Body Fat Beatdown: Day 16

It felt awesome to eat plenty after the full day of fasting! I felt very good all day. Highlights:
-Good sleep is always extremely helpful: another solid 8 hours in bed! I actually had planned on 8.5 but was wide awake at 530 & feeling good, so I got up early, worked from home until my PT appointment.
-My PT is thinking early next week on the orthotics. Assuming they work fine, I plan to wear them all day every day, and run low miles in them daily if it feels fine, otherwise walk at least an hour in them on non-run days. I really can't hope to get any truly long runs in them, probably 15 is the longest I should do a week out from race day, but daily miles will help a lot with breaking them in to prevent race-day issues.
-I finally had a happy weigh-in, down 3 lbs is great for the brain! Now just another 5.6 to go to be back to where I was on January 1.
-Training session with Dustin was nothing super awesome numbers-wise yet it was a tough, solid workout, and I felt pretty stellar walking out!
-Girls' night with my bestest buds! With all healthy food, and none of us felt remotely deprived. That ruled!

I discovered a handy bonus from Monday's fasting: I had skipped an afternoon snack to be sure I had enough calories for supper, and I was truly hungry at 5pm. I was eyeing up a banana. And obviously this is a healthy choice, not high calories, great nutrition, but I knew that I had a very big supper coming and wasn't going to hold back. So I said to myself, “Knock it off. You went 1.5 days with no food. You’re not starving. You will eat plenty in 1.5 hours, so for now, just shut the hell up.” And it worked. Hooray for a bit of newfound willpower!

530a-2 fried eggs, chicken sausage, c sweet potato, c regular coffee, fish oil, zinc, vit D, dand root, acidophilus probiotics, FiberSmart
6a-c reg
7a-c decaf
9a-1.5c reg
1030a-chick saus, acid/probs
115p (PWO)-banana, Brazilian fish stew
2p-dand root acid/probs (forgot to take w/ lunch)
3p-1.5c decaf
630p (girls night)-2c snap peas, c baby carrots, c cukes w/ 6T fresh salsa & .5T guacamole; chicken fajita filling (6oz chicken, 1 sweet pepper, .25c onions, .5c black olives), zinc, vit D, dand root, acid/probs, FiberSmart
815p-c grapes, c pineapple, c strawberries
930p-fish oil, magnesium
TOTALS: 1931 cal, 61g fat (20 sat), 215g carbs (36 fiber), 150g protein

A Whole30-specific tip: I had let my friend Katy know all about the allergy testing and how there were a bunch of foods I was avoiding. I sent her links to the Whole30 plan & the Whole9 "Steal this Meal" posts. She had no problem making something appropriate! What she had provided that I did not eat: ranch dip, sour cream, shredded cheddar, and tortilla shells. Otherwise, everything was okay for me to eat.

Now obviously for most gatherings I'm not going to send this kind of request, but girls night is just three of us, and I know both she & Shari would be unnecessarily sad & guilty if there was little I could eat. So in this kind of situation, I feel it's appropriate to give my "list of demands." But in a larger gathering or party or anything beyond the host being a very close friend, I'd probably just check on the host's planned menu, with a little heads-up that as long as there is something dairy- and soy-free, I'm golden. No other requests. (At least, until I determine whether there are any other true allergies.)

And on that note: I'm adding oats this week. Testing for the next three days only, so that if there is a reaction, it's not hopefully not as depressing as with the soy where it was a HUGE reaction.

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