Body Fat Beatdown: Days 5-7

For me, the lack of posting is usually a sign that things have gone off-track...which they most certainly did.

Friday, day 5:
Started out so high, with 8 consecutive chin-ups for the first time since 11/30, right before life tanked. Did a Spartacus workout at lunch (love this) and felt super strong. Ate very well all day. Decided I should push my long run attempt back to Sunday so I could run in some much-needed SUNSHINE.

And then? I went home, ate my healthy supper, then binged on Sunbutter. And honestly don't know how it happened. I thought I was dealing well with the foot pain and my assorted issues, but clearly: not. I have discovered that Sunbutter sells individual-serving packets so I'm going to buy those ONLY so that I can no longer binge.

After the binge, I felt pretty awful, both physically and mentally. At 9pm I went out with the hubster to join my brother & cousin, who I rarely see. Being my big brother's birthday, I thought I could handle going to the bar just a block away and hanging out with drunks, while sober. It was fun, and I felt like it put my brain on the right track again.

Food details:
6a-fried egg, 3 sausages, fish oil, zinc, vitamin D, acidophilus, probiotics, dandelion root
730a-1.5c regular coffee
9a-1.5c regular coffee, 50g freeze-dried grapes, acidophilus, probiotics
1045a-1.5c green beans, 3oz smoked turkey, acidophilus, probiotics
1p (PWO)-chicken w/ carrots & sweet potato, acidophilus, probiotics
330p-3oz smoked turkey, 8oz snap peas, acidophilus, probiotics
6p-chicken w/ carrots & sweet potato, acidophilus, probiotics, fish oil, zinc
7p-4T Sunbutter
TOTALS: 2214 calories, 97g fat (20 sat), 212g carbs (36 fiber), 142g protein

Saturday, day 6:
Couldn't sleep in because I'm wired to wake up at 6 (even though I went to bed at midnight-ugh!) so I ate breakfast & read for a bit, then went back to bed for another two hours. Brain had improved to where I attempted chin-ups, but I only managed 5 (was SORE, likely from Spartacus).

Spent the day with my husband. We hit a pawn shop, Famous Dave's* (where I enjoyed the fuck out of my long-planned full slab of babyback ribs!), Scheel's, the rest of the mall, Great Northern Unclaimed Freight, and Gopher Bargain Center. Basically, we just killed time, but it was fun! At home I did my Sunday chores, attempted homemade mayo (ugh, not good, I made some unfortunate oil-substitution decisions) & mockamole (guacamole, made with asparagus rather than avocado - success!), and was otherwise lazy, resting up for a potential long run Sunday morning. My digestive system was decidedly NOT doing well, and that left me feeling fairly awful all afternoon/eve.

Food details:
6a-paleo pancakes, c blackberries, 2 sausages, c decaf, fish oil, zinc, vitamin D, acidophilus, probiotics, dandelion root, magnesium
9a-3oz turkey, 6 dried apricots, 2 cold sausages, 2c decaf coffee, acidophilus, probiotics
10a-1.5c regular coffee
1230p-8 babyback ribs, c green beans, dandelion root, acidophilus, probiotics
3p-3oz smoked turkey, 2 dried apricots, acidophilus, probiotics
4p-c regular coffee, 4 Brazil nuts
6p-4 babyback ribs, medium apple, acidophilus, probiotics, fish oil, zinc
9p-magnesium, aloe, 2 Benadryl
TOTALS: 2676 calories, 144g fat (15 sat), 160g carbs (17 fiber), 141g protein

Just imagine how much higher my tallies would've been had I ate my cornbread muffin or fries or baked beans (ideal sides, to me). Or dessert or an appetizer! Restaurants can KILL your fat loss plans. A good strategy: look at the menu's nutrition ahead of time, so you can clearly see the calories and decide what may be worth indulging in, and what's definitely not.

*Famous Dave's side note: their corn cobs & broccoli are not available dairy-free. WTF? Apparently they live in a butter bath, and it's not possible for them to give me an unbuttered version. SERIOUSLY? Chain restaurants suck. I will grant them this: their Firecracker Green Beans were dairy-free, and delicious. But my only other non-dairy side option was fries. No, thank you!

Sunday, day 7:
Got up feeling fairly good, but then I had yet another run failure. No good for the brain, I really tanked. Tried to tell myself not to overeat, instead to undereat to make up for the unburned 2100 calories, but I couldn't do it, not when provided smoked turkey & pork roast, sweet potatoes - all my favorite things, in Whole30-approved form. Ah, holidays. I did go on an afternoon walk with my mom, but more to soak up some sunshine than to get real exercise, as it was only a mile or so. I tried to spend the day NOT talking about or thinking about my foot pain, but to just shut up and enjoy the holiday. However, on top of foot pain, I was also feeling digestively awful, and it just wasn't a good day. I wanted to curl up in the corner of the shower and bawl like an infant.

Food details:
7a-2 fried eggs, 4 sausages, c regular coffee, fish oil, zinc, vitamin D, acidophilus, probiotics
8a-c regular coffee
830a (pre-run attempt)-2 Brazil nuts, 2 apricots
12p lunch/grazing-5 water chestnuts wrapped in bacon, 2oz turkey, 2oz pork roast, half sweet potato w/ homemade apple butter, raw vegetables & mockamole & hummus, spinach salad w/ berries, 4 deviled eggs, slice pineapple, 3c regular coffee, acidophilus, probiotics, dandelion root
330p-2oz turkey, 2oz pork roast, acidophilus, probiotics
530p-1.5 bratwursts, 4 deviled eggs, 5 water chestnuts wrapped in bacon, acidophilus, probiotics, dandelion root
7p-medium apple, fish oil
8p-magnesium, aloe, 2 Benadryl
TOTALS: 2653 calories, 158g fat (54 sat), 165g carbs (26 fiber), 139g protein

And I'll catch you up soon on the next two days...right now I'm off to take my godchild out for her 12th birthday, just her & me, no parents!


  1. Sabrina,
    Hang in there.
    With empathy on the SunButter binge,

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth! I have a love/hate relationship with it for sure. Love the flavor, hate the binge trigger it usually causes. But the small packages definitely should save me!