Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 16

I'm not sure what all to say about Wednesday. It went really well until suppertime, and then it went off the rails. Let me break it down:

7.5 hours in bed. Woke at 3am, little hot/sweaty, bathroom, took a while to fall back. Monkey mind over WHY I was awake. Then I woke hourly after that, thanks to the cats. (My guess: massive weather change.) 1 snooze, got up feeling all right. Did my no-movement pull ups as 3, 3, 3, 3.

11am Spartacus, med/light weights, felt very good. Then our team had our halftime huddle, which involved  going through our goals & giving status updates. We were provided Subway sandwiches which I actually ate!! Unfortunately, the chips & cookies all had dairy so I passed on those. After the "work" was done, we spend the afternoon at Casey’s, where I scored 53 in mini-golf (two holes-in-one!!) and drove a whopping 4 times on the go-karts! Super fun. Have I ever mentioned that I freaking love my job?! Eve speedwork at the track w/ NSS felt absolutely fantastic, and I hit a PR of 36s on the last 200m. I'd like to thank the 20mph wind & off-diet-week carb intake!

At home, my wonderful, generous, thoughtful husband had left me brats & baked beans & fried sweet potatoes. (He had to leave to help his dad.) I scarfed that down like it was my last meal. And then? For some reason, I was all starving & bingey & continuous meal-y. GAH. Wasn’t overly tired, brain wasn’t in a hole, I was just super snacky and kept my stupid stupid ass at the table reading (The Sun, highly recommended) and eating, eating, eating. That god damn delicious maple walnut bread just took over my motor control and I ate four motherfucking slices!!

Honestly, I don't know what to think about it. I'm not sure if this is a sign that eating "whatever" but targeting calories translates to still feeling restricted? And yet, if I just quit tracking for this timeframe, how the hell do I go back and analyze my numbers? I must have data! But at any rate, I feel like I can mostly make up for the overage by focusing on moderation today & tomorrow, while still eating plenty o' carbs.

Food details: 615a-2 fried eggs, 2oz side pork, bagel, c reg, 2 fish oil, D, zinc, MA, Met; 730a-c reg w/ .33c rice milk; 830a-1.5c reg w/ stevia; 10a-English muffin w/ 1.5s Sunbutter, 1.5c reg; 12p (PWO)-2 4” Subway sandwiches; 4p-3oz brain food; 615p(PWO)-s Honey Nut Cheerios; 7p-4oz venison brats, .5c sweet potatoes, c baked beans, sl wheat bread, “brownie” of PB2, cocoa, marshmallow fluff, 4 slices maple walnut bread & margarine, BSM, MA, Met
Totals: 3275 cal, 139g fat (21 sat), 357g carbs (52 fiber), 137g protein – maintenance goal of 2475

Acne: 20 - big improvements!

Next step: adding in dairy for the next 5 days as well. Small amounts. Like a peanut butter cookie after today's session. (Hey, that's the time to eat junk, because it all goes to muscle-building!)

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 15

I can't tell you how GOOD I feel with all these calories blasting through my system. I'm ready to do anything, ANYTHING. Spontaneous 6-mile bike ride? Spartacus? Speedwork? Yes, please!

Sleep note: I read that fish oil shouldn't be taken at night so I'm moving my daily dose to morning only. Considering drinking a protein shake right before bed; or not drinking any fluids after 8pm. Not sure yet which I'll try first. Possibly protein since I have room for the calories this week.


8 hours in bed. Woke at 4am to cat (Clyde likes to scratch the bed every time he enters the room), was NOT hot/sweaty/gross, but got up to hit bathroom & it took a while to fall back. 1 snooze button, though I felt well-rested, then got up easily. Nice!

Session with Mike felt excellent. After work I taught Warrior Training and it went well; my participants were two less-fit peeps so I kept it fairly easy for me. At home, we did some parade clean-up work, and at 8pm Hop said he was going for a bike ride. I had an errand to deliver shoes to the brother of a friend, so we biked to his place, 6.16m round trip, 40 minutes. Felt like NOTHING, easiest thing in the world, even the hills were a piece of cake. Smoked Hop’s ass – got home 3-4 minutes before he did! I’m sure he appreciated that.

I was feeling like a bajillion dollars, physically. Carbs, I love you! Mentally, I'm just enjoying the hell out of food. I'm still plotting out my day, being sure to stay in my calorie guidelines, and deciding ahead of time what is truly worth spending my calories on, knowing that most of these things go back on the restricted list for three weeks starting next Tuesday.

Possibly an unanticipated side effect of the extra calories & carbs: more energy to do more workouts? Or maybe yesterday was an anomaly. Will find out as the week goes on!

Food details: 615a-2 fried eggs, 2 sl side pork, 2 sl gluten-free bread, c reg, FS, 2 fish oil, D, zinc, MA, Met; 730a-.5c grapes, c reg; 8a-Americano w/ SF vanilla; 10a-apple w/ s crunchy Sunbutter; 1215p (PWO)-stir fry, 8oz snap peas, s crunchy Sunbutter, MA; 330p-sl maple walnut bread, sm apple, s crunchy Sunbutter; 615p (PWO)-c grapes; 630p-BLT w/ mustard, salad of bok choi w/ tomato & balsamic, rest of large tomato, slice maple walnut bread; 9p-BSM, MA, Met
Totals: 2099 cal, 104g fat (13 sat), 214g carbs (45 fiber), 90g protein – maintenance goal of 2525
Acne: 21

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 14

Yesterday was SO much better. I got my brain back on track – it’s amazing what a complete “mental reset button” Mondays are for me.

I’ve made the insane-for-me decision to take a two-week full diet break based on this article. Last week is going in as week one, and today starts week two. I’m going to eat whatever I want food-wise/carb-wise (sorry, Whole9 peeps) but (a) I still have to avoid dairy, and (b) I'll aim to come in at maintenance-level calories over the course of the week. (I'll be banking up a little bit up for the big parade on Monday.)

I’m so frickin’ excited for it! This morning I had toast (gluten-free, yes, but ZOMG it was BREAD) with my breakfast. I picked up a loaf of maple walnut from Locals after Mike today, and I’m going to eat bread every god damned day for the rest of the week!

This plan has stopped me from beating myself up over the weekend, and it allows me the first REAL guilt-free break in almost 4 fucking years. I started trying to lose weight in September of '07, and this is the first truly guilt-free timeframe I’ve allowed myself. Yes, I’ve had off-weeks of eating more than planned (witness most of tax season) or vacation weeks of indulgence, but the thing is that I’ve always beat myself up over them, seeing them as setbacks that I have to “make up for.” I’m so glad I read that article, I can’t even tell you! I don’t even care if this dude’s science is wrong (please go ahead and shut up if you think it is); my excitement for this is a sure sign that I need to do it.

Next week I’ll return to proper, Whole9-approved, low-carb dieting, with a plan firmly in place to allow for fun eating on girls’ weekend (week 4) to prevent binges. Yay!


8 hours in bed, but took a while to fall asleep (mind was racing). Woke hot/sweaty but fell back easily. Awake at 545. Morning chins w/ no movement: 1 every 5 minutes while getting ready: 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 4. Fasting day again, to make up for the weekend. As usual, I was very cold but avoided tons of coffee this time, even got in a couple cups of decaf green tea - go me! Yoga felt really easy. At home I wasn’t truly hungry but Hop’s hotdish smelled SO. GOOD. Probably should’ve skipped the almonds, knowing I was going to have my apple/PB2 snack, but whatever. I made it 22 hours, which is very good for the body.

Food: 630a-c bedtime tea, Metamucil, FS, D, MA; 8a-1.5c reg; 1p-decaf green tea; 515p-decaf green tea, BCAAs; 7p-hotdish, oz almonds, FS, BSM, MA, fish oil, Natural Calm, Met; 9p-sm apple, PB2, c decaf
Totals: 563 cal, 25g fat (3 sat), 66g carbs (17 fiber), 25g protein - goal of 1575 (weight-loss goal level)
Acne: 23

Averages for the week:
-2230 cal, 111 fat (25 sat) 45%, 191g carbs (34 fiber) 34%, 139g protein 25%
-Up 17%, 322 cal avg & 2252 total, from prior week
-Burned 2848, down 916 from last week
-A 12-calorie overage for the week – maintenance goal achieved! Hot tip: it's really super duper easy to hit a goal when you set it after results are in!!
-Weight: up 2 lbs. Fuck you, scale! You're a jackass and no one likes you.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Days 12 & 13

Failures abounded.

Somehow I let my brain be sucked down into eat eat eat mode, and I couldn't get out. And then I basically gave up for the weekend. I can't tell you how many times the phrase "I need a Monday" went through my head! Mondays are a reset button, a way to put my brain back in its proper place, and I just wasn't going to get there on Saturday or Sunday.

Diagnosis: many little things wrong that I allowed to snowball in my brain.
-Too tired; generally spent 8 hours in bed every night, but mentally I was not rested
-Dehydrated (weekends I get off-track) and mistaking thirst as hunger
-Too many little “failures” affecting me:
--for starters, need to stop thinking of them as failures
--flower gardens are overrun with weeds and trees (!)
--messy house and everyone is coming over for the parade in just one week, would love to hire my girl Heather for a solid once-over but see next bullet
--worrisome cash flow, on top of new house purchase, on top of small costs like the quarter beef we ordered, Afton mileage, food for parade day, girls’ weekend, thinking I have to say no to Ragnar Relay invite strictly due to cost even if Dustin says it’s okay, WI marathon, Diane’s wedding, I could go on and on
--very worried about hitting 3:20 marathon
--feel like a crappy wife, we hardly spend any time together
-Food allergies are beating me down, see the M&M cookie for example
-Acne, oh my god, the fucking acne is blasting my brain (although, it’s actually improving a tiny bit)

In retrospect, I see a re-feed pattern here: about every 3-4 weeks I break down, fall apart, call it what you will, and I have a binge meal or day or weekend. It's time to schedule such splurges in advance so I don't spend 3 days hating myself for "failing" when half of it is biological need, not willpower failing. My exact strategy for that is still TBD.


8 hours in bed. Woke h/s/g, bathroom, didn’t sleep well at ALL. Slept in a wee bit, up at 630. 5 chins w/ zero movement. (Forgot set 2.) Ate a good breakfast…then more cereal. Fuck. CPR class all day, was fine. Trip to Scheel’s; found Fruition (carb, not protein) bars that don’t have any junk. Yay! At Target, bought some pita chips for Afton. Which I ate a bag of on the way home along with a bottle of pop. WTF? At home, made venison burgers, stir fry; then just plain ate too much again. Couldn’t get full, basically, just wanted to eat my own hands right off!
Food details: 630a-fried egg, sl bacon, 2sl side pork, 3/4c Honey Nut Cheerios, 1/3c rice milk, c decaf, D, FS, zinc, MA, fish oil; 8a-1.5c reg; 9a-6 almonds; 1045a-18 almonds, banana; 1245p-stir fry, raw veg, c grapes, 2oz teriyaki jerky; 320p-sm apple, oz jerky; 5p-bottle Diet Dr Pepper, oz pita chips; 630p-giant salad w/ grapes & balsamic, venison burger, 2 fried eggs; 8p-crepe, 20-cal cocoa, FS, magnesium, MA, BSM, fish oil
Totals: 2170 cal, 84g fat (19 sat), 224g carbs (30 finer), 164g protein – goal of 1850
Acne: 22


7.5 hours in bed. Tired. Scarfed down egg bake and went back to bed for half hour. When alarm went off, checked weather to make sure it didn’t matter, and went back to bed for another hour. Got ready to run 20 miles, kind of dreading it - HIGHLY unusual for me. I just didn’t really want to do it, mental state was poor; on a short run I’d have backed out but I need the long run miles so I tried it. Decided to start at Heather’s so first leg was into the wind.

