Body Fat Beatdown: Days 18 & 19

Two more days of successful fat loss eating! My caloric average is chugging a wee bit higher than planned for the week, and so I'm possibly considering another Monday fast. (Maybe a half-day fast would be enough. Plenty of experiment options.) Depends entirely on how well eating goes today & tomorrow.

I'm planning a long run at noon today (volunteering at the Minnewaska Warm-Up this morning) and if that goes as long as I'd like it to, that means more calories - which is 100% fine. A good recovery requires calories. Where I struggle is eating before the run, facing the unknown distance. I want to have enough intake to feel good whether I run 1 hour or 2 or 3 (oh, how I wish!), and that's a tough balance to find.

But the biggest question of the weekend is how much I'll eat at tomorrow's Mother's Day festivities. Holidays make it harder to stay in a normal calorie range. At my mom's, Dad is grilling home-butchered and -smoked ribs: NOM FUCKING NOM. We are bringing asparagus & potatoes & dessert, of which I'll only eat the asparagus. At the hubster's mom's, I'm expecting to eat a similar meal, grilled meat & asparagus (because we're bringing that again). So it should, in theory, be a good calorie level, the rest of the my world doesn't eat like me, & I don't expect to encounter any irresistible Whole30-approved starches. But I'm telling you: my meat-eating capabilities are pretty ridiculous in general, but especially so for someone my size. And pork is not a low-calorie meat option. But it's worth it to me!

Details, day 18
530a-oats, honey, cashew milk, & strawberries, chicken sausage, c decaf coffee
630a-c reg coffee
730a-1.5c reg coffee
845a-banana, 1.5c reg coffee
1045a-fish stew
145p (PWO)-6oz chicken breast, .5c cooked each: tomatoes, carrots, Brussels sprouts, eggplant, collards
330p-oats, cashew milk, raisins, & cinnamon, c decaf coffee
7p-fish stew, 2c raw cabbage, T balsamic
TOTALS: 1987 cal, 71g fat (18 sat), 239g carbs (39 fiber), 140g protein
-I'm going to stop putting my supplements on here. They don't change, and are kind of obnoxious to read through. I'll just share changes when they happen. On that note, I ran out of the acidophilus Thursday and haven't replaced it. Will monitor. I also dropped to 3 FiberSmart tablets instead of the dose of 4. Again, will monitor.
-Workouts: noon hour w/ Dustin, eve hour of circuits w/ Amy
-Whole30: the oats felt like LEAD in my gut. Even if I don't have an allergic reaction, I don't want to be eating them. Felt fat and disgusting all day. Gave all the oats/oat bran/muesli I had to Heather.

Details, day 19
6a-2 fried eggs, chicken sausage, c regular coffee
7a-c decaf coffee
8a-1.5c reg coffee
9a-small apple
10a-1.5c reg coffee
11a-fish stew
115p-small orange
330p-fish stew, 1.5c decaf coffee
530p-small banana
630p-fish stew, c cabbage w/ T balsamic, 2 Brazil nuts
830p-oz cashews, c decaf
TOTALS: 1540cal, 64g fat (15 sat), 88g carbs (19 fiber), 139g protein
-Another 4-meal day, but was feeling rather hungry this afternoon. Reminded myself I fasted for 33.5 hours earlier this week so SUCK IT UP. And drank more water, and survived just fine.
-Workouts: Noon stroll outside in the incredible weather, 1.34m, was so good for the brain! Eve 6-mile bike ride. Legs were pretty beat up from Thursday's double, but the bike ride felt good (other than the bugs).
-Late eating experiment with the cashews. Didn't wake at 3am, but I did not sleep good at all. Still a mogwai.
-Whole30: having an acne reaction to something. I've emailed friend Katy asking about the oil she used w/ Tuesday night's chicken fajita mix, and also boss to see whether Sunday night's filet mignon had any seasoning on it. Otherwise everything I've eaten was home-prepped or raw or plain lobstah. Can't think of anything else unless the oats caused an instant reaction - takes 2-4 days with dairy & soy, so that seems unlikely.

Fat-loss pre-cooking:
Friday night slow cookers:
-pork roast with Tastefully Simple's Sweet & Sassy mustard (had some this morning for breakfast: fantastic!)
-half chicken w/ carrots, spinach, kohlrabi, green beans, dandelion greens

Saturday's cooking:
-fish (to top w/ fruit salsa)
-turkey burgers
-another overnight slow-cooker of pork (husband's choice)

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