Whole30 - Day 4

Before eating last night's pork chop, I had heavily debated on whether it was more important to catch up my calories and potentially impact my mogwai sleep, and I chose calories. Bad idea. Woke up every hour feeling downright awful. I seriously felt hungover: very dehydrated, angry stomach, tension headache, everything. At 1am I had T tahini & .5oz energy square in an attempt to level off my blood sugar, but  I still kept waking up. At 4a I texted my 830am workout buddy that I was not going to make it. I suspected a cold or worse, just felt 100% rotten!

Got up at 8a, made breakfast, felt awful, wasn't sure I'd even finish it. Went back to bed and stayed there until 11a. That makes 12.5 hours in bed! Clearly I needed it. Lessons #1: the better choice is to have low calories & be able to sleep soundly. But smart planning can fix that, so lesson #2 is when traveling, BRING PROTEIN.

I am typing this up at 2p and still not feeling great, but improved over where I was. Canceling plans to hit tonight's hockey game; we can go next weekend. Instead I need to find the energy to do my usual Sunday chores, get groceries, & make some food for the week. Somehow.

So far today: 8a-fried egg, 3oz chicken w/ .5c carrots, c tomatoes, c kale, c decaf coffee, fish oil, FiberSmart; 11a-salad (spinach, cauliflower, celery, carrots, sweet peppers) w/ HB egg & balsamic; 130p-fried egg, yam w/ t cinnamon, chicken sausage, c decaf coffee, fish oil; 4p-tilapia; for supper I'm thinking of making ground beef AND pork burgers - just sounds really good, and I've got the spare calories for it.

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