Whole30, Day 20

Tuesday was a step up from Monday. Still a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but not quite at the same extremes. I am feeling better about me and my efforts in life; and I cried far fewer times over Sandy's son Josh. But I read the obituary of this wonderful-sounding boy, and I don't know how anyone can NOT be in tears over it. Such a tragic situation.

Nutrition went well. The only unplanned eating I did was some ham steak at the tax firm, as I told them about Josh and the awfulness of it just drove me to eat something. Thank you, Whole30, for ensuring I couldn't eat one single treat sitting on the counter at the snax firm! Ham steak, not such a bad indulgence; particularly since I ate it cold, which kept me to only about 2 oz, or 60 calories. Perfectly fine.

6a-2 fried eggs, 4 slices bacon, few apple & banana chips, c reg coffee, zinc, magnesium, vit D, fish oil, dandelion root
730a-1.5c reg coffee
9a-1.5c reg coffee, small banana
11a-chicken sausage, oz Brain Food
115p (PWO)-salad, 7oz tilapia, fish oil, dandelion root
330p-small banana, chicken sausage
530p-apple turkey picadillo
7p-2oz ham steak
930p-zinc, magnesium, dandelion root, fish oil
1030p-2 Benadryl
TOTALS: 1729 calories, 85g fat (23 sat), 124g carbs (21 fiber), 130g protein

-3 slices of bacon is only 100 calories. It's less food than my 3 chicken breakfast sausages, yet I'm even more satisified when I eat the bacon. Because bacon makes everything better.
-I ate the apple turkey picadillo cold, which is my true test of make-again-ness. And this stuff is still very delicious cold, so it's definitely a make-again food! In fact, probably this weekend.
-Brain Food is super addicting and easy to rack up calories with it, since a handful is about 200 calories. My solution was to take ONLY one almond, one cashew, one raisin, and one banana chip each time...enough to satisfy the craving, which is all it was; certainly I didn't need to eat, only saw it & wanted it.

I ended up staying later at the tax firm than normal, because I was finishing up returns for my aunt & uncle. Next year I'm making a rule that everyone has to get me their stuff by March 15th. No more of these late returns, because at this point in the season I'm fully exhausted; so rather than stay late, I'm stopping work early on tax firm work and hitting personal stuff - and it's not at all helpful to the firm that I cut my hours even a little bit at this point in the season. (And honestly, I did get these returns by March 16th...just hadn't had a bit of energy/time to work on them. I rest my case.)

Now, working late night last night, plus working again tonight (though I'm leaving at 9 no matter what), plus Josh's visitation (in Elbow Lake) on Thursday night does return me to feeling like I'm being a rotten wife. I am so very lucky that Hop puts up with me through all of this. And so happy that I only have to survive 11 more days of it!

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