First two miles felt so effing hard, way more than usual. Runner’s high finally hit around 3.5m. At home, ate more than planned snack, including a motherfucking M&M cookie. Headed out walking the first .4m, ran a mile, walked .15, ran some, walked some. At 10, realized I should just go back home because it was going to take a long time to get back to Heather’s, and she’d be worrying. Total of 11.68 miles in 1h58m.

It wasn’t really physical fatigue, so much as a complete mental inability to “dig deep” or “push through” those first crappy miles. I just. couldn’t. And naturally that made me feel like a failure all over again.

I ate stir fry. Then an entire cantaloupe. Then a venison burger. Ugh. Woke Hop, fetched car from Heather's, took a 3-hour nap. Tested making popcorn balls for the Relay for Life and ate, oh, half of them (popcorn & corn syrup & marshmallow fluff: brilliant). Tried telling myself to start eating like an athlete, give my body what it needs, not what my brain wants. That worked for a semi-healthy supper. Did not work to prevent me from eating half a jar of crunchy Sunbutter. Who the fuck do I think I am, buying a jar of this incredibly delicious stuff? I was planning to bring it to work because I wouldn't binge at my desk. Unfortunately, I bought it on Saturday....stupid! After that I distracted myself with chores and managed to quit eating.

I did decide to try a regular 9pm snack again: apple + PB2. Figured 100 more calories wouldn’t matter at this point. I think it will help to have a snack to look forward to, and I will see if it affects my sleep at all.

Food details: 6a-egg bake; 830a-FS, D, zinc, MA; 9a(pre run)-lemon Fruition bar; (during) CL Pure; 1030a(pit stop)-maple almond butter (planned), half strawberry Fruition, M&M cookie; (during) CL Pure, half Fruition; 11a (post)-stir fry, 3c cantaloupe, venison burger; 4p-popcorn ball mixture; 530p-oz chips, stir fry; 6p-half jar Sunbutter, FS, BSM, MA, fish oil; 9p-sm apple, PB2, Natural Calm, Metamucil
Totals: 3880 cal, 190g fat (33 sat), 395g carbs (69 fiber), 180g protein – goal of 2050
Acne: 23

Monday reset button: fasting. And surviving. But I'm going to yoga at 5:30pm, and I might just need some calories in my body to handle it. Still debating...

Read This: Jill Coleman

Today was just like the last couple days. Constant struggle to make good choices, and many failures along the way. I'll write more about it tomorrow (it's bedtime; some of us are running 20 miles in the morning!) but in the meantime I have to recommend this blog post from Jill Coleman:

You Can't Have Your Cake and Lose Fat, Too (aka: Dieting Isn't Fair)

It's so what I needed to read today. I think it will help me get back on track!

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 11

Ah, today had some failures once again.

Effing CARBS are so addictive. One little indulgence meal, or not so-little, as the case may be, and *BAM* it's like I've never avoided carbs a day in my life. It is a basic biological addiction and so damn hard to get over it. But once I persevere and get through it, the cravings always die out. Today just wasn't the day to persevere, that's all.

8 hours in bed. Woke at 330a h/s/g, bathroom. Up at 610a, felt decent, a tiny bit tired since I just woke a lot.

The eating wrong started out right off the bat with some extra intake at breakfast. A little maple syrup on the venison to make it breakfast-sausage-like. Some strawberries? Oh, that's fine. 8 almonds? Oh ... well ... okay, that's not so bad. Then I managed to get back on track. I worked from home today, in my pajamas, and was probably twice as productive as I typically am at work, except for the momentary side-tracking of house-purchase negotiations (detailed below).

I realized, about 11am, that I should test eating something that will be at the aid stations at Afton, just in case I get tired of (or run out of) sweet potato chews. Hop had some potato chips, so I ate a serving of those. And then another half serving. ADDICTING. I ran my 5 miles at marathon pace (hard) and the chips sat just fine in my belly. Success!

I then ate well at lunch; though I didn't need to add the crepes, they were perfectly healthy, and easily justified.

I had a snack craving a little late due to the late lunch, and the house goings-on had me eating without thinking. But it was all healthy: banana, venison, apple. No worries!

Okay, so then I decided to thaw fish for supper. Fish would get my ass back on track and land my calories only a tick over what they ought to be. Yep yep, I'd make fish & onions & olive oil, crazy healthy and quite delicious ... but then when Hop came home, he was up for going to the Osakis VFW for the all-you-can-eat ribs. (I had tried to get someone to join me in a rib-eating contest to benefit the Relay but apparently my pork-eating prowess is far too intimidating.)

I can't say no to ribs. Ever. And while I didn't eat as many as I could have, I still ate 14 motherfucking oz of ribs (I think. 14 bones' worth is likely 14 oz, right?) with ease. And I'm certain that in a contest I could've doubled that. Easily. (Also, if you're tracking: 99% likely there was soy in that sauce. Didn't give me a moment's pause.)

Then we cruised on the motorcycle to visit Sport at the Next Door Bar, who I haven't seen in ages. He's such a great guy: looks like a total badass, but is a complete sweetheart! Anyway, Hop had a Bud, I had two waters (hardcore, I am) and then Hop dropped me off back home.

And after he left, I proceeded to eat some more: a bowl of cereal with rice milk.

And so ends the day. Massive calories. Double the goal intake. I can modify Saturday & Sunday a bit to recover some of the overage, but not all of it. Or at least, not if I want to get in 20 quality miles on Sunday - and I most certainly do. SIGH. Perhaps a fast on Monday. But only if my brain is in a good place for it. Thanks a lot, French toast. I blame it all on you!!

Food: 6a-egg bake, venison sausage, T maple syrup, 5 strawberries, 8 almonds, c decaf, D, FS, zinc, MA, fish oil; 630a-1.5c reg w/ SF jello powder; 8a-1.5c reg; 915a-8 almonds; 1215p-1.5oz potato chips; 130 (PWO)-2c romaine & hb egg w/ balsamic, c asparagus w/ balsamic, cinnamon crepes* w/ T maple syrup; 4p-small banana, 3oz venison, small apple; 5p-oz potato chips; 7p-c iceberg, .25c diced tomatoes, 1/3 hb egg, spoonful bacon bits, 14oz babyback ribs w/ sauce; 9p-FS, BSM, MA, zinc, Natural Calm, fish oil, 3/4c Honey Nut Cheerios, 1/3c rice milk
Totals: 3188 cal, 192g fat (63 sat), 177g carbs (21 fiber), 190g protein - goal of 1650

*Cinnamon crepes: one egg, splash rice milk, t or so cinnamon, t or so vanilla extract - adjust to taste.

Here's the bright side: I'm really not beating myself up about it. It backslides me by three days (setting me level for the week at this point) but I'm surprisingly tolerant of it. I couldn't really tell you what's keeping me from doing the whole "tearing out my hair, beating my breast, wailing like a banshee" act. It's not a sense of giving up, of WHATEVER, fuck it, I'll eat what I want; I absolutely intend to get right back on track tomorrow. I'm just learning acceptance, I guess? Failures happen. I'm not perfect (gasp!) but I'm not defeated, either. Forgive and move forward. And don't buy any more damned bread!

HOUSE UPDATE! Here's the full history:
-it was listed for $79,900
-we offered $61,000
-they dropped to $74,500
-we bumped to $65,000
-they had the septic system inspected, and since our offer was contingent on the septic being up to code, they dropped to $70,000 with a new sewer installed (and claimed it would cost $7k to install a new mound system, but now that I look at that ... wouldn't they have taken $65k in that case? Dad suggested one of the siblings might be able to do it himself or perhaps has a buddy or something; regardless, he thought even $7k sounded cheap!)
-we countered with: we'll replace the septic ourselves (Hop's BIL does this), so drop the price to $63k; but then, let's write it up to $67,000 and the sellers pay our $4k in closing costs. That allows us to roll the closing costs into the mortgage and reduces what we'd need to borrow from my parents. (And if the sewer does need to be replaced, we have time to get that done and should be able to save up for it by next year.) This is essentially the same as what they offered us, just shuffled a bit, so let's hope they jump on it!

And on that note: know anyone who wants to rent a cute little two-bedroom house in West Union?

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 10

Thursday was another great day!

Spent a solid 8 hours in bed. Woke a few times hot/sweaty but didn’t up, fell back easily. It's amazing how important quality & quantity of sleep is. I don't know how anyone survives a newborn!! Had some almost-crampy calves when I stretched out at one point, a sign I need to up my hydration and drop the damn coffee overload.

My session w/ Mike was awesome, as I hit a chin-ups PR on last set! I can't tell you what that does for the brain. It's unbelievable. Another kind of minor thing was doing deadlift reps of 181x6 easily, and suspecting that just might become my new easy-reps level, which is currently 141. Mind boggling, as I weigh 125.

Side tangent: I spent the afternoon with my godchild Emma, daughter of my cousin Mark who is practically like a brother to me. Emma turns 9 next month and I've decided it's high time for her & I to hang out more, so I've enrolled her in the Kids in the Community program at work. The activity yesterday was making bracelets to sell at the Relay for Life. I am truly enjoying this time with her, learning things like that she loves to read. About what? History! She demanded to know whether we at the table knew who Amelia Earhart was. Isn't that fantastic? Plus, she convinced her mom that they needed to donate to my Relay fundraising, and even called her grandma & grand-aunt to ask them to donate as well, for a total of $90. What a wonderful kid, to have learned the value of giving so early! I'm looking forward to the time we'll spend together at the Relay itself, as I think we will both have a blast.

After work I hosted girls’ night with my Sauk chicas Katy & Shari. I made "brunner" and overate as expected (ZOMG BREAD), but because it was within reason, it translates to maintenance, not fat gain. Yay!

Food: 6a-2 fried eggs, 3oz venison sausage, slice bread, c grapes, few honey roasted cashews, c decaf, FS, D, MA, fish oil, zinc; 715a-c decaf; 8a-1.5c reg from QC; 920a-1.5c reg w/ stevia; 10a-sm apple, 6 almonds; 12p (PWO)-salad w/ hb egg, MA, 1.5c decaf; 330p-egg bake; 630p (girls’ night)-5 slices French toast w/ pure maple syrup, honey, cinnamon applesauce, 2oz venison sausage, 2 scrambled eggs, banana ice cream w/ honey roasted cashews, 3c decaf, BSM, MA, magnesium, FS, zinc; 930-2 slices French toast
Totals: 2274 cal, 113g fat (25 sat), 245g carbs (28 fiber), 119g protein – goal of 1750

The French toast was worth the insane calories (only insane because, if you didn't notice, I ate SEVEN SLICES) - I used a loaf of craisin walnut wheat bread from Falls Baking. My egg was mixed with rice milk, a generous serving of cinnamon, and some vanilla extract. DELICIOUS. I tried various toppings, and the maple syrup took the blue ribbon, with honey as a close second. But honestly, even the applesauce was awesome. It's like trying to pick a favorite child!

