Whole30, Day 29

Yesterday I was extremely snacky after supper, but I managed to contain it to grapes, which kept my calories in check. What caused this? I did a second strength workout (half hour w/ Amy at 5), which often sends my body into eat-eat-eat mode. Usually the snackiness is avoided by eating supper the second I get home, but my awesome husband's grilled beef & pork burgers and baked sweet potato fries weren't ready until 7pm. That's 3.5 hours after my last prior snack, and it meant I was home for almost a full hour before I got to eat. In retrospect, I should have just eaten some grapes as soon as I got home, but I was expecting to eat ONLY my planned burger/fries, no extras. However, after supper I stayed in the kitchen to make some pre-food, and almost every single time I do this, I end up snacking. I need to remember my weak points and create strategies!

Pre-food: I cooked up a package of my favorite chicken breakfast sausages, a package of regular-sized chicken sausage (both cooked in a pan holding some bacon grease - yum!), and a bag of bay scallops w/ a bit of garlic oil. Put food in pan, sit at table with book [optional: bag of grapes] and package up when done. Easy peasy!

Another tip to point out: I had a 1:30 appointment downtown, after I finished my session with Dustin at 1. This meant that again I needed a portable lunch. I had brought a container of chicken & vegetables, and the rest of my on-hand food was snacks. I really needed to get that 6oz of chicken eaten, but couldn't do it at lunch; and I extra especially needed it in the morning since my lunch would consist of small, snacky foods. So I ate 2/3 of that container at 9:45 (the other 1/3 after my 10-10:30am meeting). Once again, you need to be open minded; know what you need to eat as far as calories & macros, and eat whatever & however it works!

Yesterday in that half-hour break I did something really wonderful: I got a library card! I used to spend hours at the library as a kid. I have one vivid memory of biking there on a summer day, roughly 10 years old, checking out 10 books because I just couldn't narrow it down, having no bag with me (and no quarter to buy a bag), and awkwardly, dangerously riding home one-handed. I almost nose-planted myself right in front of the church only two blocks from home, but somehow I made it! And I definitely learned to bring a bag with me on future visits.

Anyway, I have a feeling my library visits fell off due to college burnout, though I certainly retained a love of reading, and have regularly spent who-knows-how-much money on books. I've decided to rekindle the romance and save money in the process! This is going to sound so stupid, but when I walked around the library, all I could think was, "This place is full of books and almost completely silent. I LOVE THIS." In my world, that is a perfect room. I'm so glad I finally went; I foresee many more visits there! I checked out three books (my limit as a first-timer): one on lung cancer (so Hop & I can understand more about what his dad will go through, without needing to ask a boatload of questions), and two about mindless/mindful eating. I can't wait to dig into those and find more strategies to share with you all!

All right, here are yesterday's full details:
6a-2 fried eggs, 4 (!) slices bacon, c decaf coffee, zinc, magnesium, dandelion root, vitamin D, fish oil
720a-c grapes, c decaf coffee
8a-1.5c regular coffee, acidophilus
945a-6oz chicken, .5c cooked spinach, .5c cooked dandelion greens, c cooked carrots
1p-2 chicken sausage, hard-boiled egg, small apple
330p-chicken sausage, med pear, 1.5c decaf coffee
5p-dandelion root, acidophilus, 2 fish oil (forgot to take at lunch)
7p-4oz pork/beef burger, c sweet potato fries, fried egg [in which to dip the fries!], 2c grapes, zinc, dandelion root, fish oil, acidophilus
TOTALS: 2105 calories, 108g fat (32 sat), 199g carbs (40 fiber), 128g protein

Today I'm adjusting my targeted calories down to 1324, because I slept well last night and my brain is in a really good place. I can do this! It will be a worthwhile sacrifice to ready myself for tomorrow's meat-based free-for-all at Famous Dave's. To celebrate the end of tax season, praise be to all the gods!! Have I made it clear yet that I'm very, very happy it's ending?

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