Body Fat Beatdown: Days 8 & 9

Monday, day 8:
A tough day. I got in a Spartacus workout first thing in the morning to try to soothe my brain over the week's calories, but I was pretty damn depressed over the foot. I went very low with my calories, again in an effort to feel like I had some control over my eating again, and I felt physically fine all day at this level!

Food details:
5a-fried egg, 2 slices bacon, c regular coffee, FiberSmart, acidophilus, probiotics, dandelion root, vitamin D, zinc, fish oil
6a-c regular coffee
730a (PWO)-oz smoked turkey, slice pineapple, 1.5c regular coffee, acidophilus, probiotics
830a-1.5c decaf coffee
11a-oz smoked turkey, oz pork roast,acidophilus, probiotics
1230p (restaurant)-chef salad (no cheese/dressing), 3c regular coffee, acidophilus, probiotics
3p-medium apple, acidophilus, probiotics
530p (pre-run attempt)-2 dried apricots, 3 Brazil nuts
630p-raw veg (peas, radishes, peppers, kohlrabi) w/ mockamole
7p-3oz chicken (marinated in a delicious Cuban mojo sauce [bottled]), c green beans, acidophilus, probiotics, dandelion root, zinc, fish oil, FiberSmart
TOTALS: 1009 cal, 46g fat (11 sat), 65g carbs (21 fiber), 81g protein

Tuesday, day 9
Mentally I was still tanked, over the foot. But physically, I felt fairly good despite poor sleep. I had a team post-audit celebration that lifted my mood (because my coworkers are beyond fantastic), then had a wonderful session with Dustin. On top of hitting a PR of 12 pull-ups, he reminded me to keep the foot pain in persepective. Totally the word of the day (week, month) for me. He reminded me that I'm not running for Fargo, I'm not running for 3:20 at all costs, I'm not running for next Boston. I'm running for the rest of my life. A little one-month hiccup in that many-yeared schedule is small potatoes, and I need to stop viewing all my issues under a microscope. Step back, find some perspective. Breathe. Enjoy what is going well (namely, my sessions with him are fucking phenomenal) and address the controllables in what is not going well. Move forward.

I had another PT appointment in the afternoon, where James said to keep doing what I'm doing, and that the issue is neither surprising nor totally uncommon. So that's positive, though not as brightly positive as I'd hoped. I'll take what I can get though! I left there feeling much better about everything. Perspective obtained.

In the evening, I took my godchild out for her 12th birthday, just the two of us. We went to an authentic Mexican restaurant in Melrose, El Portal, where I confess that I indulged in tortilla chips. Warm non-salty corn chips provided with two kinds of fresh salsa? No willpower in sight. LOVE. I had to scrutinize everything on the menu to find something that wasn't cheese-covered, so I wouldn't have to make too many demands. I went with a steak fajita, devoured the steak & peppers & onions w/ guacamole (fantastic), ate one tortilla (not worth it), and easily passed the rice & refried beans (though I love refried beans). Their coffee was amazing; it had the lightest of cinnamon flavor - pretty sure I had 4 cups of regular, no wonder I struggled to sleep! And the birthday girl was given a giant scoop of fried ice cream, over which I practically drooled. Instead I ate more addictive chips - love/hate the dairy allergy!

Anyway, after supper we stopped & bought ice cream cones for her family. I used to work for her parents (even another 4 years after I divorced her uncle) so it was quite wonderful to see everyone again & catch up. It was after 10 when I left, but my bucket was absolutely filled and it was entirely worth it.

Food details:
530a-2 fried eggs, chicken sausage, c regular coffee, fish oil, zinc, FiberSmart, acidophilus, probiotics, dandelion root, vitamin D
615a-c decaf coffee
7a-1.5c regular coffee
830a-1.5c regular coffee, 2 slices pineapple, chicken sausage
1030a (team celebration)-.5c cantaloupe, .5c pineapple, .5c strawberries, chicken sausage (ate right before)
115p (PWO)-chicken thigh & wing (with skin), c cooked cabbage, dandelion foot, 1.5c decaf coffee
430p-3oz chicken breast, c cooked broccoli, acidophilus/probiotics
630p-oz tortilla chips, 6T salsa, steak fajita w/ peppers & onions (one 6" flour tortilla), 2T guacamole, 4c regular coffee, dandelion root, acidpohilus, probiotics, zinc, FiberSmart
TOTALS: 2088 calories, 108g fat (33 sat), 107g carbs (19 fiber), 167g protein

This was a planned high day, but should've been around 1900. But it's easy to adjust for today. I want to break down supper for you, just to illustrate the importance of choosing your calories wisely:
546 cal: steak, peppers, onions
140 cal: serving chips
30 cal: 6T salsa
52 cal: 2T guacamole
104 cal: flour tortilla (the only item that was absolutely not worth it)

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