Whole30, Day 28

Four full weeks down! As far as acne goes, which was the main impetus behind trying this plan, it's much improved, but still not 100%. In fact, in the last two days it's gotten a bit worse. I'm not sure what's driving that; theories include the metric ton of nuts I ate Fri/Sat, or the unknowns in simply eating out on Saturday night (but plain lettuce & prime rib?) & Sunday (but a plain salad?). I feel like I'm going to be reduced to eating solely homegrown chicken and organic vegetables ONLY before I get clear skin. Le sigh. If that's what it comes to, I'll take it. After all, it could be worse; acne is not life-threatening nor costly nor even something others really see, but it's tough on my brain.

You know what? Let's put it into perspective: a father-in-law who turns 70 in three days, but was told yesterday he has cancer in both lungs and starts chemo next week. Happy fucking birthday!

I hate cancer. It's why I participate in the Relay for Life each year, and why I'm taking part, & recruiting others to join me, in the American Cancer Society's latest Cancer Prevention Study. It's incredibly simple: come to the Douglas County Relay on July 8th to sign up; fill out some paperwork, have blood drawn & waist measured; fill out a survey every 1-3 years for the next 20 years. And this small, simple act which only costs you a tiny bit of your time, may help to save thousands of lives. Why wouldn't you do it?

Okay, back to food talk. Here are the nutrition details for yesterday, which was a planned low day:
530a-fried egg, 2 slices bacon, c decaf coffee, zinc, magnesium, acidophilus, dandelion root, vitamin D, fish oil
7a-1.5c regular coffee
830a-1.5c regular coffee
845a-chicken sausage, tiny tangerine
11a-chicken sausage, tiny tangerine
1p (post-run)-3oz chicken, .5c cooked ea: spinach, green beans, cabbage, tomatoes, & broccoli, acidophilus, 2 fish oil, dandelion root
330p-chicken sausage
415p-3oz smoked turkey breast
530p-salad (1.5c spinach, .5c celery, large carrot, .4 bell pepper, .6oz snap peas) w/ 2T balsamic vinegar, chicken sausage, dandelion root, zinc
615p-chicken sausage, small apple
930p-fish oil, magnesium, 2 Benadryl
TOTALS: 1276 calories, 53g fat (17 sat), 78g carbs (21 fiber), 125g protein

Overall, pretty perfect for a low day. I ate frequently; the 4pm turkey was actually due to hunger, but the rest was just basic snackiness. At 830pm I was feeling snacky at the tax firm, and I nearly stole some soy-flavoring-coated almonds from a coworker's desk, but after looking at the clock, my inner mogwai easily won out over the snackiness. I'd rather feel deprived & unsatisfied than wide awake at 3am!

Again, I want to point out this tip: small fruit. It satisfies the brain's craving for sweetness, but at low calories!

Now, this for me is a VERY low-calorie day, and I did reasonably well until about 9pm, when my brain flat-out shut down. When I got home, where my door is always unlocked just for me by my sweet husband, I went to unlock the door. With the key for the tax firm. Which looks NOTHING like my house door. Brain. Dead.

A pattern I'm seeing here (it's a constant learning process, folks) is that I can do one low-calorie day easily enough, but I should expect to feel crappy or stupid or zombie-like unless it's book-ended by two nights of very solid sleep and two days of higher calories. I can do a second day later in the week, even just two days later, but that day in between must be high-calorie and high-carb, and again, quality & quantity of sleep is very important.

And here's something else: if I get in one nice low day (1200 range) I probably don't need another one that same week, provided the rest of my days are on target. If I'm going to have a very high day (due to a long run, or splurges, whatever), then I might need two low days. The key is to plan, plan, plan!

So my plan for this week is something almost anyone could manage, for an overall average of 1910:
Tuesday = 1931
Wednesday = 1276
Thursday = 1960
Friday  = 1600
Saturday = 3000*
Sunday = 2000**
Monday = 1600

*Famous Dave's supper to celebrate the end of tax season!!!
**10-mile run

Totally doable. I may even try to make Friday a lower day, but it depends on how well I sleep tonight.

Famous Dave's plan: I'm still going to follow Whole30 as best I can, passing on all the dairy- & grain-filled sides; but I'm going to eat meat, meat, meat, and I'm not going to worry about the sauces (likely to have soy). Sometimes you just want to indulge, and this will be one of those times!

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