Body Fat Beatdown: Day 17

Another successful day! I had planned on slightly lower calories, but I did a track workout after work, so my low day turned into a medium day. It seems that anytime I exercise after work, I end up super duper snacky at home. Not bingey, quite, but snacky.

But I've learned I can satisfy this feeling with healthy options! A big ol' bowl of asparagus w/ balsamic vinegar is extremely delicious and filling - and a teensy tiny 70 calories. I'd get the same satisfied fullness from a giant serving of junk, too. But which one aligns with my goals? You know the answer.

In fact, let's have some fun and take a look at just a few nutritional advantages in 2 cups of asparagus: 61.6 calories - .5g fat - 12.2g carbs - 6.1g protein (!) - 31.2% RDA Vitamin A - 59% Vit C - 85.8% Folate (!)

Why on earth would you choose junk when you can be just as full from something so super healthy? My other go-to options: fresh cabbage, Brussels sprouts, spinach, or any greens, really, w/ balsamic vinegar; carrots (get them organic and they are amazingly good); cauliflower. Buy lots of any non-starchy vegetable that you like to eat raw - keep it on hand for those snacky times, then go to town on them. Unlike chips or cookies or nut butters, you're never going to beat yourself up for eating 3 servings of cauliflower! Well, you might when your intestines get to work on you, but that's a different issue. :o)

Fruit is a nice option but you must choose wisely, due to the higher calories. Grapes are a smart choice: a cup is 60 calories & mentally quite filling, with all those trips from cup to piehole. And you can also use my brilliant [if I do say so myself] tip of purchasing only small fruit to slyly save you untold calories.

6a-fried egg, chicken sausage, c regular coffee, fish oil, zinc, vit D, dandelion root, acidophilus, probiotics, FiberSmart
7a-c reg, c decaf
8a-1.5c reg
11a-6oz chicken breast, .5c cooked each: tomatoes, carrots, Brussels sprouts, eggplant, collards [gotta love my slow cooker & my CSA!]; dand root, acid/probs
1p-1.5c reg
3p-Brazilian fish stew
4p-.25c oats, T tahini, T honey, t cinnamon
7p-6oz chicken breast, .5c cooked each: tomatoes, carrots, Brussels sprouts, eggplant, collards; c decaf, dand root, acid/probs, FiberSmart, fish oil, vit D
730p-.5c grapes, 2 cashews, 2c asparagus, T balsamic
TOTALS: 1684 cal, 69g fat (20 sat), 138g carbs (28 fiber), 143g protein

I modified my eating schedule today to be 4 meals (6a, 11a, 3p, 7p), and one carby snack (4p) to boost me before the track workout. And I felt very good! This would not work on a lunch-workout day, though.

After I noshed on grapes and snuck 2 cashews, I realized I needed to find a GOOD snack, and that's when I went for asparagus. So proud to have stopped myself from loading up on cashews!

And I broke the Whole30 plan, did you catch that in my pre-run snack (delicious, BTW)? I've decided to test oats next. But instead of courting a massive breakout with a 5-day test like I did with soy, I'm going with only 3 days. A face full of acne is too debilitating for my wee brain. And if 3 servings isn't enough to cause a breakout, then I'll call it non-allergenic. This doesn't mean oats return to my regular diet, it just means I don't have to avoid them at all costs when eating outside of my own home.

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