Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 15

I can't tell you how GOOD I feel with all these calories blasting through my system. I'm ready to do anything, ANYTHING. Spontaneous 6-mile bike ride? Spartacus? Speedwork? Yes, please!

Sleep note: I read that fish oil shouldn't be taken at night so I'm moving my daily dose to morning only. Considering drinking a protein shake right before bed; or not drinking any fluids after 8pm. Not sure yet which I'll try first. Possibly protein since I have room for the calories this week.


8 hours in bed. Woke at 4am to cat (Clyde likes to scratch the bed every time he enters the room), was NOT hot/sweaty/gross, but got up to hit bathroom & it took a while to fall back. 1 snooze button, though I felt well-rested, then got up easily. Nice!

Session with Mike felt excellent. After work I taught Warrior Training and it went well; my participants were two less-fit peeps so I kept it fairly easy for me. At home, we did some parade clean-up work, and at 8pm Hop said he was going for a bike ride. I had an errand to deliver shoes to the brother of a friend, so we biked to his place, 6.16m round trip, 40 minutes. Felt like NOTHING, easiest thing in the world, even the hills were a piece of cake. Smoked Hop’s ass – got home 3-4 minutes before he did! I’m sure he appreciated that.

I was feeling like a bajillion dollars, physically. Carbs, I love you! Mentally, I'm just enjoying the hell out of food. I'm still plotting out my day, being sure to stay in my calorie guidelines, and deciding ahead of time what is truly worth spending my calories on, knowing that most of these things go back on the restricted list for three weeks starting next Tuesday.

Possibly an unanticipated side effect of the extra calories & carbs: more energy to do more workouts? Or maybe yesterday was an anomaly. Will find out as the week goes on!

Food details: 615a-2 fried eggs, 2 sl side pork, 2 sl gluten-free bread, c reg, FS, 2 fish oil, D, zinc, MA, Met; 730a-.5c grapes, c reg; 8a-Americano w/ SF vanilla; 10a-apple w/ s crunchy Sunbutter; 1215p (PWO)-stir fry, 8oz snap peas, s crunchy Sunbutter, MA; 330p-sl maple walnut bread, sm apple, s crunchy Sunbutter; 615p (PWO)-c grapes; 630p-BLT w/ mustard, salad of bok choi w/ tomato & balsamic, rest of large tomato, slice maple walnut bread; 9p-BSM, MA, Met
Totals: 2099 cal, 104g fat (13 sat), 214g carbs (45 fiber), 90g protein – maintenance goal of 2525
Acne: 21

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