Bodyfat Beatdown: Day 24

Wow, day 24 already? Doesn't seem like I've made a lot of progress. But, I had some serious mental setbacks with the running, and I'm still trying every day. That's all you can do; fat loss is a process.

Wednesday started out difficult, mentally. My foot was hurting after Tuesday's run, so I was back to being very anxious, feeling like Fargo wouldn’t happen, wondering whether I was doing absolutely everything I could be doing to make the foot happy and make Fargo happen. Chatting with my friend/Wellness Manager helped, as did the foot getting progressively better throughout the day.

Plus, you are reading the blog of the newest-instructor-to-be of The Well! Heather got budget & my lead's approval to get me certified (to teach, people, to teach) since one of the current instructors is leaving. Woot woot! You can bet that helped me climb out of the woe-is-me hole, since I've been thinking I'd like to do this for two years now.

After work, I joined the NSS crew for track repeats, which felt really good – hurt the blister like a mutha, but the left foot did not feel any worse. And then I took a short .59-mile barefoot jaunt afterward, which felt absolutely fantastic and made me want to run forever and ever and ever.

At home did very well on eating, because I had planned on being snacky due to the evening workout: go me! I'm getting so smart!!

6a-.5c egg whites, gr turkey, c reg, supps
745a-1.5c reg
9a-4oz Pollock, 12 almonds
11a-12 almonds
1p-chicken & veg
215p-1.5c decaf
3p-sm orange
330p-12 almonds
7p-2 fried eggs w/ gr turkey, c decaf, apple & Sunbutter, supps
Totals: 1544 cal, 80g fat (14 sat), 80g carbs (25 fiber), 129g protein

A really stellar medium day with zero cravings. Today I'm aiming for medium again; Fri, Sat, & Sun will all be fairly high, because I'll be eating to fuel some long runs. I hope hope hope, at least! Planning to fast again on Monday.

Strategy tip: Just in case the running attempts do not go according to plan, and my brain tanks, and I want to binge, tonight I'm going grocery shopping. I'll be picking up fresh veggies: carrots, asparagus, cabbage, peppers, and Brussels sprouts. These are low-calorie, high-crunch foods that I can eat a ton of without destroying my fat loss progress for the week. My only other potential binge triggers at home are Sunbutter (individually packaged and thus highly unlikely to happen); almonds (on which I have never binged - they are good, but not eat-a-million good, like cashews or pistachios or macadamias or pecans); and ribs (which I plan to finish up tomorrow for breakfast). So I am feeling confident about both running and nutrition for the weekend! Here's hoping that feeling carries all the way through!

I just had the most surreal experience in regards to snacking: I was standing in the break room eating my Pollock, and looked at the food in the snack vending machine. I asked myself, "If I could eat anything in there, what would I pick?" (thinking, simultaneously, that this exercise was a very bad idea). And I looked at everything, from Doritos to Twizzlers to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to beef jerky. And nothing really appealed to me. None of it screamed out PICK ME PICK ME - not even the jerky. I eyed up the scotcharoo for a bit, but really, felt nothing for it. This is bizarre; I fully expected the answer to be "EVERYTHING!" I guess those Whole9 peeps know what they are talking about when they say your cravings are going to change!

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