Whole30, Day 14

Yesterday was a rough day. Low sleep combined with being cold all day (not even cold enough to notice and go turn up the thermostat, just cold enough to be a constant low-level discomfort that I wasn't even aware of until later on) and the usual stress levels led to a very rotten 2-mile run/walk. Lots of thinking about tax firm hours. Can I stick it out at 20 hours a week this year, even? I only have 2.5 more weeks, and it's very hard to walk away from the cash...March's check will be a gross of just over $1000. But is it worth it? No decisions made yet.

After the run I was so mentally beat up that I decided to take the rest of the day off. I took a 2-hour nap with my two snuggly kitties, and that was wonderful. But my brain didn't really get the needed boost. Biggest reason: constipation. I can't believe I'm even sharing this with the whole wide world, normally being very private about these things, but any time it happens, it has a monstrously huge impact on my brain. I feel absolutely disgusting, and that very quickly sends my brain in a spiral. So the nap wasn't as good for my brain as normal, but I sucked it up and put in my time at the tax firm. I then got to bed a half hour early, took 2 Benadryl, and spent a blissful 8.5 hours in bed! Didn't even set the alarm, just wanted to get maximum sleep. And today? I am almost a brand new woman. It's wondrous what enough sleep (and a properly-functioning digestive system) can do!

Anyway, let's talk food. Since I was at home yesterday I was able to make a bunch. All of this took maybe 30 minutes of prep total (mainly the salads) between making it & packaging it up:
-4 tilapia fillets; I just tossed all 4 in the microwave for 2 minutes; when ready to eat them, microwave 1 minute & they are done! One fillet was seasoned; the rest I will top with Bourbon Smoked Paprika & Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt as I eat them.
-In one slow cooker I put a ham steak, seasoned with Tastefully Simple's Everyday Grillin' Seasoning mix.
-In the other slow cooker I made half a chicken (from my mom's flock), and 5 packages of frozen veggies from Ploughshare Farm's super convenient winter share (selected 5 packs at random & got tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, green beans, spinach).
-I cut up the veggies for 3 big salads of spinach, carrots, cauliflower, & bell peppers.
-I thawed & microwaved a pound of eggplant (also from Ploughshare Farm's frozen share).

And here's what I ate. Yesterday was supposed to be a low-calorie, low-carb day, but given the state of my brain, and the proximity of a bag of super incredibly delicious irresistible mixed nuts (you know it: NutsOnline.com) I eased up and indulged some.
5a-huge omelet (3 slices bacon, c asparagus, .5c dried mushrooms, .5c dried spinach, c egg whites), c regular coffee, 3 fish oil, dandelion root
6a-c decaf coffee
6-7a-oz mixed nuts, c decaf coffee
8a-oz mixed nuts
930a-oz venison jerky
11a-oz mixed nuts
12p-salad (1.5c spinach, medium carrot, c cauliflower, hb egg, 2T balsamic), 3.5oz tilapia, small banana, c decaf coffee, 3 fish oil, dandelion root
5p-salad (1.5c spinach, medium carrot, c cauliflower, bell pepper, hb egg, 2T balsamic), .5 turkey patty, c eggplant w/ T balsamic, c decaf coffee, .5oz mixed nuts, 3 fish oil, dandelion root
TOTALS: 1802 calories, 94g fat (19 sat), 131g carbs (38 fiber), 128g protein

Dustin wants me more moderated in my calorie levels anyway, more of a consistent small range averaging 1900 than my wild swings from 1400 to 2500. So, here's my plan for the rest of the week to put me right smack at 1900: Thursday 1821, Friday 1700, Saturday 1900, Sunday 2400 (long run), and Monday 1600. Monday is still a bit lower than he'd like, I'm sure, but it's much better than the 1400 I have been pulling. And it depends entirely on how I do over the weekend. Sunday is a tough call because of the long run, but I know I can get by at this level if I make sure to manage the post-run intake a little - no free-for-alls!

Acne, after two weeks: still not really improved. So my original plan was to ditch nuts & jerky at this point. I posed a question to Whole9 folks about this topic today, and I got a response! Dig it:

Love Facebook so much!

So I'm nixing the husband's homemade jerky (since the additives are basically the same as store-bought [which I already eliminated]) but I'll keep the nuts. For now.

I'm also adding back my Vitamin D and getting a few of the supplements that the Whole9 folks use, specifically zinc and magnesium. I've also seen zinc recommended for acne, and the need for consistent sleep surely makes magnesium an appealing addition. All three of these are quite low from food alone, according to my SparkPeople food log.

And so, that's where I am today. Doing good nutritionally, feeling good physically, doing well mentally, and not-so-quietly counting down the [16] days until the end of tax season!

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