Body Fat Beatdown: Day 15

I fasted. I ate nothing. For an entire. freaking. day.

Holy crap! I am amazed that it wasn't a struggle, and that I didn't feel horrible.

To start with, I spent 8.25 hours in bed and slept well, so I started the day feeling very good! Then I did 9 nonstop chin-ups, a major PR!! My BHAG, set before I could even do one, is ten non-stop pull-ups. Very close!! So going in, I had a wonderful mental state to keep me buoyed.

So, what did I consume all day? My usual supplements (minus FiberSmart), coffee, tea, & water only. I was certain I’d feel perfectly awful, but I was willing to sacrifice one day. I knew work would keep me busy, keep my mind occupied, and I was feeling mentally strong, so I was 100% committed. And? I honestly didn’t notice a difference. I really figured that morning would be the worst, that I'd be feeling low blood sugar effects, but I didn't feel any differently than a day with my usual breakfast. I had a growly tummy at 1230p & 7p but it didn’t last. Brain was surprisingly FINE.

After work Lisa & I ran 3.52 miles, which were a total struggle. I would say more water would've helped a little bit, but with no easy calories to access, it was bound to be hard. (I would have sucked it up and pushed through to the planned end of the run, but I landed on my left foot coming off a curb, and had to stop.) 

When my stomach started growling at 7, I took my book & ice pack & a cup of decaf coffee outside with the cats, so I wasn't near food. I didn't come back inside until 7:30, so this little mogwai simply couldn't eat! All I could have was my cup of magnesium, which helped a little. That timeframe was probably the only tough part of the day. Very surprising!

All told it was 33.5 hours of fasting, from 8pm Sunday to 530am today. It was an interesting experiment that I'll probably repeat. Maybe only on weeks that calories got too high, maybe regularly every 2-3 weeks, maybe once a month...hard to say at this point. The other thing I'm taking away from this is that I might throw in days where I do little to no snacking, but instead have three normal meals. I've been eating 5-6 meals per day for 3.5 years now, and it's just time for me to experiment a little, more for mental change than physical need.

6a-c regular coffee, fish oil, zinc, vitamin D, dand root, acidophilus, probiotics
7a-c regular coffee
8a-1.5c reg coffee
9a-1.5c decaf green tea
11a-1.5c reg coffee
1215p-dand root, acid/probs, 1.5c reg coffee
230p-1.5c decaf green tea
6p-dand root, acid/probs, zinc, fish oil
7p-c decaf coffee
TOTALS: 94 cal, 9g fat (2 sat), 0 carbs (0 fiber), 2g protein

My week came out like so:
-Burned 2375 calories, up 792 from last week
-Average intake: 1834 cal (target was 1800), 90g fat (25 sat) 44%, 122g carbs (25 fiber) 27%, 133g protein 29%
-This is down 3%, 59 cal avg & 413 total, from prior week
-2011 averages so far: 1991 cal, 88g fat (20 sat), 168g carbs (31 fiber), 139g protein

And I lost 3 pounds. FINALLY some happy downward movement on the scale! No, I do not attribute this to a fasting day, nor even to all water. I attribute this to my overall average intake, and kick-ass workouts.

Caution: I am not calling fasting an easy fix to dropping weight. If you do it intelligently, yes, it will yield results. But if you do it too often, you will certainly fuck up your metabolism, on top of missing out on necessary nutrients. Read about it first. If you're interested, here are some sites where I got info on fasting. Or just Google "intermittent fasting" and see what you find.

And also? Definitely don't go out and buy some $50 one-week cleanse. Don't drink nothing but some expensive juice for a week. Just pick one day at the most, and drink water, green tea, and take the supplements you normally take. And, uh, don't drink as much coffee as I did. And for the love of Pete, if you are still drinking any kind of diet pop or juice or whatever, cut that shit right out.

Anyway, I returned in full to my regularly scheduled program this morning: I had my typical high day breakfast of 2 eggs, chicken sausage, sweet potato, plus some bonus cashews. This week's target is going to be an average of 1775 calories, down just 59 from last week. I have high-cal meals expected at girls' night tonight, and Mother's Day on Sunday, so I am planning around them, with no expected fasting needed.

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