Whole30, Day 17

Saturday went well nutritionally:
615a-fried egg, 3 oz chicken & vegetables (.5c each: spinach, green beans, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes), c regular coffee, fish oil, dandelion root, zinc, magnesium, vitamin D
7a-.5oz mixed nuts, c decaf coffee
8a-1.5c regular coffee
9a-1/3c fresh blueberries, 1/3c fresh raspberries (these were incredibly delicious - thanks, mom!)
10a-large raw carrot, chicken sausage
11a-c baked yam, chicken sausage
1p (PWO)-3 oz chicken & vegetables (.5c each: spinach, green beans, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes), oz mixed nuts, 6 dried Turkish apricots
330p-large raw carrot, chicken sausage
6p-4 dried Turkish apricots, chicken sausage, c baked yam, fish oil
730p-.5c raw cauliflower, oz cherry tomatoes, oz roasted & salted mixed nuts
9p-zinc, dandelion root, magnesium
TOTALS: 2114 calories, 76g fat (16 sat), 202g carbs (52 fiber), 155g protein

Not your typical "on the go" food: as I left the tax firm at 5:30, I was munching on my yam, cold. The very middle was still a bit hard, so at home, I tossed it in the microwave for a minute while I scarfed down a chicken sausage and powdered my nose. I nabbed a few apricots and ate the rest of my yam while driving to Heather's house. Once you discard your pre-conceived notions of travel food and adapt, it's easy!

I went to a going-away party for my awesome friend Terri, and I was planning not to eat anything there. In hindsight I should have known she'd have something I could eat and not totally resist. The raw veggies were fine, of course, but the damn nuts put a dent in my calorie plans. Why must they be so delicious and also so calorie-dense?!

A couple interesting events: Terri is going to work for King Arthur Flour in VT, and I paged through their catalog at her party. It was full of baking mixes, tools, recipes, and amazing drool-worthy pictures. Rather than fill me with cravings, however, I was strangely satisfied when I put it down. And Heather had me smell her slice of gingerbread cake, which indeed smelled amazing, and it didn't fill me with cravings either. I have never experienced that before! Normally, and what I expected to happen, I'd be mentally screaming for the stuff, and feeling sad that not only shouldn't I eat it, but I flat-out couldn't. An interesting and wonderful change!

Back at home I made the batter for my morning pancakes (successfully resisted using Sunbutter rather than tahini; the Sunbutter remains snug in its bubble wrap!) and kicked back with a magazine & a purring kitty. 8 hours of work, a 25-minute upper body blast, an hour at a party, followed by a nice quiet relaxing evening. A pretty great taxurday!

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