Bodyfat Beatdown: Day 29

Mentally beat myself up over the weekend's ridiculous amount of food, but worked on forgiving myself.

Did another 24-hour fast. Was hungry in the morning & again at noon, but it didn't last. Very cold again, spent all damn day just freezing. (Also constipated again, hooray!) I ate fish stew at 6pm, was so tired/cold/lethargic. I did make more of an effort to drink enough water this time, so I felt a little better than last week, but not as good as the first week.

6a-c reg, supps
7a-c reg
9a-1.5c reg
1245p-1.5c reg
3p-1.5c YerbaMate
6p-fish stew, supps
Totals: 350 cal, 14g fat (3 sat), 15g carbs (4 fiber), 34g protein

Brain tanked a bit at night again, as no family is coming to Fargo; less about them not being there than about them not wanting to be there for me. Hurts. Disappointed. Trying to get over it.

The rest of this week I am eating at maintenance; no foolish low days before the marathon; no acne testing, nothing new in my belly (unfortunately this also means no pre-race kettle corn); all healthy food; lots of water. I am an athlete and I need to eat like one!

Motivation: a 3:30 Boston re-qualifying time.

And post-race, I found a pizza place with Daiya "cheese" (non-dairy); I emailed the owner asking whether the crust would have soy, and she said she could make me a batch without the customary soy oil (though it will have wheat, so it's not Whole9-legit, but it won't cause me acne). Holy shit, now that is amazing service; I must go!!

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