Whole30, Day 9

Yesterday's evening plans changed a bit, as a very good friend was offered her dream job in Vermont. We celebrated at the wine bar, where I had decaf coffee like the rock star I am. Thankfully I had two pork & beef patties left over that I chowed on the way home, since I wasn't going to get there until 7, and I don't want to eat after 7 (as I am a mogwai).

However....I did sample my husband's roast beef (simmering in the slow cooker and smelling incredible) and munch on raw veggies while I made a big batch of pancakes (side note: this time with egg whites rather than whole eggs - fail. Turned out too dry.) and a double batch of Joy's Amazing Spiced Pear Apple Butter (that's what I'm calling it, anyway, as it's un-freaking-believably good; recipe is below).

For some awesome reason I also experienced a return of the rotten tension headache at 8pm, and this, combined with the late snacking, had me wide awake from 1am-3am feeling horrible (despite also taking 2 Benadryl to knock me out). I felt dehydrated, constipated, headachey, tired as hell, and flat-out miserable. I ate an oz of venison jerky at 3am hoping that would soothe my blood sugar. I did sleep rather well from there until 5am, but then off/on until I got up at 6. Frankly, I don't know how I'm going to make it through the day, but I'll try. Once I start dying and making stupid ass mistakes (I'm at the tax firm) then I will head home and get to bed early.

Yesterday's full report:
6a-2 fried eggs, chicken sausage, 2 slices [organic, locally-raised] bacon, c decaf coffee, 3 fish oil, FiberSmart
7a-c decaf coffee
9a-2 pancakes w/  T homemade spiced pear apple butter
11a-1.5oz venison jerky
1p (immediately post-workout)-medium apple
130p-salad (1.5c spinach, .75c celery, large carrot, Brussels sprout, .75 sweet peppers) w/ hb egg & 2T balsamic, 6 oz chicken, 3 fish oil
330p-2 pancakes w/ homemade apple butter, c decaf coffee, .25c regular coffee
5p-4c decaf coffee
6p-2 pork/beef patties
7p-oz roast beef, raw carrots, celery, bell peppers
8p-sampling tastes of pancake batter & my OWN spiced pear apple butter
8p-3 fish oil, FiberSmart
TOTALS: 2047 cal, 108g fat (28 sat), 130g carbs (29 fiber), 151g protein

I will also share something I've been struggling with: the scale numbers are making me depressed. I am frustrated that things aren't improving, and the extra weight is affecting my pull-ups both in actual physical reality, and also, probably more importantly, in my mental state as I approach the bar. I actually decided I need to quit seeing the scale's number until tax season is over - because I am quite confident it's going to start moving in the right direction then. But I do still want my weekly weigh-in for my ongoing tracking. So, my solution: I'm going to weigh in but not look at the results; Heather can show the numbers to Dustin, date the slip, and keep it. She can give me the pile in three weeks. In the meantime I will not look, nor will I weigh myself on any other scales. And? I'm going to return to doing my pull-ups & chin-ups regularly at home. I really don't know why I've been slacking!

Joy's Amazing Spiced Pear Apple Butter:
1 unpeeled Granny Smith apple
2 unpeeled D'Anjou pears
t ground cinnamon
.25t cloves*

Chop up fruit, simmer on the stovetop (stir often) or in a slow cooker. Blend it up in a Magic Bullet or food processor once fruit begins to soften, during cooking, and again when finished. (It's finished when it reaches your desired consistency!) Because it got late, I only blended mine twice, so it's a bit chunky, though still super duper incredibly delicious! I couldn't stop sampling it, and even foisted a spoonful on Hop.

*When I made my double batch I used .25t cloves & .25t nutmeg, as I'm not a real big cloves fan and wanted to cut that back a bit; easy to personalize to your own tastes! I also used one Granny Smith and one Braeburn apple. Again: adapt to your own tastes!

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