Whole30, Day 22

Yesterday morning I was in such a fog over the week I'm having. (Not going into it all again, just read past posts to catch on up.) I felt like an absolute and total zombie. What took me out of it? My training session. For an entire hour, I was able to temporarily step away from all of the awfulness & enjoy myself: move a whole bunch of iron, focus on getting stronger, laugh with Dustin - just give my brain a brief respite. In this awful, awful week, my two hours of personal training were the brightest points of light for me. I walked out of each session feeling refreshed, stronger, and better equipped to handle the world. I wish everyone would realize that a workout can do even more for the brain than the body. Yesterday's blog post by Marsha touched on the very same topic, and I believe she puts it more eloquently than I can: Why do I train?

My nutrition was solid:
615a-2 fried eggs, 4 slices bacon, c regular coffee, 50g freeze-dried blackberries, fish oil, zinc, vitamin D, magnesium, dandelion root
730a-c decaf coffee, 4 pecan halves
8a-1.5c regular coffee
9a-2 turkey dogs
11a-2 turkey dogs, 20g freeze-dried blueberries
115p-salad, chicken sausage, 3 grapes, cauliflower floweret, 2 fish oil, dandelion root
3p-5 celery strips, 5 baby carrots, 2 cauliflower flowerets
330p-10g freeze-dried blueberries, apple turkey picadillo
630p-2 chicken sausage, 20g freeze-dried blueberries
730p-oz brain food, few banana chips, zinc, magnesium, dandelion root, fish oil
930p-2 Benadryl
TOTALS: 1942 cal, 92g fat (22 sat), 162g carbs (44 fiber), 113g protein

-I hadn't planned on the evening snack but I was making Brain Food for Dustin's shower today, and simply couldn't resist having a handful. On such an emotional day, though, it was perfectly acceptable, even expected.
-Freeze-dried blueberries: deliciously crunchy, appropriate for mindless eating, like a bag of potato chips, except HEALTHY. The only problem: they will turn your fingers & mouth blue and stick in your teeth. Eat at home only!
-On-the-go eating: three of us went to Josh's visitation right after work, at 5. So I ate my picadillo at 3:30p, more filling than usual snack, but that way I lasted through the visitation with no issues. I was on my way home at 6:40, finally, so in my car I ate two [cold] chicken sausages, and the blueberries. It worked well! The lessons: plan, plan, plan; and now and then, just go with the simple concept of "food = fuel."

Today is going much better, because my weekend plans now include a whole bunch of awesomeness: the baby shower; having a [favorite] running partner for a portion of my 18 miles; getting my house cleaned; going out to eat with my husband; vegging on the couch watching NASCAR for the first time all year. Life is good! Plus, since I moved my run up to tomorrow morning (will work Sunday while it downpours), today is a high-carb day and I get to eat the fruit I brought for the shower! Sweet deliciousness!

And finally, I have to share something that my mom wrote on my FB wall. I doubt it's original, probably something from an email forward, but it's still a wonderful note, and today was a great day to receive it:

You are so much more powerful than you realize! Think you don't make that much of a difference in your world? Think again! You have the power to make people smile, to bring out the best in them, to lift them up. You have the power to create beauty in your home and beyond. And you've always had the power to make your dreams come true. Just tap into it! Love You!

Say it with me, now: awwwww.

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