Body Fat Beatdown: Days 3 & 4

Body fat beatdown is going very well! It's absolutely amazing how much better I feel now that tax season has ended. This week I've (a) had to deal with a recurrence of a running pain and NOT RUNNING, and also (b) been on the low end of my "enough sleep" range - and yet I feel fantastic. During tax season, this one-two punch would have beat me down and tossed me out into a snowbank in a messy, snotty heap of tears.

Top lesson for you: when stress is high, give yourself as much sleep as you possibly can. You are probably really busy and don't think you can add any more time, right? But even half an hour can make a big, big difference. Watch less TV; lower the cleanliness standards for your house (or hire someone to come in once a month to get the "deep clean" stuff); dial back a little bit on your social life (but don't ignore all your friends); pre-make food over the weekend to save time on weekdays...lots of options. Quality sleep during a high-stress time can make all the difference for your mental and physical health.

I intend to get some acne progress pictures up and do a little summary on Whole30 food discoveries, but I don't know how soon that will happen. It would seem that once tax season ended I decided I had time for everything and everyone. It's almost overwhelming, but all of my plans are FUN so I'm riding out the busy-ness with ease!

Food details (for those of you who obsess like me, or those of you who just want ideas on what the hell to eat when focusing on fat loss):

Wednesday, a low-cal, low-carb day:
615a-fried egg, 3 sausages, fish oil, zinc, vitamin D, acidophilus, dandelion root, probiotics
745a-1.5c regular coffee
9a-chicken sausage, acidophilus, probiotics
11a-chicken sausage, acidophilus, probiotics
1p (PWO)-2 chicken sausage, c dandelion greens, acidophilus, probiotics, dandelion root
3p-1.5c decaf coffee
330p-chicken sausage, acidophilus, probiotics
630p (supper out at wine bar w/ friends)-5oz chicken, .25c Brussels sprouts, .25c mushrooms, 6c decaf coffee, 2 black olives, 2 tiny grapes, probiotics, acidophilus, dandelion root
830p-fish oil, magnesium, zinc
TOTALS: 1038 calories, 59g fat (20 sat), 20g carbs (5 fiber), 106g protein
REPORT: This would have been very hard to do during tax season. But with quality sleep and a happy brain, it was not a problem!

Thursday, a high-cal, high-carb day:
615a-fried egg, 3 sausages, c yams, fish oil, zinc, vitamin D, acidophilus, dandelion root, probiotics
8a-1.5c regular coffee
9a-small apple, acidophilus, probiotics, 1.5c regular coffee
11a-medium pear
1p (PWO)-3oz chicken w/ carrots, sweet potato, & honey mustard, acidophilus, probiotics
330p-salad/ balsamic vinegar, acidophilus, probiotics
630p-3oz chicken wrapped in 2 slices bacon & topped with T honey mustard, yam w/ T sweet potato butter, probiotics, acidophilus, dandelion root, fish oil, zinc
7p-small apple, T Sunbutter
TOTALS: 1729 calories, 66g fat (19 sat), 234g carbs (38 fiber), 70g protein
REPORT: Huge victory on the single tablespoon of Sunbutter!! I put a T on a plate and put the rest back in the fridge, then cut up my apple. Then when I was done eating it, I immediatley left the room - success! My calories actually could have gone up to 1900 so that's an extra huge victory for this nut-butter-binger. Go me!! I was way too low on protein, but that's because my snack stock at work was all carbs: poor planning. But since it's so rare, no worries.

Recipe for Honey Mustard Roasted Chicken - but Hop made it with sweet potatoes to make it Whole30-approved. Next time I'd drastically cut the garlic (perhaps leave it out altogether) and add sweet onion instead. Otherwise, it was sheer deliciousness, and I'm eating it again today after my Spartacus workout!

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  1. Hi Sabrina,
    I'm in awe (!). But I like the challenge of only eating 1 Tbsp of SunButter. Also, I appreciate the chicken recipe. I'm trying it with sweet onion for dinner this eve. Thanks! So enjoying following your posts...