Whole30, Day 26

I was dragging yesterday, and I think that's due to Sunday's low calories, since my sleep was solid. So, I was a good little Dustin student and took a second rest day . . . holy crap, two rest days in a row! That is very rare, as I used to push myself to a daily (sometimes twice daily) workout no matter how much I was dragging. I have since learned to better listen to my body and understand that no matter how much I wish I were, I am not Wonder Woman. Though I'm pretty sure I could rock that outfit.

So because I was feeling so poorly and because I had the spare calories from the week prior, I boosted the day's intake, despite not working out. "Old" me would have kept the calories low without a workout, and just because I like to go low-cal on Monday to bring my weekly average as low as possible. I've really learned a lot during this difficult tax season about the importance of giving my body what it needs rather than simply what my brain wants! 

615a-fried egg, 6oz ham steak, .c decaf coffee, fish oil, dandelion root, magnesium, zinc, vitamin D
730a-c chai tea
8a-1.5c regular coffee
9a-3oz shrimp, 2T salsa, 1.5c decaf coffee
1015a-small apple
11a-3oz shrimp, 2T salsa
1p-6oz chicken, 1.5c cooked carrots, .75c cooked spinach, .75c cooked dandelion greens, 1.5c decaf, 2 fish oil, dandelion root
3p-tiny tangerine
330p-3oz shrimp, 2T salsa
430p-medium apple
6p-1.5c Brazilian Fish Stew, medium raw carrot, .5c grapes, zinc, dandelion root
730p-1.5oz pecans
10p-fish oil, magnesium, 2 Benadryl
TOTALS: 1870 cal, 81g  fat (16 sat), 128g carbs (29 fiber), 175g protein

Also, because I had such a good nutrition week, eating almost exactly as planned, I had the spare calories. My average for the week came out to 1783 cal, 84g fat (25 sat) 42%, 148g carbs (25 fiber) 33%, 133g protein 30%. That's lower than maintenance, and it really wasn't a struggle.

Can't tell you what the scale says, because I'm still not looking! Next week I'll get my details from Heather.

I'm also learning how to improve the state of my brain intelligently; i.e., without food. Last night when I got home, my husband was in a Spring Cleaning Fever, shoveling dirt off the driveway/sidewalk, raking gravel from the front boulevard, sweeping the garage, etc - and I refused to join in. I don't spare cleaning efforts during tax season unless I absolutely must.  My version of Spring Fever looked like this: bring [ecstatic] cats outside; haul compost to barrel; walk around yard admiring the beauty of the first green flower shoots; take pictures of said greenery & happy kitties; haul deck chairs down and out into backyard; fetch book; sit ass down & read. I spent at least 20 minutes in the sunshine, reading my book, and happy as a clam. This did far more for my brain than any comfort food has ever done!

Random notes/tips:
-The Brazilian Fish Stew was delicious. I'm definitely going to be making this! I do think I'll leave it chunky, and I might even sub in more fish instead of the shrimp. The texture of the fish was soft & flaky, while the shrimp (being shrimp) was firmer and just didn't "fit" with the rest of the soup in my weird taste opinion. Otherwise, the flavor was fantastic! Furthermore, the nutrition is outstanding: 309 cal, 8.4g fat (2.6 sat), 15.9g carbs (3 fiber), 41.5g protein. So very grateful to my foodie buddy Joy and all her generous sharing!
-When going low-carb and/or low-calorie, fruit must be limited, usually to only one piece per day. One easy & healthy trick to doing this and making it easy for your brain is to purchase small fruit: select small apples, tiny tangerines, small bananas, grapes, etc. Or for root vegetables: baby potatoes, small yams, etc. If you are eating bread, get the 45-calorie bread that is simply cut with thinner slices. You eliminate the feeling of deprivation because instead your brain will receive the same satisfaction as a full-size serving, without it actually being a full serving. GENIUS!

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