My scrambled eggs were pretty plain: eggs, rice milk, and Fiesta Party Dip Mix. The venison sausage was not at all sausage-y, but it sufficed.

And finally, the banana ice cream was a bit of a fail due to the alcohol-y aftertaste left by the maple extract. Strawberries saved it, but next time: pure maple syrup. Just a drizzle ought to do it. And the honey roasted cashews added crunch, but the flavor got lost a little, so I could go back to almonds and save the extra calories. But another good idea is PB2. Peanuts are not Whole9-cool, and are a relative of soy, so I've been avoiding them. But I might just make an exception to try this, because bananas & peanut butter go together like me & ribs.

Acne count: 26. Ugh. But at this moment I think the biggest challenge is to stop picking at them, and let them heal on their own. I suspect I'm making them worse than they need to be.


Take a look at this diagram to learn a little bit more about soy and how it lands in almost every processed food out there:

Click here for a large view
It's mind-boggling to think that the same bits have such varied use. Soybean protein concentrate & isolate, for example, shows baby food, bakery products, beer, candy, cereals, frozen pizza, hot dogs, lunch meat, & noodles ... and also ... adhesives, inks, paints, plasters, polyesters, & pesticides. YUMMY!

Or refined soybean oil: mayonnaise, detergent, coffee creamer, medicinals, epoxy caulking compounds ... What. The. Fuck.

As one of the top 8 allergens, shouldn't it NOT be in everyfuckingthing? Eh, what do I know. Even if you're not specifically allergic, do your best to avoid soy. It's everywhere, so it's not easy - but it can be done. The best option: eat whole foods only, and you're covered! If you're not that hardcore, you can at least start scanning labels at the grocery store. As one of the top allergens, it's prominently listed and you don't have to search the ingredient list.

(Thanks to Whole9 for sharing the link.)

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 9

Wednesday went really well!

7.5 hours in bed. Woke at 2, h/s/g, but didn’t need to get up. Woke again at 4, h/s, dozed until 430. Pull-ups just 5+5 because I did them with ZERO leg movement. No swinging or lifting or anything!

Came into TS to do Spartacus, but my Garmin was at my desk, I had loaned my stopwatch to Mary, and my Spartabuddy is in Ecuador - so I had no way to keep time! Instead I dug out a Metabolic Effect workout list, as I have several workout sheets in my planner at all times. It felt pretty easy overall, though most moves were tough - a great way to start the day! Every now and then. Not going to be a daily morning workout person, like, EVER.

Eve trackwork w/ Mike of NSS, Lisa, Dawn, and NONE of the boys showed up! Afraid of a little rain, I guess...the sissies!

At home I made homemade venison breakfast sausage (first recipe listed) in prep for girls' night on Thursday. And learned that there is a difference between "ground venison" and "venison sausage" - because I used ground venison, and it's definitely missing some fat flavoring! But it will work, as it's not the focus of the meal. THAT would be the French toast!

Victory: I threw away the loaf of almond bread. It wasn't that good, definitely not worth the calories, and I found a strong moment and TOSSED IT OUT. So proud of myself!

Couple of random tidbits:
-This has nothing to do with eating, but I might go to FL in November with my lucky friend Amy who won a week's stay at the company condo. Just have to know whether I can swing it financially, which depends on the house, which is waiting on the final 2 siblings to get back to the selling agent. COME ON COME ON COME ON!
-I have been dying to do Ragnar Relay since I first heard of it last year. I know of a great team needing 3 more people. It's the week before my August marathon, so the timing is awful. BUT the 3 legs are all less than the miles I'd run that weekend anyway...just gotta convince the chief!
-New: I'm doing a daily acne score. Wednesday was 24. That would be a count of raised blemishes; isn't that awful? I'm going to do a daily tally so Ican track progress. I feel like the supplements are helping, but I need an objective way to keep track.

Food: 5a-egg bake, slice bread, c decaf, FS, D, MA, zinc; 6a-c decaf; 7a (PWO)-hb egg, slice bread, 1.5c reg w/ stevia; 9a-1.5c decaf w/ stevia; 1130a-salad w/ balsamic, chicken breast, veg blend, 3c reg, MA; 330p-stir fry, MA; 630p (PWO)-.5oz almonds; 7p(PWO)-egg bake, 3oz venison breakfast sausage, few honey roasted cashews, fish oil, D, MA, BSM, magnesium
Totals: 1744 cal, 91 fat (20 sat), 86 carbs (28 fiber), 152g protein – goal of 1750

Tip: the honey roasted cashews are. absolutely. incredible. I am using them in Thursday night's banana ice cream, so I only bought a tiny bit from the bulk bin. This is the sort of thing I can't keep stocked in my house, because I am pretty sure I could eat my bodyweight in them. Remember your weak points when grocery shopping!

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Days 7 & 8

Monday, day 7:

8 hours in bed! Woke at 4 hot/sweaty/gross, bathroom (see Sunday night binge), but fell right back (yay!). Morning pull-ups down to 7+3, focused on smooth, no swinging. A little tired but decent throughout the day. Utility bike ride to UPS store (+ 2 miles) at lunch; eve 45min yoga class, not too hard, nice & rejuvenating. Laziness at home.

Food details: 6a-egg bake, c decaf, fish oil, MA, zinc, D, FS; 7a-c decaf; 830a-1.5c reg, med apple, Sunbutter; 11a-egg bake; 115p-stir fry, MA; 230p-8 almonds; 3p-2oz chicken; 330p-3oz chicken; 345p-16 almonds; 445p-8 almonds; 7p-stir fry, egg bake, fish oil, MA, zinc, BSM, FS; 8p-magnesium
Totals: 1721 cal, 90g fat (18 fat), 79g carbs (26 fiber), 158g protein – goal of 1700, right on!

Week's averages:
-1909 cal, 88g fat (19 sat) 41%, 140g carbs (33 fiber) 29%, 153g protein 32%
-Down 2%, 43 cal avg & 301 total, from prior week
-Burned 3764, down 710 from last week
-Created a 2654-calorie deficit and so in theory 0.76 lbs lost -- instead, I was up 0.4 lbs. Fuck you, scale! YOU DON'T OWN ME.
-But seriously, I have visible results. My stomach fat is dwindling, and even my arms have leaned out some more, and I didn't think that was really possible!

Tuesday, day 8:

7.75 hours in bed. Woke at 4, a little hot/sweaty, but didn’t need to get up. New plan to get my magnesium in w/ supper and have NOTHING but water after 730pm, see if that helps. But overall I slept decently. Felt a bit tired, but not bad. Since Dustin is slacking with his wife & new baby, I had training w/ Mike instead, which went well. Thought about adding an eve workout, but I am hosting girls’ night on Thursday and I needed to get some cleaning done & food prepped. Instead, a 630am Spartacus is on the docket for Wednesday morning! (This is also due to a lunch meeting Wed, thus no noon run. Sadness.)

Food details: 6a-stir fry (yep, so good that it's even tasty at breakfast!!), egg bake, c decaf, fish oil, MA, zinc, D, FS; 715a-c decaf; 8a-1.5c decaf w/ stevia; 930a-med apple, oz almonds, 1.5c reg w/ almond syrup; 12p-banana, salad w/ hb egg, MA, 1.5c reg w/ stevia; 330p-stir fry; 630p-salad w/ hb egg, 3 banana slices, a grape, a strawberry, fish oil, MA, zinc, D, FS, magnesium, two slices Simple Bread (not that great, but to my deprived tastebuds: OMG BREAD)
Totals: 1741 cal, 80g fat (13 sat), 153g carbs (44 fiber), 125g protein – goal of 1700.

A house update for those who are playing along: the counter-offer ball is still in their hands. The county inspector recommended that the sewer be replaced. (Recommended - but not required? The government never says that!) They are also testing the water and waiting on those results. There are 7 siblings to decide on a final firm price, and that's what the realtor is waiting on now. Funny, you'd think they would have discussed this when they listed the house. But what do I know?

Anyway. Playing the waiting game and trying very hard not to spend any extra money in the meantime. Even today I very nearly bought this STRONG [IS THE NEW SKINNY] shirt but managed to talk myself out of it. Sadly. Sometimes being a responsible adult really blows.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 6

Sunday had some ups & downs.

First of all, as I mentioned yesterday: 6 hours in bed. I need 8 to feel good. However, I did NOT wake up hot, sweaty, & gross at any point, so that was downright fantastic!

I got up at 6am because I ran 10 miles at SJU w/ great DailyMile pal Greg at 8am. (Whiny tangent: Greg burned 1403 calories. I burned 957. What a crock!) Tooling around on fantastic trails in beautiful woods (deer sighting!) is the perfect way to spend Sunday morning. If you know me well enough, you know I am not remotely religious (almost anti, actually) but wandering about in the wilderness is usually a spiritual experience for me. Plus, man, it's just plain ol' FUN to cruise around in the trees & hurdle mud puddles!

Came home, started laundry, computering, then lunch at my parents’ for Father's Day. (And let me take a moment here to apologize for hogging the Best Dad Ever. But awesome daughters deserve awesome fathers!) Laziness there; had planned to help mom with garden chores but I was shot and got very tired atbout 2pm.

Came home and napped solidly for 1.5 hours. I only got up because I didn't want to fuck with my sleeping overnight. I was still tired ... lethargic .. bingey. DAMN. At first I did perfectly well by eating grilled chicken (though 12 mf-ing ounces of it!), but then I also ate a piece of spice cake. That had soy. No. Fucking. Willpower. Looking back, I should have just ate a piece at the start, instead of all the chicken, and maybe that would have been the end of it.

But the whole shebang happened because I was SO TIRED. I should have simply gone to bed at 8pm, truly. I had 99g carbs at supper alone!!

Food details: 6a-2 fried eggs, chicken sausage, c pumpkin, c decaf, FS, vit D, zinc, MA, egg bake; during run-SP, CL; post-run-pancakes, SP, CL, 1.5c reg; 11a-pancakes, SP butter; 1230p-6oz chicken, salad w/ balsamic, strawberries; 230p-blueberries; 315p-6 almonds; 5p-salad w/ hb egg, balsamic; 530p-6oz chicken w/ c SP; 6p-6oz chicken; 615p-piece spice cake, c decaf, fish oil, zinc, MA, 1 DX7, BSM; 730p-magnesium; 8p-oz chicken w/ T mojo sauce
Totals: 2425 cal, 97g fat (20 sat), 199g carbs (42 fiber), 195g protein – goal of 1950 (was 2000 before changing Monday's workout)

Acne: definitely need to drop caffeine intake. It is not friendly to the endocrine system. 3c coffee per day is the MAX. Here we go, decaf, here we go!

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 5

Saturday was pretty successful!

