Bodyfat Beatdown: Days 25-28

Failure again. My weekends are terrible! I must get this under control, or I'll never drop this fat. The details read like I'm not even trying...

545a-3oz ribs, c sweet potato, c decaf, supps
645a-c reg
730a-c reg
9a-4oz Pollock, 1.5c reg
1030a-med banana
1230p-papaya spear, pear slice, 2oz mega omega mix (walnuts, pistachios, cranberries), 2T blueberries (went shopping at the Grain Bin and sampled everything on the drive home)
1245p-fried egg, gr turkey, 2c decaf (then I ate my normal lunch)
1p-oz cashews (supposed to be eaten pre-run)
4p (pre run)-oz mega omega mix, 6 Brazil nuts
6p (post run)-med apple, Sunbutter
7p-fried egg, gr turkey, 8oz snap peas, 2c decaf, supps
Totals: 3061 cal, 161g fat (29 sat), 239g carbs (41 fiber), 151g protein - unfuckingbelievable - clearly I cannot control myself around nuts. And yes, I ran 10 miles, so this lands me near maintenance, but that's not my goal.

7a-3oz pork ribs, 2 raw carrots, 3 cooked carrots, oz mega omega mix, 2c reg, supps
9a-2c decaf
11a-oz mega omega mix
1p-fried egg, 6oz pork roast
3p-sm apple, Sunbutter, papaya strip
4p-oz mega omega mix, 4T blueberries
630p-6 raw carrots, eggplant, c decaf, 6oz shrimp, supps
Totals: 2809 cal, 149g fat (35 sat), 262g carbs (54 fiber), 140g protein - again, what the hell? At least this day I decided to stop eating the mega omega mix; nuts other than almonds seem to cause constipation. And I did burn up about 750 calories, so again, near maintenance, but again, not my goal.

8a-2 fried eggs, gr turkey, c reg, sm apple, Sunbutter, supps
945a (pre run)-papaya strip
11a (post run)-med banana
12p-pancake (egg, applesauce, Sunbutter), 4oz pork, c sauerkraut, 2T bbq sauce, c reg
2p-c reg, 2c cabbage w/ balsamic
4p-oz corn chips, 1/3c salsa, freeze dried grapes, c caramel corn
6p-.5oz almonds
630p-2c cabbage, .5oz raisins, 3oz turkey, 2T balsamic, 3 cooked carrots, 2T sassy sangria grill sauce, supps
Totals: 2641 cal, 116g fat (25 sat), 291g carbs (40 fiber), 121g protein - sigh. Again ate at a maintenance level. No real effort whatsoever made to avoid the constant afternoon overeating.

Here's what the biggest problem was there: I wanted to splurge on kettle corn, give corn an acne test. But my microwave kettle corn had soy. And my husband's plain popcorn had butter. I seriously considered driving to town to purchase some Angie's Kettle Corn but dismissed it as ridiculous. And it was. But I would have consumed fewer calories had I just eaten what I was desperately craving. Lesson learned.

So, other than eating, I had a great weekend. Ran with no foot pain which was a total shock, decided I can run the Fargo Marathon this Saturday, enjoyed a nap, a visit with my dad, laziness with my kitties, plenty of time to read, even picked up trash in my town - all truly wonderful things. So why did I feel the need to eat, eat, eat?

I will say part of it is due to all the running. That triggers snackiness normally, but I did a LOT more running than normal, and my body strove to restore all of those calories. And my brain did not work very hard (or at all, really) to keep those calories appropriate.

Additionally, I was letting the allergies get to me. My husband brought home pizza Saturday night. I couldn't eat my kettle corn.

I bought that fucking addictive nut mix.

I think hydration may have played a part; I definitely should have drank more water than I did, and sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger. A strategy for next time.

And finally, although the running was a truly fantastic achievement, finally feeling certain I can run Fargo and confident about it, after months of issues and setbacks; it was a hugely emotional rollercoaster. I want to cry when I think about Fargo now. Such a relief after months of anxiety. So while some eating was celebratory, it was also stress-eating because it is just so overwhelming. I literally have tears in my eyes as I'm typing this.

So, main lessons learned:
-buy no more nuts other than almonds
-buy no more dried fruits; just eat the fresh stuff
-drink more water
-forgive failures
-keep trying
-every day

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