Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 2

Still succeeding!

7.75 hours in bed (8 is the goal). Up at 3, hot/sweaty/gross, for bathroom. This is a regular occurrence for me, that I'm trying to eliminate, and it's due to blood sugar. Usually I can attribute it to eating after 7:30pm OR eating more than 40g carbs at supper time. But Tuesday night’s supper carbs were low, so I can't really pinpoint the cause here.

Morning chin-ups 8+2. Kind of disappointing, as chins are usually easier & I hit 10 a month ago already, but it's not like I can expect zero fatigue carryover from the prior day. Anyway, physically & mentally I felt really good! Did hill repeats at noon with a coworker; kept them on the easy side since I wasn't feeling totally rockstar-ish, AND I wanted to be fresh-ish for eve speedwork. That was good except for the mango sitting in my gut: not a good idea! Fructose just doesn't sit well during workouts for this girl.

At home, I brought the kits outside while I planted some flowers, and I uploaded pictures of the potential new house. A nice night, nothing wild, but hit a couple to-do list items.

Food details: 6a-egg white omelet w/ spinach, chicken sausage, c reg, fish oil, vit D, FiberSmart, Met, zinc; 715a-c reg; 8a1.5c reg w/ stevia; 9a-oz almonds, hb egg; 11a-s Sunbutter; 1p-salad & 3oz shrimp, Met; 3p-stir fry, 1.5c decaf; 5p (pre-run)-.5c frozen mango; during run: grape Ultima Replenisher; 630p (post-run)-.5c frozen mango, hb egg; 7p-2 fried eggs, 2s chicken sausage, 2c decaf, fish oil, zinc, Met, FiberSmart; 730p-.5oz popcorn w/ Truvia & salt, magnesium
Totals: 1845 cal, 80g fat (21 sat), 128g carbs (31 fiber), 164g protein - goal of 1850

-Egg-white omelets are super filling. For this one, I had some leftover chicken broth in the pan from the prior night's stir-fry. This added loads of extra flavor with virtually no calories!
-Experimented with what I called “dieter’s kettle corn” as a snack. I measured out .5oz popcorn & popped it in a nonstick pot with no oil. That worked! But without oil in which to melt the Truvia, all I could do was sprinkle it on afterward w/ the salt...and thus, most of it was in the bottom of the bowl. So, it was mostly a fail as far as true kettle corn taste, but it was totally edible. I'll keep experimenting!
-Tonight is a work party, featuring a menu of things I can't eat. I called them yesterday and requested a plain chicken breast, no soy, no dairy, no nothing. They were more than willing to accomodate! Between that and the dressing-less plain salad, I've got a sufficient supper. Then I'm bringing along my own balsamic, plus almonds & grapes, so I don't feel deprived watching everyone else dive into potatoes, bread, and cupcakes.

Acne update: it's bad again. Really bad. Like I ate a stick of butter or something. I'm suspecting less to do with food and more to do with blood sugar and/or carb intake and/or long runs. I really don't know how the eff to narrow it down, though. Very frustrating.

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