For starters, 8 hours in bed. Unfortunately I was once again up at 4am, hot/sweaty/gross, bathroom. UGH! Woke at 550 but fell back asleep and was up for good at 630. Felt great! Breakfast, putzing, knocked out 10 chin-ups, then headed to Osakis to run a 5k.

Funny: the t-shirts were prior years’ leftovers! I had a goal of 21:03 (1 minute better than last year) & I came in 4 seconds above that. My secondary goal was a potential win, given last year's winning time was 21:23 and I knew I could top that. However, my time of 21:07 (just 4 seconds off my goal, I'll take it!) was about 1.5 minutes behind 1st place. She was BLAZIN fast!. You can click the DailyMile widget to the right to see a full race report if you're just dying for more info.

Afterward I went to Heather’s for pancakes (that I ate, while she ate turkey patties) & coffee & talk. It was lovely. We solved half the world's problems with no alcohol involved! Ha. We did theorized that Dustin was possibly onto something over my acne issue: that physical stress is making my hormones go whack, more so than mental stress, or what exactly I'm eating (though carb levels do seem to matter). So, I've added two supplements to my regimen: Metabolic Advantage and Blood Sugar Manager. Fingers crossed!

Laziness most of afternoon. Eve races, where I had a splurge; you know you’re hardcore when you consider this is splurge: I had a bottle of diet Pepsi! (Um, speaking of, I'm also resolving to reduce my daily caffeine intake to 450 mg; I've been lax about keeping that reasonable.) And due to the races, I finally went to bed at midnight. This bit me in the ass on Sunday. Stay tuned.

Food: 7a-2 fried eggs, chicken sausage, 2c reg, fish oil, vit D, FiberSmart, zinc, MA; 1030a-c mango; 1130a-half batch pumpkin spice pancakes, 4c reg; 345p-egg bake, 4 mini pancakes, MA; 4p-2c reg; 5p-salad w/ hb egg, zinc, MA, fish oil, magnesium, BSM; 525p-bite egg bake; 630p-20oz diet Pepsi; 7p-egg bake; 12a-bite egg bake
Totals: 1892 cal, 108g fat (19 sat), 140g carbs (38 fiber), 101g protein - goal of 1900 - right on!

Note my 7pm snack: egg bake. At the races. Almost anything is portable, folks!

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 4

Well, I hit some bumps in the road trip today.

8 hours in bed. Woke hot/sweaty/gross at 3, bathroom, water, felt dehydrated. 53g carbs at supper (43g from 1.5c grapes. GAH.)

Due to my 10:30p bedtime & the 3am wake-up: when my alarm went off at 4, I shut it off. I woke naturally at 630a. Did NOT want to run, just felt ... lethargic. Decided that was a sign I needed a rest day; I also figured tomorrow's 5k race will be the intensity equivalent of 4.5 miles @ MP, so my training schedule is still on-track! However, this unplanned rest effed up yesterday's calorie target, AND meant I should only eat 1405 calories today. Oops. I considered throwing in a long bike ride, but I just wasn't feeling it. Again, for this fitness addict, that's a sure sign of a needed rest day.

I ran a ton of errands in Sauk: filled my below-the-E gas tank, got coffee for me & cookies for my dad; visited CMFCU to hold off on a certificate renewal as potential house-money (eee!) and had a convo with my loan officer (and good friend's husband); fixed Dad’s QuickBooks all right & proper; received a coutner-offer on the house ($74.5k) and made our own counter-offer ($65k); ate (free!) lunch w/ both parents; and visited 2 grocery stores (because my local meat market was having an awesome sale on chicken breasts). Back home, I made a bunch of food over ~3 hours: egg bake, stir fry, salads, hb eggs (recipes/tips follow). I grazed too much while I cooked, though (everything was SO GOOD); alternatively, my calories would’ve been right on w/o the bag of Angie's Kettle Corn, but, hey, I have a race tomorrow!

Down side of the day: I'm getting seriously frustrated over the acne. There's a million recommendations out there for what to eat, what not to eat (pretty much everything I already avoid [uh, popcorn is on that list, though]), which supplements to take, oh wait, those supplements are dangerous ... it is making my fucking head hurt. I'm even looking at symptoms of hypoglycemia, for fuck's sake. I don't know what to do or where to go for help.

Food details: 7a-fried egg, chick saus, c reg, fish oil, Met, FiberSmart, vit D, zinc; 730a-c reg; 8a-4 almonds; 9a-hb egg, 4 almonds; 12p-salad w/ fruit, chicken, balsamic, hb egg, 2c reg; 1p-4 almonds; 2p-8 almonds; 230p-bag lite kettle corn; 330p-2.5oz brat patty; 4p-3oz chicken; 445p-12 almonds; 6p-stir fry, zinc, FiberSmart, Met, fish oi; 8p-magnesium
Totals: 1938 cal, 95g fat (20 sat), 154g carbs (33 fiber), 141g protein - goal of 1405

If I feel up to it, I might just tack on a bike ride tomorrow afternoon, which will boost up today's target. But not by 600 calories, unfortunately! Still, for eating all damn afternoon, AND getting in a bag of kettle corn, this was a perfectly reasonable day. And on a HOLIDAY besides!!

Oh, didn't I mention I work at an awesome company that closes up shop the Friday closest to its birthday every year? It's called Hooky Day, and it freaking rocks, my friend.

Recipes & tips for what I made today:

Perfect HB Eggs
(courtesy of Joy of Cooking)
Start with the oldest eggs you've got, not a brand new carton, to make them easiest to peel. Bring pot of water to a boil. Add eggs, return to boil, then turn down to a simmer for 14 minutes. Plunge in new container of cold water, add fresh cold water a few minutes later, and then stick 'em in the fridge a few minutes after that. You're done!

You've got an easy, nutritious snack or tasty salad topper: 70 calories, 1g carbs, 5g fat, 6g protein

Egg bake (12 servings)
Cooked up 1.06 lbs bratwurst patties (first time purchased, and OMG LOVE, though the fat levels are, well, less than ideal) in covered non-stick pan. When done, put on cutting board to cool. Meanwhile, greased 9x13 pan with garlic-infused olive oil. Chopped an onion & spread in pan. Cubed 3 of the 4 patties (oops, while I ate the other one) & layered on top of onions. Chopped an entire head of cauliflower & layered on top of meat. Whisked a dozen eggs & a cup of egg whites (makes it super fluffy), poured on top, and baked for an hour at 350. Cut into 12 squares, and greedily ate the random pieces that fell off.

Freaking awesomesauce. My egg bakes are different every time, based on what's on hand, but I always recommend onions, cauliflower, & added egg whites. If you've never roasted cauliflower, put it on the top of your to-do list RANOW; the flavor will blow your mind. If you can handle dairy, add cottage cheese and/or Greek yogurt to boost the protein.

A very filling snack or eat-on-the-go breakfast: 182 calories, 3.6g carbs, 13g fat, 12g protein

Stir fry (6 servings)
Cooked 3lbs chicken in covered non-stick pan (after cooking the egg bake's patties & NOT cleaning the pan; use that tasty fat!). When done, put it onto a cutting board to cool; put 5s Pollock in the (still un-cleaned) pan along w/ a chopped onion, re-covered, simmered. Cubed chicken & a bunch of bok choi. When fish was done, added spice, bok choi, 1.5c frozen pea pods, 3c frozen broccoli, chicken, and re-covered. After about 5 minutes, decided to pull out fillets, cubed them, then put 'em back in & re-covered. Let that cook for a while, taste tested it, cooked it a bit longer, and THEN the fishiness was gone and it was delicious. I have no idea how long the last bit of simmering took. Maybe 20 minutes?

This is how I cook, peeps, take it or leave it! There is still some yummy juice in the pan. It's going to be used for adding flavor to tomorrow's eggs & chicken sausage at breakfast.

It made for low-cal, low-carb, high-protein deliciousness (that's what I call a "win win win win"): 260 calories, 20g carbs, 2g fat, 44g protein (!)

Salad ingredients (made 5)
3 carrots, c celery, c cabbage, .5c spinach, .5c lettuce mix

With 2T balsamic vinegar & a hard-boiled egg, you're looking at a super healthy low-cal lunch: 183 calories, 26g carbs, 6g fat, 10g protein

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 3

Another good day!

7.5 hours in bed. Woke up hot/sweaty/gross but fell back asleep easily. This one could be due to higher supper carbs Wed night (mango, popcorn). Awake naturally at 550, gotta love that well-rested feeling!

My noon training session w/ Dusting was excellent, though sadly the last one for two weeks with him. He's taking two weeks off for a new baby and I'll be getting my sessions in with either Mike or Steve instead. Still, very thankful I can get them in somehow! In the eve, did Amy’s class, all strength; it felt a bit tougher than usual, legs more dead - for this I'll blame heavy deadlifts which included two failed attempts at 221 (WOW).

Then I went to my work birthday bash, which was quite fun. Award winners were all very deserving, and my wonderful friend Amy won a weeks' stay at the FL condo! (Here's hoping her family can't make it work and friends are invited instead!) Due to the party, I got to bed late, though, at 1030p; it was especially late as I was planning to simulate marathon race day and get up at 4am to run at 6am.

Food details: 6a-2 fried eggs, chicken sausage, c reg & decaf, FiberSmart, fish oil, vit D, zinc, Met; 730a-c reg; 8a-1.5c reg w/ SF Jello, .5c grapes; 945a-stir fry, 1.5c decaf; 11a-Sunbutter; 115p-salad w/ HB egg, 3oz shrimp, dand root, Met; 3p-s protein w/ SF Jello, oz almonds; 530p-hb egg; 6p-6oz chicken breast, 2c romaine, 3 sl tomatoes, 9 sl cukes, 2T balsamic, 1.5c grapes, zinc, FiberSmart, Met; 9p-fish oil
Totals: 1769 cal, 76g fat (16 sat), 128g carbs (31 fiber), 164g protein – goal of 1600 (was 1825)

"Goal of 1600 (was 1825)" - what the hell does THAT mean? Well, remember that my goal calories include half of today's burned calories & half of tomorrow's. On Friday (today) I took an unplanned rest day, so that changed Thursday's targeted intake.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 2

Still succeeding!

7.75 hours in bed (8 is the goal). Up at 3, hot/sweaty/gross, for bathroom. This is a regular occurrence for me, that I'm trying to eliminate, and it's due to blood sugar. Usually I can attribute it to eating after 7:30pm OR eating more than 40g carbs at supper time. But Tuesday night’s supper carbs were low, so I can't really pinpoint the cause here.

Morning chin-ups 8+2. Kind of disappointing, as chins are usually easier & I hit 10 a month ago already, but it's not like I can expect zero fatigue carryover from the prior day. Anyway, physically & mentally I felt really good! Did hill repeats at noon with a coworker; kept them on the easy side since I wasn't feeling totally rockstar-ish, AND I wanted to be fresh-ish for eve speedwork. That was good except for the mango sitting in my gut: not a good idea! Fructose just doesn't sit well during workouts for this girl.

At home, I brought the kits outside while I planted some flowers, and I uploaded pictures of the potential new house. A nice night, nothing wild, but hit a couple to-do list items.

