Whole30, Day 27

Yesterday was another good day! Work went well, my training session was fantastic, I went grocery shopping with a fun coworker during work hours for a Relay for Life fundraiser, I fetched my own groceries after work and got some great deals on fish & shrimp, and I was able to get home by 5:30pm for a second straight night! You just can't beat all of that goodness.

Nutrition details for yesterday, a high day:
6a-2 fried eggs, 3 slices bacon, c decaf coffee, fish oil, zinc, magnesium, acidophilus, vitamin D
715a-c green tea
8a-1.5c regular coffee
9a-chicken sausage, small apple
11a-chicken sausage, 2c grapes
1p (PWO)-yam, 4T apple butter, chicken sausage, fish oil, acidophilus
330p-2 chicken sausage, tiny tangerine
6p-6oz chicken, 1.5c cooked carrots, .75c cooked spinach, .75c cooked dandelion greens, fish oil, magnesium, zinc, acidophilus
730p-.6oz walnuts, .4oz freeze-dried cranberries, c blackberries
930p-dandelion root, 2 Benadryl
TOTALS: 1931 cal, 90g fat (22 sat), 207g carbs (39 fiber), 122g protein

I had a few food challenges yesterday:
-Fundraiser grocery shopping was immediately after my workout, so I needed portable food. Chicken sausage goes anywhere, check; but I need some carbs after a lifting session, so what else can I eat? Easy: I microwaved a yam in the morning and pulled a container of the homemade apple butter out of the freezer. I wasn't driving, so there was no problem sitting in the passenger seat, dipping the yam into the apple butter. I have said this over and over: almost anything is portable!
-For some reason, I was hungrier than usual yesterday. Usually I don't even get hungry because I eat so very often. So when I fetched my afternoon snack, I took two sausages, knowing I had calories to spare in my plan. And when I got home, I was already hungry again, so I decided that rather than try to keep my high day on the lower end of the range, I would take it to the high end. Now, for most people it's easy to decide to eat more because you want to, but in this case it was my body telling me that I needed to eat more. The more attention you pay to your body and what you eat, the more you will learn to understand the different signals and react appropriately. Some days I will choose to ignore the need to eat more, and suffer the hunger pains for the goal of fat loss. As a general rule I'll eat more if it was a lifting day, since the calories are going to build muscle; but on a cardio day I fight it and force my body to tap into fat stores instead. (But I am human, and some days I just don't have the willpower to fight it. It happens; live & learn, forgive & move on.)
-On my own grocery-shopping trip, I very nearly went over to the nut butter section "just to look" as I told myself. But I knew I would buy something, likely the super incredibly delicious Justin's Maple Almond Butter that is flat-out irresistible and doesn't belong in my house. From somewhere, a tiny piece of willpower piped up and told me NOT to even go over to that section, since I still have that jar of Sunbutter in my cupboard, so I didn't even go there. Yay me!
-Here's a good idea if you are prone to nut butter binges like I am: if you have the cash to spare, you can purchase small packets of this brand (200-cal or 90-cal packs) and take willpower out of the equation. (Assuming, that is, you won't go back for another packet after indulging in one.) Side note: not Whole30-compliant, due to added sugar, and I'm not sure whether palm oil is okay.
-When I got home, my husband offered to make grilled burgers, but I had already plotted out chicken & vegetables for myself. I really debated the burger but I decided that I simply wasn't willing to trade the larger amount of planned food for one little burger. (I am still pretty impressed that I made this decision, because when doesn't a grilled burger sound flat-out awesome, much less the first grilled burger of the year?!) Hop was very clearly disappointed, and he asked me when I could eat burgers. Thursday is a high day, and as long as I know I'll eat a higher-calorie supper, it's very easy to eat lower during the day. So I told him Thursday, and then I also gave him a recipe for baked sweet potato fries, so he can make me an entire meal that's Whole30-compliant, healthy, and delicious besides!

And finally, here is a fantastic new discovery: Whole Life Eating is full of incredible-looking, delicious-sounding meals, all of which are Whole30-compliant. Once tax season ends (just 3.5 days away!!!!!) I may make it a goal to prepare one of these recipes every single week!

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