Body Fat Beatdown: Days 12-14

Got a little off-track again.

Friday I did fine all day, and I GOT TO RUN 4.03 miles after the PT taped up my foot. I can't tell you what this did for my brain! I was flying so high, it was incredible. After work I went to Lake Carlos State Park with two friends and we just strolled and chatted and enjoyed nature. It was lovely.

We went to a bar in Carlos afterward, where I easily ordered water, but then at home?

I could Not. Stop. Eating.

I cannot explain this.

6a-fried egg, chicken sausage, c regular coffee, dandelion root, zinc, fish oil, acidophilus, probiotics
7a-c reg
9a-chick saus, FiberSmart, acid/probs, c reg
1p (post-run)-5oz pork roast, 1.5c sweet potato w/ 2T apple butter, acid/probs, FiberSmart, dand root
330p-chick saus, 4oz pollock, acid/probs
730p-2c Brussels sprouts w/ T balsamic, 2c cabbage w/ 2T tomato dressing, chicken leg w/ .5c cooked cabbage, zinc, acid/probs, dand root, FiberSmart, vit D, magnesium, fish oil, 3oz pork roast w/ 2T mojo sauce
TOTALS: 2183 calories, 103g fat (34 sat), 141g carbs (30 fiber), 163g protein

Saturday morning I ran 5 miles, and was the happiest little camper in the world. After that I ran a bunch of errands, including an hour at the library - again, wonderful for my brain.

I even had zero problems eating, get this, COLD FISH. I had pollock with me (that I had intended to microwave after a strength workout [which I skipped since the run went well]) and no way to heat it, but easily ate it cold. Can hardly believe I did that! Who knew fish was also a portable snack?

I did well the rest of the day, snack-wise, but I had a monstrous steak at supper. My wonderful husband had purchased two great big delicious ribeyes, and stupid stupid me ignored my own advice and put the entire 12oz beast on my plate. I should have cut it in half and put the other half into the fridge immediately. GAH.

6a-2 fried eggs, 3 sl bacon, med apple, 2.25c reg, fish oil, zinc, vit D, acid/probs, FiberSmart, dand root
9a-c decaf
930a (pre-run)-2 Brazil nuts, few raisins
11a (post-run)-4 Brazil nuts, .25c raisins, acid/probs
1p-3oz Pollock, med apple, dand root, acid/probs
230p-5oz pork roast w/ mushrooms, .5oz cashews, c decaf, acid/probs
4p-med apple, T honey, c green tea
6p-.25c grapes, 12oz ribeye w/ mushrooms & merlot sauce, c sweet potato, 1.5T Sp butter, fish oil, zinc, dand root, FiberSmart
8p-.25c grapes
TOTALS: 2609 cal, 117g fat (33 sat), 196g carbs (27 fiber), 163g protein

Sunday I was all set to try another run, but the foot still hurt. So instead I did a kick-ass Spartacus workout and freaking loved it. Lifting rules, people. DO IT.

I was very snacky again in the afternoon, and should have made more effort to control it, as I was facing a party for supper, at the tax boss's house. But I expected I'd be limited in food options to protein (lobster tail, filet mignon) & MAYBE some vegetables (also usually on the menu: baked potato, green  bean casserole, dinner roll, brownie & grasshopper), so I wasn't too worried. Fool. Compared to previous years, I did do very well without all the high-cal sides (thank you, allergies!), but this time around my downfall was mixed nuts. Why must they be so damned addicting?!

I've also decided I really don't need to eat a bigger breakfast before a long run. Eat what's normal, maybe add one serving of fruit, and then supplement with GU after the first hour of a run. No more using runs as an excuse to load up on eggs & bacon!

6a-2 fried eggs, pork/beef patty, .5oz cashews, 2c reg, fish oil, zinc, vit D, acid/probs, FiberSmart, dand root
930a-c decaf, sm orange, acid/probs
1115a (PWO)-sm orange, pork/beef patty, acid/probs
130p-1.5c Brussels sprouts, 2c cabbage, 2T balsamic, chicken w/ tomatoes, sprouts, eggplant, carrots, collards, acid/probs, dand root
4p-med apple dipped in T tahini & T honey (delicious!), acid/probs
5p-baby carrots, peas, celery, mixed nuts, pickles, olives
6p-1.5 lobster tails, 1.5 filet mignons, .5T garlic oil, baby carrots, peas, celery, pickles
7p-mixed nuts, 2c decaf
8p-fish oil, vit D, acid/probs, FiberSmart, dand root, magnesium
TOTALS: 2763 cal, 148g fat (34 sat), 189g carbs (45 fiber), 192g protein

-My party supper tally was 1118 calories; of this, 619 was lobster & beef, thus I consider these to be a wonderful calorie decision. The other half was half nuts (gah), and half raw vegetables & relish, which are obviously healthy, but dang, the calories still add up.
-I can only imagine what my calories were in prior years, adding butter, a baked potato, sour cream, green bean casserole, and bread!!
-While I walked out quite full, I was not STUFFED and ready to be rolled out the door. Definitely felt better without all those starchy carbs, and still 100% satisfied.

So you can see my calories were pretty high all three days. Disappointing, but today I am ON IT.

I'm fasting all day. I'm drinking water, coffee (this I should not), and green tea; taking usual supplements other than FiberSmart. And that's it. I've had no food since last night, and I won't eat again until Tuesday morning breakfast, which makes a total of 34 hours.

I figured I'd feel like absolute and total ass, but that it would be worth suffering for one day. But you know what? I'm focused, I'm not shaky, I'm not hungry, I'm not feeling bad at all! I am not sure how my evening run attempt will feel, betting that it won't be great, but I'll survive.

I've actually been wanting to try a fast for a while now, but just couldn't commit. I'll provide a full report tomorrow!

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