Food details: 6a-egg white omelet w/ spinach, chicken sausage, c reg, fish oil, vit D, FiberSmart, Met, zinc; 715a-c reg; 8a1.5c reg w/ stevia; 9a-oz almonds, hb egg; 11a-s Sunbutter; 1p-salad & 3oz shrimp, Met; 3p-stir fry, 1.5c decaf; 5p (pre-run)-.5c frozen mango; during run: grape Ultima Replenisher; 630p (post-run)-.5c frozen mango, hb egg; 7p-2 fried eggs, 2s chicken sausage, 2c decaf, fish oil, zinc, Met, FiberSmart; 730p-.5oz popcorn w/ Truvia & salt, magnesium
Totals: 1845 cal, 80g fat (21 sat), 128g carbs (31 fiber), 164g protein - goal of 1850

-Egg-white omelets are super filling. For this one, I had some leftover chicken broth in the pan from the prior night's stir-fry. This added loads of extra flavor with virtually no calories!
-Experimented with what I called “dieter’s kettle corn” as a snack. I measured out .5oz popcorn & popped it in a nonstick pot with no oil. That worked! But without oil in which to melt the Truvia, all I could do was sprinkle it on afterward w/ the salt...and thus, most of it was in the bottom of the bowl. So, it was mostly a fail as far as true kettle corn taste, but it was totally edible. I'll keep experimenting!
-Tonight is a work party, featuring a menu of things I can't eat. I called them yesterday and requested a plain chicken breast, no soy, no dairy, no nothing. They were more than willing to accomodate! Between that and the dressing-less plain salad, I've got a sufficient supper. Then I'm bringing along my own balsamic, plus almonds & grapes, so I don't feel deprived watching everyone else dive into potatoes, bread, and cupcakes.

Acne update: it's bad again. Really bad. Like I ate a stick of butter or something. I'm suspecting less to do with food and more to do with blood sugar and/or carb intake and/or long runs. I really don't know how the eff to narrow it down, though. Very frustrating.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Day 1

I have no idea what "body fat beatdown" day I'm on anymore, and anyway that really fell apart on me for a while there; I have a new strategy; I have new attitude; so, hot damn, I have a new title!

I could have gone with "New Workout Plan" but come on, that's way too obvious.

Anyway, here's how Flag Day went: AWESOME!

Victory 1: 7.5 hours in bed, slept well. Feeling damn good, thanks to the pull-ups!

Victory 2: My personal training session just plain felt good, and I heart those post-w/o endorphins!

Victory 3: I checked out the 2010 Osakis 5k results and got all pumped about a possible win (eee!) in 2011.

Victory 4: We looked at the potential house again, with my dad, Hop's parents, and Hermie (contractor pal), and we are going to be making an offer. Holy crap!

Victory 5: I made another stir fry, and it's DELICIOUS. Recipe: 6oz shrimp, 200g bay scallops, bunch of bok choi, braising greens, 3c broccoli, 1 onion, liberal amount of Flavors of India Seasoning Salt (or similar), & chicken broth (I used all of the chicken juice left in the pan of a whole, baked chicken) - I divided this out into 3 servings; they clock in at 207 calories, 21g carbs, 2g fat, 29g protein. That is a bit high-carb at first glance, but it all comes from the broccoli, NOT a starchy source. Thus, the exact kind of carbs to eat!

Tip 1: Make some freaking stir-fry already! Skip the unnecessary oil in favor of natural waters & juices of the foods you're using.

Tip 2: One cup of cooked broccoli actually contains as much vitamin C as an orange, at 65% of the calories. It also contains iron, calcium, B1, B2, B3, B6, iron, magnesium, potassium, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, beta carotene and zinc. Go eat your broccoli!!

My food details: 6a-2 fried eggs, chicken sausage, .5c grapes, medium carrot, c reg coffee, vitamin D, FiberSmart, zinc, Met; 715a-c reg; 8a-1.5c reg from QC; 945a-medium apple, HB egg, 1.5c decaf coffee w/ stevia; 11a-chicken sausage, 1.5c reg w/ stevia; 1p-salad, 4.5oz shrimp, small banana; 2p-6 almonds; 3p-10 almonds, Met, 1.5c decaf w/ stevia; 4p-6 almonds; 5p-18 almonds; 7p-2 fried eggs, chicken sausage, c grapes, fish oil, FiberSmart, Met, zinc; 9p-magnesium
Totals: 1770 cal, 70g fat (18 sat), 138g carbs (29 fiber), 146g protein - goal of 1775 = perfection!

New Strategies

Monday 6/13 – 8 hours in bed, slept okay. Woke at 4 but fell back; woke naturally at 550. Pull-ups 9+1, weren’t easy. Feeling tired. Canceled noon run, no one eager to join me and I wanted recovery. Errands instead. Eve yoga (easier than last week but still good), then laziness at home. Paid bills, felt broke. Little snacky, but I chose well. 9 & 10 were ugly, but holy shit I did TEN nonstop PULL-UPS! (On 6/13/10, I did the first pull-up of my entire life, so this is a pretty amazing accomplishment for me!)
Food: 6a-2 fried eggs, brat, c reg, FiberSmart, vit D; 7a-c reg; 8a-1.5c reg; 12p-1.5c reg w/ .5oz syrup; 1p-salad, 3oz shrimp, zinc, Metabolic Advantage, 1.5c decaf w/ stevia ; 330p-3oz shrimp, T salsa, .5c grapes; 5p-apple; 630p-Sunbutter; 8p-3oz scallops, zinc, Met, vit D, magnesium, FiberSmart, fish oil
Totals: 1350 cal, 61g fat (13 sat), 105g carbs (24 fiber), 100g protein

So here's how the week broke down:
-Averaged 1952 cal, 88g fat (20 sat) 41%, 177g carbs (36 fiber) 36%, 124g protein 25%
-This is down 6%, 120 cal avg & 841 total, from the prior week.
-I burned a whopping 4474, up 1381 (!) from the prior week.

This should've created a 3039-calorie deficit and meant (in theory) .87 lbs lost. It didn't. Instead, I was down 0.4 lbs, and all numbers were exactly the same as two weeks ago. GAH. But whatever, today I say: fuck the scale! I feel good about how I did for the week (other than feeling like ass so often), I hit my uber-fantastic pull-ups goal, and I think I've figured out how NOT to feel like ass going forward.

The plan for determining how much to eat:
(BMR – 500)
+ (half of today’s calories burned)
+ (half of tomorrow’s calories burned)
= daily intake

BMR-500 creates a weekly deficit of 3500 calories, and adding in calories burned should fuel my performance and keep me feeling good. (The reason I’m doing half of today + half of tomorrow is mainly for weekend running; an 8am long run will be mostly fueled by the previous day's intake.)

This plan provides generous enough calorie intake levels, but there are still some challenges:
-I have to stick to the required level during the week, meaning I need to eat up to it even if I feel like I could get by on less; not doing this is practically a guarantee that I will end up feeling like shit, massively fatigued, & helpless to stop the bingeing later on in the week.
-I have to stick to the required level during the weekend; this is my biggest damned downfall, just like everyone else. The strategy here is to remember to treat myself to indulgences every single day. Given my allergies, my indulgences are more mental than they are unhealthy: apple chips, apple w/ Sunbutter, purchased (black) coffee, free coffee w/ vanilla stevia drops, sweet potatoes, paleo pancakes, grapes, etc.
-Macros are still important, as is carb timing: I need to be sure I get proper carbs post-lifting and pre-long-run days. Otherwise, protein & greens all the way, baby. Luckily, my CSA started last week & I'm over-run with delicious organic greens!

So anyway, want some numbers? Here’s what the week looks like:
T=1775 (Dustin)
W=1875 (noon run, eve speedwork)
R=1825 (Dustin, Amy)
F=1630 (4.5 MP miles)
St=1905 (Osakis 5k race)
Sn=2000 (10 trail miles)
Mn=1750 (noon run, yoga)

See? All days are very reasonable levels, and totally doable. I just need to keep my head in the game!


Sorry, but you're getting brain vomit again. I am feeling pretty depleted, and I've still got things to do tonight.

Friday 6/10 – 8 hours in bed. Up at 3 for bathroom, fell back quickly though. Got up feeling pretty good. Pull-ups 8+2. Lower back is tight, assuming from deadlifts; not bad though. Met Joy for 3 rounds of Spartacus, light weights. That does make it easier - but I would still not call it easy! 15s rest periods still fly by in the blink of an eye! We weren't even halfway through the second round when I asked whether we were on round 2 or 3? Ha. Higher-cal breakfast AND a post-w/o shake, felt good all morning. Yay! Noon run splits: 7:29, 7:32, 7:28, 7:17 - average of 7:27! 0.12 walked at the end. NOT easy but not completely brutal either. Very thorough stretch & FR afterward. Overate at supper, but carrots. Yay! Eve laziness, niece’s play.

Food: 5a-pancakes, c reg; 6a-c reg; 8a-shake (egg white protein, applesauce, stevia, water); 830a-med banana; 9a-chick saus, 1.5c reg; 11a-.5oz almonds, 1.5c reg; 1p-3oz roast beef, mushrooms, onions, med carrot; 2p-1.5c reg w/ oz syrup; 3p-.5oz almonds; 530p-fried egg, 4 sl bacon, 2c decaf, FiberSmart, vit D, fish oil, 5 raw carrots, 2T green salsa, 1 apricot, 2 almonds; 9p-magnesium
Totals: 1846 cal, 83g fat (15 sat), 191g carbs (32 fiber), 93g protein

Saturday 6/11 – 8 hours in bed. Up at 2 for bathroom but back to sleep easily. Pull-ups 9+1. Led Warrior Training: sprint intervals through the parking lot; run w/ one foot up on a curb & water bottle overhead; skip forward, skip backward; side jog; carioca; short recovery walk to back driveway; .2-mile hard run, walk back, repeat once; recovery walk to patio; squat jumps, lunges, push-ups, squats, arm circles, planks; recovery walk to parking lot; run lines [killers], repeat twice w/ recovery between – felt easy to me, like a recovery day! Made homemade kettle corn (easy + yummy = dangerous), drove to Cities for comedy show. Shopping afterward, ~2 hours on feet. Gas station supper: raw veg, pistachios. Got home at 930pm, had to make sweet potato chews, otherwise I would’ve gone to bed. Should have. Overate, though healthy.

