Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 10

Thursday was another great day!

Spent a solid 8 hours in bed. Woke a few times hot/sweaty but didn’t up, fell back easily. It's amazing how important quality & quantity of sleep is. I don't know how anyone survives a newborn!! Had some almost-crampy calves when I stretched out at one point, a sign I need to up my hydration and drop the damn coffee overload.

My session w/ Mike was awesome, as I hit a chin-ups PR on last set! I can't tell you what that does for the brain. It's unbelievable. Another kind of minor thing was doing deadlift reps of 181x6 easily, and suspecting that just might become my new easy-reps level, which is currently 141. Mind boggling, as I weigh 125.

Side tangent: I spent the afternoon with my godchild Emma, daughter of my cousin Mark who is practically like a brother to me. Emma turns 9 next month and I've decided it's high time for her & I to hang out more, so I've enrolled her in the Kids in the Community program at work. The activity yesterday was making bracelets to sell at the Relay for Life. I am truly enjoying this time with her, learning things like that she loves to read. About what? History! She demanded to know whether we at the table knew who Amelia Earhart was. Isn't that fantastic? Plus, she convinced her mom that they needed to donate to my Relay fundraising, and even called her grandma & grand-aunt to ask them to donate as well, for a total of $90. What a wonderful kid, to have learned the value of giving so early! I'm looking forward to the time we'll spend together at the Relay itself, as I think we will both have a blast.

After work I hosted girls’ night with my Sauk chicas Katy & Shari. I made "brunner" and overate as expected (ZOMG BREAD), but because it was within reason, it translates to maintenance, not fat gain. Yay!

Food: 6a-2 fried eggs, 3oz venison sausage, slice bread, c grapes, few honey roasted cashews, c decaf, FS, D, MA, fish oil, zinc; 715a-c decaf; 8a-1.5c reg from QC; 920a-1.5c reg w/ stevia; 10a-sm apple, 6 almonds; 12p (PWO)-salad w/ hb egg, MA, 1.5c decaf; 330p-egg bake; 630p (girls’ night)-5 slices French toast w/ pure maple syrup, honey, cinnamon applesauce, 2oz venison sausage, 2 scrambled eggs, banana ice cream w/ honey roasted cashews, 3c decaf, BSM, MA, magnesium, FS, zinc; 930-2 slices French toast
Totals: 2274 cal, 113g fat (25 sat), 245g carbs (28 fiber), 119g protein – goal of 1750

The French toast was worth the insane calories (only insane because, if you didn't notice, I ate SEVEN SLICES) - I used a loaf of craisin walnut wheat bread from Falls Baking. My egg was mixed with rice milk, a generous serving of cinnamon, and some vanilla extract. DELICIOUS. I tried various toppings, and the maple syrup took the blue ribbon, with honey as a close second. But honestly, even the applesauce was awesome. It's like trying to pick a favorite child!

My scrambled eggs were pretty plain: eggs, rice milk, and Fiesta Party Dip Mix. The venison sausage was not at all sausage-y, but it sufficed.

And finally, the banana ice cream was a bit of a fail due to the alcohol-y aftertaste left by the maple extract. Strawberries saved it, but next time: pure maple syrup. Just a drizzle ought to do it. And the honey roasted cashews added crunch, but the flavor got lost a little, so I could go back to almonds and save the extra calories. But another good idea is PB2. Peanuts are not Whole9-cool, and are a relative of soy, so I've been avoiding them. But I might just make an exception to try this, because bananas & peanut butter go together like me & ribs.

Acne count: 26. Ugh. But at this moment I think the biggest challenge is to stop picking at them, and let them heal on their own. I suspect I'm making them worse than they need to be.

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