Body Fat Beatdown: Days 1 & 2

Dig it, a new challenge already!

In addition to the ongoing testing for allergies, I am spending the next 6 weeks in body-fat beatdown phase. Now that tax season has ended, it is time for my brain to do something with a little ferocity.

I'm getting serious with the calories and creating a deficit. My maintenance level is around 1900 calories, which is where I've been eating the last two months. My goal for this week is to hit 1800. Not a large drop, and it's not going to be a big weight drop either. But what I learned from last year's dieting with Dustin is that there's no reason to jump to a drastically low level. Yes, results will come more quickly, but you might just fuck up your metabolism for the long term, and who wants that? Not this chica. So I'll start like I did last summer: drop 100 calories and see what happens. Cycle my intake so that carbs & calories are both higher on days with Dustin or long runs. Otherwise, as low as I can go without feeling like ass. Sounds fun, right? Well, the results sure are!

It's also a new season: pull-ups season!! I'm doing a set of AMAP (as many as possible) nonstop pull-ups or chin-ups (alternating) every morning and night, except in the 24 hours before my sessions with Dustin. I actually started this last week, and I already added 1 pull-up to my best ever: 11 pull-ups, hot damn!! However, my updated goal is 10 nonstop pull-ups - enough of hitching out those last singles. Drop some pounds and keep up the regular sets, and I'm practically guaranteed to hit 10 in 6 weeks.

I started on Monday, so here are some nutrition details:

6a-fried egg, chicken sausage, fish oil, c decaf coffee, zinc, dandelion root, vitamin D, acidophilus
715a-c decaf coffee
8a-1.5c regular coffee
9a-4oz Alaska Pollock, small apple
10a-1.5c regular coffee
11a-4oz pollock, hard-boiled egg
1p-8oz bay scallops w/ t garlic oil, small apple, dandelion root, acidphilus, 2 fish oil
4p-8oz pollock
5p-1.5c decaf coffee, oz smoked turkey breast
6p-5oz smoked turkey breast, acidophilus, dandelion root
930p-fish oil, zinc, magnesium, aloe
TOTALS: 1239 calories, 36g fat (9 sat), 65g carbs (9 fiber), 168g protein
REPORT: Not a good-food day. Pollock = ick, but I forced it down. The smoked turkey breast was eaten while watching 3 friends eat a delicious-looking 3-meat Papa Murphy's pizza. Had I not had something delicious to eat myself, I would have really struggled, but it wasn't so bad.

6a-2 fried eggs, 4 sausage links, c decaf coffee, fish oil, zinc, dandelion root, vitamin D, acidophilus, small apple, 2s Sunbutter
7a-c decaf coffee
730a-1.5c regular coffee
845a-2c cooked carrots, 1.5c decaf coffee
11a-50g freeze-fried grapes, acidophilus
115p (PWO)-50g freeze-dried grapes, pork & beef patty, dandelion root, acidphilus, 2 fish oil
330p-3oz smoked turkey, 4T salsa, 1.5c decaf coffee, acidpohilus
7p-3oz smoked turkey, .5c cooked carrots, 2c cooked asparagus w/ .5T balsamic vinegar, acidophilus, dandelion root, probiotics, zinc, fish oil
TOTALS: 1935 calories, 96g fat (26 sat), 147g carbs (31 fiber), 115g protein
REPORT: A planned high day, but breakfast was ridiculous due to state of my brain (resurfaced running pain on Monday) and the rest of the day had to be adapted to lowered calories to keep me in line. Not tough, though, as the grapes were incredibly tasty as was the turkey. And my digestive system is pissing me off to no end, so I bombarded it with [tasty!] fiber in the evening.

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