Food: 630a-fried egg, 4s bacon, 2c reg, vit D, FiberSmart, fish oil, banana, 4 almonds; 730a-c reg; 9a-HB egg; 10a-kettle corn; 12p-chef salad; 1230p-apple; 4p-hb egg, chick saus; 6p-med banana, .5oz almonds; 730p-oz pistachios, c raw veg; 9p-2s Pollock, c decaf, 4oz roast beef, FiberSmart, fish oil; 945p-c cooked veg, magnesium
Totals: 2363 cal, 126g fat (22 sat), 177g carbs (35 fiber), 149g protein

Sunday 6/12 – 7.5 hours in bed, up at 2 for bathroom, otherwise slept quite well. Pull-ups 8+2, kind of psyched myself out on those. Long run: 18 miles, 2h36min, 8:40 average. Primary goal: base-building miles at an easy, comfortable, "I can run forever" pace. Secondary goal: improve nutrition & hydration. Weather was awesome: 55-60F, overcast, extremely comfortable. Started out feeling very easy, cruising quiet gravels w/ small hills over to Heather’s house for pit stop #1 at 7.5 miles (~5 min). I even had to slow myself down to keep it at 8:30+. On the return home, same route, I did NOT feel like I could run forever, thanks to the wind I battled back into. Only 10mph, but I was totally unprepared for it, so it became a mental challenge in addition to plain ol' fatigue. Watched my splits slowing down & had to repeatedly remind myself that today was about miles, not speed. Pit stop #2 (~5 min) at 15 miles, at home, then an out & back that started into the wind, so finally I had the advantage in the last 1.5-mile return. Even found some extra kick at the end! Splits: 8:38, 8:42, 8:30, 8:36, 8:26, 8:28, 8:33, 8:35 (contained pit stop), 8:40, 8:55, 8:55, 9:01, 8:58, 8:56, 8:49, (pit stop), 8:46, 8:40, 7:55. Nutrition & hydration worked out perfectly! Felt good in my belly, and I didn’t feel depleted at any point. Pre-run & both pit stops: 1/3 sweet potato (chews) & ~8oz water. Carried an 8oz bottle of lemonade Crystal Light & took 3 sips every mile. New favorite post-run treat: banana "ice cream!" Run was ~8am-11am. ~Hour sitting on computer; then shower, laundry, made lunch, ~hour on feet. Suddenly VERY tired at 1pm, 100% out of steam. Ate then napped for an hour, very solidly, could’ve been even longer but had to get ready for 4pm plans. Absolutely at that depleted feeling upon waking; ate shrimp & salsa. Out to eat w/ friends, ordered a half chicken when I was planning a salad. At home, made salads & chicken sausage for the week. Feeling snacky, ate snap peas & grapes. And felt like a failure because of it. I've GOT to get a handle on my brain.

Food: 6a-2 fried eggs, 4s bacon, c reg, vit D, FiberSmart, fish oil, banana; 8a(pre-run)-sweet potato chew, Crystal Light; 9a(7.5m run)-SP chew, CL; 10a (15m run)-SP chew, CL; 1030a (post)-ish oil, banana ice cream w/ cinnamon, maple extract, 6 almonds; 1p-3oz scallops, 3oz shrimp, .5T olive oil, 2c bok choi, c decaf; 3p-3oz shrimp, 2T salsa, c decaf; 5p (MS Brewery)-half chicken, 4c decaf; 830p-4oz snap peas, c grapes, FiberSmart, magnesium, fish oil
Totals: 2123 cal, 92g fat (25 sat), 182g carbs (26 fiber), 160g protein

Sheesh, time flies

I haven't truly updated this thing since before Fargo Marathon, and I apologize. I had an agonizing DNF at Fargo and my brain tanked pretty hard for the next week or so. I really felt beat up by life, and struggled to overcome my massive disappointment. And then work went insane and this fell by the wayside.

Anyway, enough excuses. For the sake of saving time, I'm going to just paste in my daily Dustin journaling since then (he gets a weekly dose of brain vomit each Tuesday), and I will work on regular updates from here on out. Enjoy!


Friday 5/20 – 8.5 hours in bed. Woke at 3 & often after 5, but I feel good. 7 pull-ups. Still super anxious, but trying to simply be grateful to even be planning to run tomorrow. Afternoon trip to Dunham’s (~20 min), drive to Fargo, picked up Kenny, Scheel’s & expo (~60 min), then back to Kenny’s for supper. Ate a ton but it was all veg & meat. In bed by 10.
Food: 6a-2 fried eggs, 2oz venison sausage, c honeydew/cantaloupe, c reg, zinc, FiberSmart, vit D, few grapes; 7a-c reg; 8a-1.5c reg; 9a-apple, 12 almonds; 11a-c blueberries; 12p-chicken & veg, 2T balsamic; 3p-bag snap peas; 6p-6oz steak, c sweet potato, c asparagus, c zuchhini, .5c onion, c mushrooms, oz brain food, FiberSmart, aloe
Totals: 1819 cal, 67g fat (21 sat), 169g carbs (38 fiber), 142g protein

Saturday 5/21 – 7 hours in bed, air mattress; slept fairly well. Up at 5. Link to race report. Stood w/ Lisa & Amy for ~20 minutes, waiting to catch Darrin or Brett, saw them both, took a GU, found a bottle of water, went to dome. Was really quite miserable waiting for Heather, had another bout of crying and just wanted to change, get my shit and go home to wallow. Luckily my friends are really amazing and let me be for a while, until we were all gathered and headed for pizza. Took forever to get out of dome, finally got to eat at like 1. STARVING, ate half the pizza, which was downright fantastic. Dropped Amy/Lisa back off, got coffee, banana, almonds, headed home. Pretty much just laid around on couch reading/TV (no nap), feeling sorry for myself, ate far too much (finished off all but one last slice of pizza), and was falling asleep on the couch at 9.
Food: 5a-egg, gr turkey, FiberSmart, vit D; 630a-oz brain food; during race-3 Gus, after-1GU; 1p-8 slices pizza; 2p-oz roasted almonds; 330p-banana; 5p-c cauliflower, c broccoli, 4T guacamole; 530p-7 slices pizza, apple, Sunbutter; 8p-2s fish oil
Totals: 4562 cal, 241g fat (70 sat), 362g carbs (52 fiber), 143g protein

Sunday 5/22 – 12 hours in bed! Quads sore, calves VERY tight, joints sore all day (worst going down stairs). Spent most of the day on couch, reading/TV; made food late afternoon, ~hour on feet. Mentally bounced regularly from one end of the spectrum to the other, rather exhausting. Ate too much. Made a list of reasons to lose weight, a list of healthy snacks & meals, and a weekly workout plan. 4 pull-ups.
Food: 9a-fried egg, 3oz ham steak, 2c reg, vit D, FiberSmart, fish oil, c honeydew; 10a-2 papaya spears, 2c decaf; 12p-slice pizza; 130p-chicken & veg, apple; 330p-c dried blueberries; 530p-3oz ham steak, 2T bbq sauce; 7p-c roasted broccoli (w/ garlic olive oil)
Totals: 2106 cal, 64g fat (17 sat), 338g carbs (42 fiber), 105g protein

Monday 5/23 – 7 hours in bed. Slept solidly, felt great. Up at 430 to meet Amy. 5 pull-ups. Spartacus, 2 rounds; thought it would be brutal, so I kept the weights light - but it felt pretty good! Goblet squat, 45-lb KB - Mountain climber - Swing, 24-kg KB - T-push-up, 10-lb DBs - Split jump - Row, 20-lb DBs - Side lunge & touch, 25-lb DBs - Renegade row, 10-lb DBs - Lunge & rotate, 25-lb DB - Push press, 15-lb DBs. Stretched like mad, then foam rolled. Quads are sore & calves are extremely tight, but otherwise I am pretty well recovered from Saturday already. Joints feel good. Wanted to fast to make up for insane calories, but also want to recover quickly. Noon run w/ Amy: .8 m to trail, 1.7 m barefoot, .8 back. Ran at her pace, 9:05 avg. Felt great, but feet got nasty gross from sticky sappiness. Mentally doing better; trying to be grateful that I was able to attempt it at all, plus it was pain-free, plus it was 15.5 miles, plus it was at an amazing 7:55 pace, AND this weekend I’m planning another long [trail] run. The word of the day in my little spreadsheet is “LOVE” and I’m using that as a focus point on the fact that somehow, I am able to do what I love to do. Eve rather lazy, mostly read; pulled weeds for ~20 min. Snacky.
Food: 430a-fried egg, 2oz venison sausage, c reg, vit D; 8a-1.5c reg; 9a-chicken & veg; 1p-chicken & veg; 545p-chicken & veg, 2c grapes, salad (cabbage, carrots, peppers, peas, balsamic), 2 FiberSmart, 2s fish oil; 7p-6 almonds, dried pear slice, c decaf
Totals: 1692 cal, 80g fat (21 sat), 121g carbs (27 fiber), 137g protein

Averages: 2296 cal (target was 1900), 106g fat (30 sat) 42%, 202g carbs (36 fiber) 35%, 134g protein 23% -- Up 17%, 326 cal avg & 2284 total, from prior week -- 2011 avg so far: 1997 cal, 89g fat (20 sat), 168g carbs (31 fiber), 138g protein -- Burned 3867, up 431 from last week

Tuesday 5/24 – 8 hours in bed, slept very solidly. Legs a bit sore but otherwise good. Feel a little dehydrated. Session was good, nice & easy! Afternoon gardening (easy, ~90 min), worked from home, insurance meeting, laziness at home. Just wasn’t feeling up to the planned run or ride due to the wind. Did 4 pull-ups ~430p, then 5 at bedtime.
Food: 6a-2 fried eggs, 4oz venison sausage, vit D, 2 FiberSmart, c reg; 715a-c decaf; 8a-1.5c reg; 9a-2oz ham steak; 11a-sm banana; 115p-4oz ham steak, 3 dried pear slices; 330p-med banana; 7p-pork/beef patty, salad (cabbage, carrots, peppers, peas, balsamic), 2 FiberSmart, fish oilx2, 6 almonds, papaya strip; 830p-magnesium
Totals: 1744 cal, 85g fat (29 sat), 119g carbs (21 fiber), 126g protein

Wednesday 5/25 – 7.5 hours in bed, slept SOLIDLY. 6 pull-ups. 630am Spartacus! Monday morning went so well, I decided to add the weight increase on round 2 today. And felt it. Oof. Goblet squat 35, 45 - Mountain Climber - Swing 45, 52.8 - T-push-up 10, 15 - Split jump - Row 25, 30 - Side lunge & touch 25, 30 - Renegade row 10, 15 - DB lunge & rotate 25, 30 - Push press 15, 20 - A great way to start the day off with a big ol' sense of accomplishment. And next time I’m feeling fat, I’m doing goblet squats in front of a mirror. Makes me look awesome! Eve NSS intervals: fun! 200m: 41s, 37s, 38s – 400m: 83s (split 40, 43) - 200m: 38s, 38s, 38s - Top speed: 4:27 pace /13.4 mph! Felt really good. TV laziness at home. Cold shower 30s front, 30s back, repeat, then hot. Just kept telling myself, “You’re not going to die. It’s only 30 seconds. It’s not that cold. You’re not going to die!”
Food: 5a-2 fried eggs, 4oz venison sausage, vit D, 2 FiberSmart, c reg; 6a-c reg; 715a-1.5c reg; 9a-Pollock; 10a-med banana; 1145a-iceberg, cuke slices, grape tomatoes, balsamic, 5oz chicken breast, 2c cooked baby carrots, 4c reg; 330p-chicken & veg, 6 almonds; 7p- salad (cabbage, carrots, peppers, peas, balsamic), 2 FiberSmart, fish oilx2; 730p-.5 small apple, Sunbutter, magnesium
Totals: 1655 cal, 66g fat (15 sat), 139g carbs (33 fiber), 131g protein

