Bodyfat Beatdown: Day 30

Tuesday was a fairly good day. Got good sleep and felt good physically. I did spend the morning feeling sorry for myself over the lack of marathon support but kept trying to just get over it.

At noon I had a really good session with Dustin, including some therapy and marathon strategy talk. The workout itself was short, easy, light reps, low weights. I walked out feeling pretty great!

Then my afternoon was a big improvement, as two wonderful friends (Lisa & Amy) said they are thinking about coming to Fargo, which totally made up for my family. I feel so spoiled.

At home, the hubster had grilled up a fantatic supper: pork chops, ham steak and yams & peppers. OMG delicious. After supper we went on an easy & enjoyable 6-mile bike ride. It was quiet and peaceful and just plain lovely. We even saw a bald eagle! AND, Hop said that if it rains and races are canceled, he will come to Fargo. Aw.

Food details:
6a-fried egg, gr turkey, c reg, supps
7a-c reg
745a-1.5c reg
845a-med apple, 12 almonds
9a-1.5c reg w/ almond syrup
11a-24 almonds
115p-4oz pork, c sauerkraut, c grapes
330p-3oz shrimp, 4T salsa
6p-papaya spear
645p-4oz pork chop, 2oz ham steak, 2c cabbage w/ 2T balsamic, c yams, .5c peppers, supps
Totals: 2034 cal, 101g fat (31 sat), 155g carbs (29 fiber), 148g protein

Supper was a bit much thanks to the irresistible meat  (the way to Sabrina's heart = pork!), thus calories are a little on the high side; but it's pretty close to maintenance given the calories burned. And race week means no worrying about fat loss; eat healthy foods at maintenance level, to feel good both mentally and physically.

I'm getting excited about logistics now! I have food all figured out:
-Friday night supper: steak, asparagus, sweet potato, peppers, zucchini
-Saturday morning breakfast: fried egg, venison breakfast sausage, coffee, usual supplements
-Pre-race snack: oz brain food (almonds, raisins, cinnamon)
-Race itself: water at every stop (no Powerade or whatever), and GU at 6m, 12m, 18m, 23m

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