Body Fat Beatdown: Days 22 & 23

On Monday I fasted again, to make up for my awful weekend.

Mentally, it was not an ideal day to do it, as I was extremely anxious about running/orthotics/Fargo/etc, as well as worrying about a friend of mine. But not doing it would have been even more mentally difficult, as I'd have beat myself up over the high calories for quite a while. Lesser of two evils was to fast.

Physically I wasn't hungry but I was freezing all day (hence too much coffee again), and then I got very tired in the afternoon. I was able to leave work a bit early & veg on the couch with a book. Then I napped off & on for an hour. My in-laws had a photography session scheduled for 7, and I just couldn't face it on such low energy, so I ate (protein). When we got back home, I ate a bit more (protein again).

All told, I did 23 hours of fasting, which is still a success. The biggest advantage to a fast comes inside the hours 18-24, so I am cool with what I did accomplish. Eating means my weekly calories trucked up higher than desired, putting me at maintenance level. Sure enough, my weigh-in this week was exactly the same as last week!

5a-c reg, supplements
6a-c reg
7a-1.5c reg
945a-1.5c reg
1p-1.5c reg
4p-c decaf
630p-egg whites, gr turkey, c decaf, supps
8p-gr turkey, supps
TOTALS: 309 cal, 15g fat (4 sat), 5g carbs (2 fiber), 35g protein
NOTE: 6.5c reg & 1c decaf = too much coffee whether eating or fasting! I don't include water here, but I have 32oz bottles at work & home, and usually drink 4 of them per day, so 128oz.

Averages for the week: 1913 cal (target was 1775), 90g fat (24 sat) 42%, 156g carbs (28 fiber) 33%, 136g protein 28% -- Up 4%, 79 cal avg & 551 total, from prior week -- Burned 2796, up 421 from last week

On Tuesday, life returned to normal AND I got my orthotics, so my brain was in a much better state. I indulged at breakfast (ribs!) but was otherwise on track. In the afternoon I gave my team a treat of apples, bananas, chocolate graham crackers, marshmallows, gingersnaps, and white chocolate fondue. I ended up eating a leftover apple & banana over & above my plan, just because I cannot throw away perfectly good fruit! I also swiped a T of white chocolate as I cleaned the dish, and it. was. phenomenal. I'll take that as an acne test, see if I can handle tiny amounts of dairy.

Then due to my evening run I was snacky again. So I had another apple, but this one was a special dessert apple: cut an apple into cubes, microwave it for 1.5-2 minutes, then sprinkle it with cinnamon. If you have spare calories, add a T of honey, or a few oats, or some coarsely-ground nuts. If you're not as super strict about sugar, sprinkle on some Stevia. If you're not avoiding peanuts, sprinkle on some PB2. Or use cocoa powder instead of cinnamon. So many ways to make it even better (without going into a full-fledged fatty sugary apple dessert), but it's also perfectly delicious without anything but the cinnamon! And you know what else? I bet it works really well with peaches, too. Or pears. Or any hot fruit, really. Go test your favorites!

545a-6oz ribs w/ BBQ sauce, c decaf,
7a-c reg
745a-1.5c reg
1030a-gr turkey, 1.5c reg
1p (PWO)-med banana
130p-4oz Pollock
230p-med banana
330p-.5 med apple, 4oz Pollock
530p (PWO)-.5med apple, T white chocolate, med banana
630p-chicken & veg, T Tastefully Simple Ole Ole Fiesta sauce*, med baked apple w/ T cinnamon
TOTALS: 1943 cal, 84g fat (29 sat), 170g carbs (28 fiber), 137g protein
*No soy, no HFCS, but does contain rice starch and xanthum gum so it's not quite Whole30 - but really damn close, and really damn tasty!


I saw two good quotes today:

"It's not the hours that you put in; it's what you put in the hours." - Elmer Letterman

I immediately thought of this in terms of fitness. You could jog for a half hour on a treadmill, or you could go do speedwork for that half hour to build muscle, get faster, and burn more calories. You could climb the stair stepper for an hour every day, or you could go do deadlifts and squats and snatches and cleans for an hour and more quickly develop a booty you'll be dying to show off. Yes, you do need to train hard and put in your time, but it's more important to train smart during the time you put in.

Make decisions today that you will be proud of tomorrow.

Or something like that. It was a sign at the drugstore, that I saw out of the corner of my eye but didn't really read - it registered about an hour later. This, to me, is all about food. When I was snacky, I made the apple dessert rather than fetching one of Sunbutter packets (side note: binge-proof at 200 calories!) to eat with an apple, because I didn't have the 200 extra calories. I absolutely wanted the Sunbutter - but I knew that I'd be mad at myself for it today, because those 200 calories would have to come off another day. But cinnamon? That's a decision I can be proud of! This quote is going on a posty on my cupboard door for sure.

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