Thursday 5/26 – 8 hours in bed. Up at 2 for bathroom, awake off/on after 5am. Otherwise I feel really good. Session was good walking out. About 4pm started feeling it. Not dead tired or anything, just not planning another am Spartacus and not really up for an hour with Amy! We did only 30 minutes: plank work, ab work, plank work, curls, deadlifts, lunges, hip circles, calf killers, plank work. Short, sweet, & brutal, felt good to crank it out. Target, ~20 min, then laziness at home. Ate too much. Went to bed early. 5 pull-ups.
Food: 6a-2 fried eggs, c sweet potato, c reg, 2 FiberSmart, vit D, fish oil; 7a-c reg; 8a-1.5c reg; 9a-s Pollock, 1.5c decaf; 930a-sm apple; 11a-oz almonds, 1.5c decaf; 115p-chicken & broccoli; 3p-sm apple; 4p-.5oz almonds; 720p-chicken & broccoli, salad, beef/pork patty, 6 almonds, 2 FiberSmart, fish oil, magnesium
Totals: 2160 cal, 116g fat (24 sat), 137g carbs (37 fiber), 149g protein

Friday 5/27 – 8.5 hours in bed. Slept very well, though up at midnight again. Feeling good. Pull-ups 7 (max) +3 ~half hour later. Going to try doing 10 every morning & night over two sets. NOT SORE from Wed at all! Maybe the contrast shower thing works after all! Noon Spartacus w/ Joy. It was fun; the 60s work time goes by MUCH more quickly if you've got a pal joining you. Unfortunately, the 15s breaks also fly like the speed of light! Goblet squat 35, 45 - Mountain Climber - Swing 45, 52.8 - T-push-up 10, 10 - Split jump - Row 25, 25 - Side lunge & touch 25, 25 - Renegade row 10, 10 - DB lunge & rotate 25, 25 - Push press 20, 20 – felt good! Eve laziness: reading 127 Hours. Pull-ups 6+4.
Food: 6a-fried egg, chicken sausage, c reg, fish oil, vit D, 2 FiberSmart; 630a-c reg; 7a-c decaf; 745a-1.5c reg; 9a-s Pollock, 1.5c decaf; 1045a-sm apple; 1130a-6 almonds; 1p-chicken & veg; 3p-c cooked cabbage, 18 almonds; 6p-2 fried eggs, chick saus, c sweet potato, c decaf, fish oil; 7p-bag snap peas, 2oz roast beef, magnesium
Totals: 1604 cal, 69g fat (20 sat), 115g carbs (28 fiber), 135g protein

Saturday 5/28 – 8 hours in bed; up at 4 for BR but slept very well. Pull-ups 7+3. Met Greg at SJU for 10 miles on gorgeous trails. It was PERFECTION. Hilly, some muddy patches, some grassy sections, mostly in beautiful, peaceful, bright green woods. I tanked at the very end, half mile from our cars, heading up a hill. Had no desire to grind it out (& finish totally dead). Splits a bit wonky due to map consultations & the occasional dead end: 8:58, 8:41, 8:37, 8:50, 9:58, 9:51, 9:03, 9:42, 8:57, 9:23, 10:19 (for .61, walking @ 16:57). Avg (incl walking) of 9:38. Hit grocery store on way home, where fresh kettle corn was being cooked in the parking lot. ARGH. Resisted that in favor of a bag of Angie’s Lite (600 cal), justified as a pre-race tradition J!! Made venison roast & beef roast, otherwise laziness in afternoon (reading, eating kettle corn) then reading & shivering at the races, where my supper was cold but delicious roast beef. Pull-ups 7+3.
Food: 630a-2 fried eggs, s chick saus, 2c reg, fish oil, FiberSmart, vit D; 8a (pre-run)-.5oz almonds, 1.5 c reg; 10a (post-run)-.5oz almonds, papaya; 1p-c asparagus, s Pollock w/ fish sauce, FRS drink; 245p-bag of lite kettle corn, 2 carrots, 2T guacamole; 4p-oz roast beef, fried egg, chick saus, 2c decaf; 630p 3oz roast beef, 1.5c reg; 11p-FiberSmart, fish oil
Totals: 2117 cal, 89g fat (21 sat), 214g carbs (39 fiber), 143g protein

Sunday 5/29 – 7.5 hours in bed. Shut down pull-ups for the day, sore elbows. Otherwise I felt very good! Delivered tiller, hit winery, got situated after the cash runaround, no downtime to get anxious about the actual race. Race report. Splits: 7:33, 7:29, 7:29, 7:30, 7:45, 7:22, 0:14 – bit short, Garmin showed 6.02 miles, average of 7:32. Imagine how fast I could’ve been if I hadn’t run on Saturday! Lisa & I went to park about 2 hours later, and it was just BEAUTIFUL. We saw a deer, plenty of pretty spring green-ness, and a group of riders on pretty horses who called us "way too ambitious" - oh, if they only knew! With her long run Monday, we were both planning to keep it easy, but even that turned out to be a bit much for me. I needed to cut it short & walk, but it was extremely enjoyable anyway. Nothing better than the woods in May! Splits: 9:27, 9:38, 6:09 (for .70, 8:49 pace), 5:34 (walked .30), 2:43 (for .31, 8:38), 10:46 (walked .64). Picked up tiller, laziness at home, races (ate cold venison roast this time).
Food: 630a-2 fried eggs, chick saus, 2c reg, oz venison roast, fish oil, FiberSmart, vit D; 8a-c decaf; 930a (pre race)-.5c reg, oz almonds, dried papaya strip, dried pear slice; 11a (post race)-orange, c reg, bag apple chips; 12p (pre park)-oz almonds, 2 papaya strips, 2 pear slices; 2p (post park)-1.5c reg; 345p-3oz beef roast; 630p-6oz venison roast, apple; 730p-s sunflower seeds; 11p-FiberSmart, fish oil
Totals: 1965 cal, 92g fat (14 sat), 148g carbs (31 fiber), 124g protein

Monday 5/30 – 7 hours in bed. New PR on pull-ups: 8+2!! Feeling awesome. Amy backed out of Lake B due to weather. Mindlessly overate at breakfast while reading but then kept busy on computer until parents’ for lunch at 1. Getting smarter: specifically told mom NOT to make me sweet potatoes, she was planning to get me some. Knew that I wouldn’t be able to resist them if they were in front of me! 3 hours pulling weeds & pruning vines, not strenuous. Supper at home, cooked fish up in three different ways, best combo was w/ olive oil & fried onions over high heat, treating it like stir fry & shaking it frequently until done. Delicious! Did a stupid thing, though: I was FULL after supper but deduced I had calories for a pint of sorbet. Why not STOP where I was?! Dumb.
Food: 730a-egg white omelet w/ snap peas, mojo sauce, 2c reg, vit D, FiberSmart, s Brazil nuts, 6 oz venison roast; 10a-c reg; 12p-c reg; 130p-fish w/ olive oil, roasted veg w/ olive oil, pineapple, cantaloupe, 1.5c reg; 530p-c pineapple/cantaloupe, 1.5c reg; 7p-fish w/ olive oil, onions (bit w/ egg white & almond flour), 3 med carrots, 3T guacamole, pint sorbet
Totals: 1882 cal, 69g fat (7 sat), 174g carbs (25 fiber), 123g protein

Averages: 1875 cal (target was 1850), 84g fat (19 sat) 40%, 149g carbs (31 fiber) 32%, 133g protein 28% -- Down 18%, 475 cal avg & 2947 total, from prior week -- 2011 avg so far: 1996 cal, 89g fat (20 sat), 168g carbs (31 fiber), 138g protein -- Burned 3219, down 648 from last week

Tuesday 5/31 – 8 hours in bed. HOT. Did not sleep well, but I feel pretty good. Morning scattered brain and low blood sugar grossness at 1130a, had to eat some almonds. Session was solid, walked out feeling good! Eve laziness, wasn’t really up for anything workout-wise. Made salads & fish, ~hour on feet. Still felt snacky after eating 2 pork chops, ate cherries. Pull-ups 6+4.
Food: 6a-fried egg, chick saus, c reg, fish oil, 1 FiberSmart, vit D; 715a-c decaf; 8a-1.5c reg; 10a-med apple, Sunbutter, 1.5c decaf; 1130a-oz almonds; 115p-3oz roast beef, .5c mushrooms; 2p-1.5c decaf; 230p-sm banana; 330p-oz almonds; 545p-sm carrot; 6p-salad (cabbage, carrots, peppers, celery, zucchini, balsamic); 630p-2 pork chops, c cherries, FiberSmart, fish oil; 9p-2 oz Tilapia (while cooking)

Totals: 1769 cal, 98g fat (17 sat), 111g carbs (27 fiber), 125g protein

Wednesday 6/1 – 8 hours in bed. Had alarm set for 5am to come in for Spartacus but I didn’t sleep all that great and was damn tired; reset it for my normal 6am. GOLD STAR for listening to my body! Meanwhile in that last hour, Oscar thundering about the house caused me poor sleep AND horse dreams! Pull-ups 8+2. Feeling a bit tired & blah, but not too bad. COLD. Lunch utility run to post office felt sluggish. Splits: there at 8:28, 8:26 (pace for .67) - back at 8:06, 8:15 (pace for .58). 3.25m, 8:18 overall. Mid-afternoon coffee; hopefully it will fuel the track work! Track workout felt good. 200 meters: 38s, 38s, 38s (last week: 41, 37, 38) - 400 meters: 85s, split 41+44 (last week: 83 / 40+43) - 200 meters: 39s, 40s, 37s (last week: 38, 38, 38). Given the way I felt most of the day, that’s awesome! Anniversary supper was huge and delicious. Snacky afterward, ate 2 small carrots w/ my magnesium. Gold star!
Food: 6a-egg white omelet w/ chick saus, c reg, fish oil, vit D, FiberSmart; 715a-c reg; 8a-1.5c reg; 9a-apple, 6 almonds; 11a-18 almonds; 1230p-salad, tilapia w/ onions, olive oil; 215p-12 almonds; 315p-12 almonds, c reg; 430p-sm banana; 7p-7oz NY strip steak, 1.25c sweet potato, c asparagus, .25c mushrooms, .5c onions, 2 sm carrots, fish oil, magnesium, FiberSmart
Totals: 1872 cal, 74g fat (16 sat), 171g carbs (38 fiber), 147g protein

Thursday 6/2 – 8 hours in bed, woke at 3am gross/hot/sweaty, bathroom, fell asleep quickly though. Carbs high, but not unreasonable - I’m thinking it’s due to *80g* at supper alone. Going to try another high-carb day but put most of them earlier in the day. Tired but not too bad, brain is in a good place. Session felt great, restorative! Eve Amy canceled class & I was cool with that. Beetles game w/ my godchild, fun but late. Left Alex at 10:25. UGH. Forgot about eve pull-ups.
Food: 6a-2 fried eggs, 3.5oz steak, c reg, FiberSmart, vit D; 7a-c reg; 8a-1.5c reg w/ oz syrup; 9a-sm apple, .5s Sunbutter; 930a-1.5c reg w oz syrup; 11a-med apple, .5s Sunbutter, .5oz decaf; 1p-banana; 115p-.5s Tilapia, salad, .5c sweet potato; 345p-s Tilapia; 530p-6oz roast beef, 6 almonds
Totals: 1885 cal, 77g fat (11 sat), 173g carbs (28 fiber), 129g protein
Carb timing: 6a=21, 9a=23, 11a=40, 1p=88, 530p=1, 9p=1 - Result: yep, late carbs on Wed was the culprit since I had almost the exact same Wed/Thurs--but timing was totally different. Will experiment to figure out the most I can handle at supper.

