Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 3

Another good day!

7.5 hours in bed. Woke up hot/sweaty/gross but fell back asleep easily. This one could be due to higher supper carbs Wed night (mango, popcorn). Awake naturally at 550, gotta love that well-rested feeling!

My noon training session w/ Dusting was excellent, though sadly the last one for two weeks with him. He's taking two weeks off for a new baby and I'll be getting my sessions in with either Mike or Steve instead. Still, very thankful I can get them in somehow! In the eve, did Amy’s class, all strength; it felt a bit tougher than usual, legs more dead - for this I'll blame heavy deadlifts which included two failed attempts at 221 (WOW).

Then I went to my work birthday bash, which was quite fun. Award winners were all very deserving, and my wonderful friend Amy won a weeks' stay at the FL condo! (Here's hoping her family can't make it work and friends are invited instead!) Due to the party, I got to bed late, though, at 1030p; it was especially late as I was planning to simulate marathon race day and get up at 4am to run at 6am.

Food details: 6a-2 fried eggs, chicken sausage, c reg & decaf, FiberSmart, fish oil, vit D, zinc, Met; 730a-c reg; 8a-1.5c reg w/ SF Jello, .5c grapes; 945a-stir fry, 1.5c decaf; 11a-Sunbutter; 115p-salad w/ HB egg, 3oz shrimp, dand root, Met; 3p-s protein w/ SF Jello, oz almonds; 530p-hb egg; 6p-6oz chicken breast, 2c romaine, 3 sl tomatoes, 9 sl cukes, 2T balsamic, 1.5c grapes, zinc, FiberSmart, Met; 9p-fish oil
Totals: 1769 cal, 76g fat (16 sat), 128g carbs (31 fiber), 164g protein – goal of 1600 (was 1825)

"Goal of 1600 (was 1825)" - what the hell does THAT mean? Well, remember that my goal calories include half of today's burned calories & half of tomorrow's. On Friday (today) I took an unplanned rest day, so that changed Thursday's targeted intake.

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