Bodyfat Beatdown: Day 31

Wednesday was another great day! The taper is going well. I'm feeling very, very good.

I took a noon bike ride for 7.1 miles, which was easy peasy. After work I fetched groceries then headed home. The hubster & I took a motorcycle ride to eat out. We went to a place with all-you-can-eat chicken buffet & salad bar. Nice: my parents were there. Nicer: dad's buddy gave us a buy-one-get-one-free coupon! That rocked my socks off.

What didn't? The pathetic salad bar: iceberg lettuce; ranch, French, & Italian dressing; creamy cole slaw; vinegar cole slaw; 4 creamy pasta salads. You call that a fucking salad bar?! I was able to eat only the iceberg lettuce and vinegar cole slaw. Where the hell are the vegetables? I was highly disappointed and honestly have zero intention of returning. The chicken buffet was incredible, though: bbq chicken, baked chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, an amazing-looking stuffing, baked beans, and fresh dinner rolls. But obviously I was only able to take chicken. And probably consumed soy in the bbq sauce and breading. So frustrating.

Food details:
6a-fried egg, 2oz venison sausage, c reg, supps
7a-dried pear slice, c reg
8a-1.5c reg
 9a-apple, 12 almonds
11a-12 almonds
1p-chicken & veg, 12 almonds, 1.5c reg
340p-3oz shrimp, 6 almonds, c decaf, .5c reg
515p-bag snap peas - on sale at Elden’s for $1.99/bag! I bought three and sadly, this one did not survive the long difficult journey home.
630p-2c iceberg, 2c vinegar cole slaw, 3 chicken breasts
9p-few grapes, few cubes cantaloupe, honeydew, supps - stupidly forgetting that I am a fucking mogwai and because of that I was wide awake at 3am, hot & sweaty & gross
Totals: 2019 cal, 92g fat (21 sat), 110g carbs (29 fiber), 162g protein

Again, high on calories, but this week it's okay. Next week, back to cutting intake; but this time, actually doing it.

On the other hand, take a look at this victory: my supper was 736 calories.

Had I eaten whatever I wanted, the way I might have a year ago, it would have looked like this (iceberg w/ French dressing, 2 pasta salads, creamy cole slaw, mashed potatoes, stuffing, baked beans, 1 piece chicken): 1443 calories. IN ONE MEAL.

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