Friday 6/3 – 6.5 hours in bed. Slept solidly but TIRED. Pull-ups 7+3. Elbows felt sore on way to work. (I should do some kind of mobility/warm-up before, I think.) Canceled noon run, no eve plans: total rest day. Groceries, ~20 min on feet. Ate my planned supper, then an apple & Sunbutter, then sat down with bag of nuts & cranberry mix and ate it all. Then I also ate half the almond butter. Brain was in a good spot but SO TIRED that I was an idiot. Solution: no more nut butter. Again. Next time I feel confident, I’ll buy the plain unsalted unflavored gross stuff.
Food: 6a-2 fried eggs, chick saus, .5c sweet potato, c reg, 6 almonds; 630a-c reg; 7a-c decaf, fish oil, FiberSmart; 8a-1.5c reg; 930a-1.5c reg, sm apple, .5s Sunbutter; 1030a-.5s Sunbutter; 11a-sm banana; 1p-salad, 3.5oz steak, 6 almonds; 330p-2oz Tilapia, c asparagus w/ mushrooms, onions, olive oil; 6p-salad, 4.75 Tilapia, 6 almonds, sm apple & Sunbutter, 3oz mega omega mix, carrot, 7s almond butter; 8p-4 FiberSmart, fish oil
Totals: 3944 cal, 250g fat (24 sat), 281g carbs (74 fiber), 191g protein

Saturday 6/4 – 8 hours in bed but didn’t sleep well. Up at 2am, sweaty & gross. Pull-ups 6+4. Drove to Cities, maybe half hour standing/walking around, 5.25 miles ran, which was flat-out awesome. Pace probably around 9, slow & easy (especially after tucking in with Jurek); being The Naked Tour, I went Garmin-less, can you believe it?! I knew I could count on Mike for the distance, though. Felt great! ~1.5 hours at talk/Q&A, stood ~20 min. Drove home, napped SOLIDLY two hours, ate more almond butter, then sat at the races all night. Left early to get to bed. Pull-ups 6+4.
Food: 630a-fried egg, chick saus, c reg, fish oil, FiberSmart, vit D; 715a-c reg; 8a-1.5c reg; 9a-.5oz almonds, .5oz dr cranberries, .5oz dr apricots, cinnamon; 11a-popsicle, .5oz almonds, .5oz dr cranberries, .5oz dr apricots, cinnamon; 1p-banana, chick saus; 5p-2 fried eggs, chick saus, c decaf, 2 carrots, med apple, 3.5s almond butter; 730p-oz almonds
Totals: 2411 cal, 140g fat (19 sat), 216g carbs (38 fiber), 100g protein

Sunday 6/5 – 8 hours in bed. Slept very good, finally! Pull-ups 7+3. Met Mike at 10, for 15. Started out great but too fast, and the heat soon started kicking my ass. And wasn’t even that hot: 70F – clearly time to acclimate to summer! No particular fatigue point, just overheating and fully lacking enthusiasm after mile 11. Did run/walk shuffle 13 onward while Mike ran on. Splits: 8:02, 8:03, 8:07, 8:11, 8:13, 8:10, 8:12, 8:16, 8:12, .37m@ 8:27, 3:22 pit stop for water/food, 8:24, .57@ 8:13, 8:27, .47@ 8:11, walked for .13 up a steep hill, .41m@ 8:05, then I just gave up. Walked for .5, .26m@ 8:15, walked for .24, .5m@ 8:18, walked for .18, .09m@9:07. 14.77 miles, 8:59 avg. Nutrition: dried apricots & honey felt basically the same as a GU, gross in my belly. I need to start carrying water WITH me in heat. But: still NO PAIN, so overall, it was a success! Mike had a beautiful post-run idea: Latoka Beach. He went all in, but I just went thigh-deep. Felt great! Knees a little creaky in afternoon/eve but not bad at all. A’noon, met Heather/Kenny for motorcycle ride & go-karts. Fun! Back home, ~30 min on feet making food, doing chores. A little bit tired & depleted but brain is doing well. To bed at 9pm. Pull-ups 7+3.
Food: 630a-fried egg, chick saus, c decaf, apple, 3.5s almond butter, FiberSmart, vit D; 7a-c reg; 8a-c reg; 9a (pre run)-.5oz almonds, oz dr cranberries; 11a (mid run)-.5T honey, oz dr apricots; 1230p (post run)-.5oz almonds; .5T honey; 130p-sm apple, 2 carrots; 530p-salad, chick saus, c asparagus; 6p-oz roast beef, oz portabellas; 730p-FiberSmart, fish oil, sm apple
Totals: 1999 cal, 109g fat (11 sat), 203g carbs (45 fiber), 82g protein

Monday 6/6 – 8 hours in bed – slept like a rock, felt good when I got up at 5am. Left shin/ankle area is oddly achey. Pull-ups 8+2. Knees angry during warm-up but Spartacus w/ Joy felt good (& tough)! Two rounds, medium weights. Fasting. COLD like usual at noon. Didn’t really want to go for a bike ride, but figured it was a good chance to burn some calories, run an errand, and warm up! 5.56 miles, 30 min, felt great despite 85F. Hungry about 2pm, also really cold again. Avoided drinking tons of coffee, though. Made it to 445p, when I started feeling kind of awful. Ate some almonds; made it 21.25 hours, anyway! Yoga was really hard, thus awesome! Ate a normal supper.
Food: 5a-FiberSmart, vit D, fish oil, c reg; 6a-c reg; 730a-1.5c reg; 9a-1.5c reg; 445p-oz almonds; 7p-chick saus, salad, cold roasted veg (peas, broccoli, squash, dand greens), 8 almonds, FiberSmart, fish oil; 830p-magnesium
Totals: 98 cal, 9g fat (2 sat), 1g carbs (1 fiber), 2g protein

Averages: 2072 cal, 112g fat (15 sat) 49%, 172g carbs (38 fiber) 33%, 115g protein 22% -- Up 10%, 196 cal avg & 1375 total, from prior week -- 2011 avg so far: 1996 cal, 90g fat (20 sat), 168g carbs (32 fiber), 136g protein -- Burned 3093, down 126 from last week

New strategy: work in one treat daily. Apple chips, apple w/ Sunbutter, QC coffee, sweet potato, pancakes, oz of coffee syrup, etc. These are barely treats as far as nutrition goes, but mentally they are big big treats to me, which should suffice.

Tuesday 6/7 – 7.5 hours in bed. Up at 5 again, this time to work (close). Up at 3am for bathroom, otherwise slept well. (40g carbs at last night’s supper.) Feeling good! Session kicked ass. 9 pull-ups!!! And cleans finally feel like they are working right. ROCK ON!! Eve looked at house, ~1.5 hours on feet, otherwise laziness. Pull-ups 7+3.
Food: 5a-2 fried eggs, chick saus, c reg, c asparagus; 6a-c reg; 7a-1.5c reg; 830a-baby banana, .5s Sunbutter; 11a-med apple, .5s Sunbutter; 115p-4oz roast w/ shrooms & onions, bag apple chips; 4p-13 almonds; 715p-salad, Pollock & onions, 7 almonds, FiberSmart, fish oil
Totals: 1583 cal, 72g fat (11 sat), 135g carbs (28 fiber), 111g protein

Wednesday 6/8 – 7.25 hours in bed, slept like ass. Hard time falling asleep, woke often. Up at 3 for bathroom just to see if that would help. Didn’t. Blaming the cats, weather change? Pull-ups 7+3. 1.5” heels. AM Spartacus w/ Joy, heavy day, super hard. Couldn’t do push-press w/ 35s. Nice way to start the day! Glutes quite sore when I got up, felt better after Spartacus. Core a bit sore. No lunchtime workout ambition, though, just left me all at once. Not tired, really, just MEH on the whole idea. No running when I feel this way, and too damn windy to bike. Feeling extremely snacky at work. Company celebration is all shit I can’t eat and it’s affecting my brain...added a Sunbutter because I was craving the hell out of it, nothing else seemed to satisfy, and it didn’t wreck my calories one bit. But still just in the mood to eat eat eat. Speedwork went well, was fun despite NO DATA. At home, had a very healthy supper, but then made muffins & cookies for team. Taste-tested one of each (despite dairy in both). Muffins were tolerable but not actually good, so I had to toss them but I took a couple of them and chewed then spit back out. I was just not in a good place mentally. Clearly due to low sleep once again, I need to have strategies for this! Noshed on some frozen cherries once I got the muffins thrown away.
Food: 5a-2s Pollock, roasted veg, sm apple, c reg; 6a-c reg; 745a-med apple, Sunbutter, 1.5c QC coffee; 10a-s Pollock & .125c onions; 11a-6 almonds; 1230p-salad; 1p-chick saus, 1.5c reg w/ .5oz syrup; 245p-6 almonds, 1.5c reg w/ .5oz syrup, Sunbutter 430p(pre-run)-chick saus; 630p(post-run)-sm apple; 7p-6oz chicken, c asparagus, FiberSmart, vit D, magnesium; 8p-muffin, cookie, .5c frozen cherries
Totals: 2014 cal, 76g fat (14 sat), 184g carbs (41 fiber), 142g protein

Thursday 6/9 – A very bad night. In bed by 915p, but wide awake at 1a: hot, sweaty, gross. Due to the carbs and I KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN. Could NOT fall back asleep, and was hungry. Got up at 2; ate eggs, bacon, decaf, and then apple & Sunbutter, and THEN a fucking pint of coconut fucking ice cream. HATE my STUPID brain! Went back to bed at 3, and it took a while but I slept solidly until 6. Session was fantastic. Deadlift PR = happy brain! Being extra nice to myself this afternoon, no longer berating myself for this morning; trying to act like my own best friend. Registered for Afton. HOLD ME. Amy’s class is all a bit of a blur: slow-mo inchworms w/ planks & leg raises, flyes, OH punches, hydrant kicks, ab work, push-ups, jacks/sprints/jump squats, wall sits w/ raises, around the world lunges w/ versa-bar, kayaks, stairs. Felt way easier for me than it looked for them! At home, pretty hungry but kept things reasonable.
Food: 2a-2 eggs, 2 sl bacon, 2c decaf, sm apple, Sunbutter, pint coconut ice cream; 6a-c reg, s Pollock; 7a-c reg, .5c sweet potato; 8a-1.5c reg; 11a-1.5c reg w/ .5oz syrup, med apple; 115p-s Pollock, c sweet potato; 330p-Sunbutter; 4p-6 almonds; 7p-s Pollock, salad, roasted veg, few frozen cherries, FiberSmart, magnesium
Totals: 2382 cal, 105g fat (40 sat), 267g carbs (69 fiber), 111g protein


Sorry for the dead air lately. I've been super swamped at work, leaving me with no desire to spend time on the computer in the eve. I promise to get some summaries in and back to daily updates SOON.

In the meantime, this covers all the nutrition advice anyone really needs: