood Sugar Manager. Fingers crossed!

Laziness most of afternoon. Eve races, where I had a splurge; you know you’re hardcore when you consider this is splurge: I had a bottle of diet Pepsi! (Um, speaking of, I'm also resolving to reduce my daily caffeine intake to 450 mg; I've been lax about keeping that reasonable.) And due to the races, I finally went to bed at midnight. This bit me in the ass on Sunday. Stay tuned.

Food: 7a-2 fried eggs, chicken sausage, 2c reg, fish oil, vit D, FiberSmart, zinc, MA; 1030a-c mango; 1130a-half batch pumpkin spice pancakes, 4c reg; 345p-egg bake, 4 mini pancakes, MA; 4p-2c reg; 5p-salad w/ hb egg, zinc, MA, fish oil, magnesium, BSM; 525p-bite egg bake; 630p-20oz diet Pepsi; 7p-egg bake; 12a-bite egg bake
Totals: 1892 cal, 108g fat (19 sat), 140g carbs (38 fiber), 101g protein - goal of 1900 - right on!

Note my 7pm snack: egg bake. At the races. Almost anything is portable, folks!

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