Whole30 - Day 3

This was an unusual day for me, but eating went well for most of it.

The pancakes fueled me to a fantastically fast finish in my 7k. It was a GREAT time. Immediately after running I had maybe 12 oz water, then circled back to the finish to look for my cousin. My calves were near cramping, but I sucked it up. I was totally unaware that there was food up at race village, or I would have fetched some bananas right away.Once I got two bananas & more water, I felt much better. We gave away our free beer tickets and instead I got some delicious black coffee from Starbucks. MUCH better on a chilly morning!

Back at Diane's we made healthy but protein-less salads (in retrospect I should have brought along some protein), then went bridesmaid dress shopping. By the time we ate supper, I had gone 6 hours with no food, drinking only about 8oz of water. (NOT good. I started getting a serious tension headache while we ate.) We were at a pizza place, but I was able to get a healthy side salad, chicken breast, and spicy broccoli - really a perfect meal. On my drive home, the tension headache got worse and worse.

I stopped at a gas station with a semi-decent deli and bought raw vegetables (tossed the dressing), raw almonds, water, and decaf. Literally the only things I felt confident about in the whole place, besides bananas, but I didn't want any carbs that late at night. The almonds were a 4.5-oz bag, which was *720* calories, but I ate it all anyway. My calories needed to be higher Saturday, after the very low days earlier this week. When I got home I tallied up my calories and decided I needed more yet, and it needed to be protein, so I reheated a pork chop.

Overall, I came in right where I should have:
7a-toaster pancakes (2T tahini, egg, 1/4c applesauce, & t cinnamon - topped with another 1/4c applesauce), 2c regular coffee, FiberSmart, fish oil
11a-2 bananas, 20oz regular coffee
1230p-spring mix salad w/ 4 strawberries, 8 grape tomatoes, 2T balsamic vinegar, and a large carrot
6p-2c romaine, T vinaigrette dressing, 2 grape tomatoes, 4oz chicken breast, c cooked broccoli, 3c decaf coffee
730p-c cauliflower, c broccoli, c baby carrots, 4.5oz almonds, 16oz decaf
930p-4oz pork chop
1a-T tahini, .5oz organic lemon energy square (technically should be on Sunday, I guess)
TOTALS: 2307 cal, 127g fat (17 sat), 191g carbs (57 fiber), 127g protein

Oh! And day two looked like:
6a-fried egg, 3 slices organic bacon, cup decaf coffee
7a-c decaf coffee
730a-1.5c regular coffee w/ t cinnamon
845a-1.5c decaf coffee, large carrot
1030a-turkey patty, large raw carrot
12p-5s lite kettle corn
230p-salad (spinach, carrots, cauliflower, celery, peppers) w/ HB egg & 2T balsamic vinegar, turkey patty
6p-6oz pork chop, c eggplant, fish oil, FiberSmart
630p-fried egg, 4 slices bacon (I was still hungry and knew I couldn't eat any more later on [mogwai])
TOTALS: 1869 cal, 80g fat (18 sat), 152g carbs (30 fiber), 148g protein

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