Whole30, Day 24

Long run day! Lots of carbs, lots of calories, very busy, simply a fantastic day. I ran 18 great miles in the morning, showered in the locker room at work, did a very quick shopping trip, went to a coworker's wedding, more shopping & groceries (I don't recommend doing all this shopping in 3" heels in general, and especially not after running 18 miles!), home for a bit of a break, out to supper with my husband (first time in about 4 months), then vegged on the couch with a book. It was just the kind of day I needed! Loved it all. The only downside is that it means working at the tax firm on Sunday, but, meh, worth the trade-off!

Nutrition details:
7a-2 fried eggs, 2s chicken sausage, 2c grapes, c regular coffee, fish oil, dandelion root, magnesium, zinc, vitamin D
830a-c decaf coffee
9a-1130a (before/during run)-2 GU gels, 1 GU Roctane [w/ caffeine] gel
12p-10 apricot halves, 2 chicken sausage, small apple, dandelion root, truckload of water (approx)
3p-tiny tangerine, oz brain food, 1.5c regular coffee
5p-oz brain food, fish oil
630p-3c iceberg lettuce blend, 14oz prime rib
730p-oz brain food, zinc, magnesium, dandelion root
TOTALS: 2407 cal, 115g fat (55 sat), 222g carbs (19 fiber), 168g protein

My breakfast was a change from past pre-long-run meals, and this actually sat very well in my stomach, much better than the pancakes. I think it's because this is what I eat (without the grapes) every single day. My body knows exactly what to do with it, you know? All I did was double the servings (extra calories to fuel a 2.5-hour run) & add the grapes, for the double bonus of carbs (57g!) & water content.

GUs are an absolute necessity on runs over 12 miles. I take one at the start, then one every 6 miles or so. [Side note: totally not Whole30-approved, being pure sugar, but I call them exempt. They at least have no soy or grains or any of that junk.]

The evening meal is the only spot where I'd call my calories a little higher than needed. But again, I was out to eat with my husband for the first time in FOUR MONTHS, and I managed to stick to the Whole30 rules. In fact, the prime rib was the only thing I felt safe ordering without needing to request special preparation (which I hate doing). Anything else, pork or steak or poultry, came sauced (99% will have soy) or breaded, while this was unadorned, only swimming in au jus. The side salad was ordered with no cheese or dressing (soy, corn syrup); it was essentially a Dole Iceberg blend, very blah. Here again the "food=fuel" kicks in: just suck it up & eat it! My side choices were potato & Texas toast. I ordered the fries for my husband, and he also ate the toast, dipped in my au jus. This was only a little bit tough to endure. Because the prime rib? Was marvelously delicious; smooth like buttah. I could have eaten two. My 10 oz slab (visible fat removed) = 684 calories, 0g carb, 36g fat, 86g protein. Imagine what my dinner tally might have been had I eaten even a plain baked potato & the Texas toast!

The fat-loss lesson for dining out, even if you're not doing Whole30: stick to veg & protein ONLY, and your calories will stay in line. Ignore the carb sides at all costs!

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