Whole30, A Summary: In Pictures

Here are pictures of my make-up-free face throughout the Whole30 experiment and beyond.

This is what I call an "I can't believe I'm actually sharing this" post, but if this helps anyone to decide to give the Whole30 challenge a whirl, then it's absolutely worth doing.

3/17, the day I started Whole30
It actually doesn't look too bad here.
3/24, one week in
It's worse! And I double-checked: these dates are correct.
So glad I didn't give up at this point.
4/1, two weeks in
This would be the point where I posted a message to Whole9's FB page and asked whether I should cut out more because it felt like I was making no progress at all.
And their reply was essentially, "Patience, Grasshoppah."

4/8, three weeks in
Some progress, but not great.

4/15, four weeks in
Awful giant cysts have stopped!

4/21, five weeks in, & ready to test.
Taken two days after adding daily soy intake.

4/25, six days after adding daily soy intake.
Cysts return with a vengeance.
Soy is now on the "Never worth eating" list.

5/1, 8 days after stopping daily soy intake.
No cysts! For my skin, this is essentially clear; these are just old blemishes still healing, nothing NEW showing up.
Time to test something else.

Want an update?

Find a recent picture of my perfectly clear skin right here.


  1. Sabrina - this is great! Thank you so much for sharing, and for taking part in our survey. We hope you have continued to experience clear skin and happiness post-Whole30.

    Melissa & Dallas

  2. Looks good! Still going strong?

  3. I think my sister needs to see this. She is vegetarian and eats a lot of soy, even though I've warned her about it. Maybe photographic evidence will help!

  4. I have REAL SCIENCE for you.
    They are open access
    Read 12180 first.
    Heavy going but real - bottom line is you did the right thing(s)!