Whole30, Day 11

This day did not go as well as planned.

I had a long 15-mile run scheduled, so my breakfast should have been optimally designed to fuel it. And it was. But then, for reasons I can't fully explain, I finished off the jar of Sunbutter. Before a 15-mile run. It does not make a bit of sense, and the only thing I can come up with? Self-sabatoge. I was going to be running with two fantastic runners (IMO) and feeling a bit intimidated. I was also asking them to hold me to an impressively fast pace, and I think, looking back, that subconsciously I had decided that the Sunbutter would give me an excuse NOT to be able to maintain the pace, a reason I could point to at failure, rather than simply, "I couldn't run that fast for that long."

I did fine on the run, but struggled, for 11.66 miles, when I stopped for water/calories; at that point I walked for two minutes eating/drinking, and then I couldn't finish the run because my left hip flexors tightened up like crazy. Now, the hip flexors are the reason I couldn't finish my 15 miles, but my nutrition choices are the reason that the miles I did complete were a struggle. The Sunbutter binge was rolling through my head repeatedly during the run itself. This is NOT what my brain should focus on and still expect a successful long run.

So I'm definitely beating myself up over the binge, and will not be purchasing any nut butters of any kind (except for tahini, because it's not that good) until tax season is over and my brain seems to be able to moderate intake of treat foods again. I hope that happens, anyway. I used to be able to live with peanut butter in my house and not eat it by the jar. Those were the days . . .

Full report:
7a-3 pancakes, serving (2T) Sunbutter,  c yams, 2T apple butter, 4 fish oil, dandelion root, c regular coffee
745a-c decaf coffee
830a-3s Sunbutter
915a (pre-run)-pancake
11a (post run)-.5c applesauce, 2 pancakes, 4 fish oil, dandelion root
1p (at restaurant)-3-egg omelet w/ ham, peppers, onions, & mushrooms (requested no cheese, no toast), 3 c regular coffee
430p-large raw carrot, .5c cooked cauliflower
630p (at hockey game)-turkey patty (brought in purse!), 2c regular coffee (purchased)
830p-4 fish oil, dandelion root
TOTALS: 2700 cal, 171g fat (21 sat), 184g carbs (46 fiber), 132g protein

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