Whole30, Day 15

I had a very good day yesterday! My morning was okay, not awesome, but my brain was in a good place after 8.5 hours in bed and waking at 6:15 - without an alarm! THEN I had an awesome training session with Dustin, where I hit 10 chin-ups again, for the first time in three weeks. Lovely!

I then left work at 3:15 (burning up the other half of my sick time from Wednesday) and hit the Grain Bin for supplements. I bought more Dandelion Root (for the digestive system), Zinc for Acne (uh, for acne), and Natural Calm Plus Calcium (for better sleep). I'm feeling very hopeful for happier times with these supplements!

When I got home at the unbelievable hour of 4:30, I decided I was NOT going to the tax firm. I needed time at home more than I needed to knock off a few returns. I was able to visit with the hubster before he took off to meet a buddy to visit the taxidermist (I know). So there I was, at home, with the ENTIRE NIGHT TO MYSELF. It was surreal. I cleaned the litter box as a birthday gift to my babies (who turned SIX today!) and decided that would be the last of my productivity for the evening. I had Mists of Avalon sitting on my coffee table; being 3 hours long, and nothing Hop would watch, there it had sat for a month (or more), waiting for me to have any spare time during tax season. So I watched that and it was a MARVELOUS evening. It absolutely re-filled my bucket and I'm ready to tackle the rest of tax season!

I also was given a perfect metaphor from a DailyMile friend: When I think of a busy period coming up I stress, so I approach a busy schedule like running a big hill. I don't look how long it is, I keep my head down and take one step at a time, next thing you know, its over. Naturally, this particular hill-lover can relate. I love it. One step at a time.

Besides, today is APRIL which means tax season is in its final month; only 16 days and about 48 work hours to go!

Food intake for yesterday:
615a-2 fried eggs, 2 slices bacon, small banana, c regular coffee, 2 fish oil, dandelion root
730a-c decaf coffee
8a-1.5c regular coffee
9a-oz venison jerky, chicken sausage
11a-oz raisins, chicken sausage
1p (PWO)-medium apple
115p-3oz chicken & vegetables (.5c each: spinach, green beans, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes), 2 fish oil, dandelion root
330p-pork chop
430p-handful freeze dried cranberries (NutsOnline - tart, but tasty)
6p-salad w/ balsamic vingegar & oz pecans, 6oz ham steak, 2 fish oil, dandelion root, zinc, vitamin D, NaturalCalm
730p-c decaf coffee, 7 nuts (had a major craving so I ate 1 of each: Brazil nut, cashew, macadamia, hazelnut, pecan, walnut, pistachio)
TOTALS: 2019 cal, 92g fat (19 sat), 174g carbs (34 fiber), 150g protein

Calories went about 100 over (should've been 1900), because I had intended to put a half oz pecans on my salad but weighed an oz without even thinking. Oh well, easy enough to make up for it today!

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