Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 14

Yesterday was SO much better. I got my brain back on track – it’s amazing what a complete “mental reset button” Mondays are for me.

I’ve made the insane-for-me decision to take a two-week full diet break based on this article. Last week is going in as week one, and today starts week two. I’m going to eat whatever I want food-wise/carb-wise (sorry, Whole9 peeps) but (a) I still have to avoid dairy, and (b) I'll aim to come in at maintenance-level calories over the course of the week. (I'll be banking up a little bit up for the big parade on Monday.)

I’m so frickin’ excited for it! This morning I had toast (gluten-free, yes, but ZOMG it was BREAD) with my breakfast. I picked up a loaf of maple walnut from Locals after Mike today, and I’m going to eat bread every god damned day for the rest of the week!

This plan has stopped me from beating myself up over the weekend, and it allows me the first REAL guilt-free break in almost 4 fucking years. I started trying to lose weight in September of '07, and this is the first truly guilt-free timeframe I’ve allowed myself. Yes, I’ve had off-weeks of eating more than planned (witness most of tax season) or vacation weeks of indulgence, but the thing is that I’ve always beat myself up over them, seeing them as setbacks that I have to “make up for.” I’m so glad I read that article, I can’t even tell you! I don’t even care if this dude’s science is wrong (please go ahead and shut up if you think it is); my excitement for this is a sure sign that I need to do it.

Next week I’ll return to proper, Whole9-approved, low-carb dieting, with a plan firmly in place to allow for fun eating on girls’ weekend (week 4) to prevent binges. Yay!


8 hours in bed, but took a while to fall asleep (mind was racing). Woke hot/sweaty but fell back easily. Awake at 545. Morning chins w/ no movement: 1 every 5 minutes while getting ready: 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 4. Fasting day again, to make up for the weekend. As usual, I was very cold but avoided tons of coffee this time, even got in a couple cups of decaf green tea - go me! Yoga felt really easy. At home I wasn’t truly hungry but Hop’s hotdish smelled SO. GOOD. Probably should’ve skipped the almonds, knowing I was going to have my apple/PB2 snack, but whatever. I made it 22 hours, which is very good for the body.

Food: 630a-c bedtime tea, Metamucil, FS, D, MA; 8a-1.5c reg; 1p-decaf green tea; 515p-decaf green tea, BCAAs; 7p-hotdish, oz almonds, FS, BSM, MA, fish oil, Natural Calm, Met; 9p-sm apple, PB2, c decaf
Totals: 563 cal, 25g fat (3 sat), 66g carbs (17 fiber), 25g protein - goal of 1575 (weight-loss goal level)
Acne: 23

Averages for the week:
-2230 cal, 111 fat (25 sat) 45%, 191g carbs (34 fiber) 34%, 139g protein 25%
-Up 17%, 322 cal avg & 2252 total, from prior week
-Burned 2848, down 916 from last week
-A 12-calorie overage for the week – maintenance goal achieved! Hot tip: it's really super duper easy to hit a goal when you set it after results are in!!
-Weight: up 2 lbs. Fuck you, scale! You're a jackass and no one likes you.

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