Whole30, Day 10

Friday was a miserable day. Felt pretty awful, but I had my eating under control.

I went out for lunch with my husband, selected a restaurant with a salad bar, but it turned out to be pretty lame; all I could eat were a few raw vegetables and sunflower seeds - there weren't even any tomatoes! When I returned to the office, I added protein I had brought with me. I started feeling a little better physically in the afternoon, as my digestive system began working again, but I was still very tired. I left work early and hit Walmart, where I discovered Whole30-approved Sunbutter. I should not have brought this into my house on such a low mental day, as I ate just over half the jar. And I simply cannot explain it. Anyone who has binge-trigger foods should understand that your brain simply ceases normal functioning at these times. I hate it.

Full report on day 9:
1a-oz venison jerky
630a-fried egg, chicken sausage, oz venison jerky, small banana, c decaf coffee, 3 fish oil, FiberSmart
730a-1.5c regular coffee
9a-medium apple
10a-chicken sausage
11a-small carrot, .5c celery strips, .5c bell peppers
1215p-3c iceberg lettuce, c raw broccoli, .5c radishes, ~15 baby carrots, .5oz sunflower seeds, 3T balsamic vinegar
1p-turkey patty, hb egg
6p-salad (1.5c spinach, .75c celery, large carrot, Brussels sprout, .75 sweet peppers) w/ hb egg & 2T balsamic, 3 fish oil, dandelion root
630p-4 pancakes, 9 servings Sunbutter
TOTALS: 3531 cal, 215g fat (27 sat), 213g carbs (59 fiber), 205g protein

Day 10
This was spent at my company's all-day retreat. I knew we'd be provided with fruit & rolls in the morning, a Mexican buffet at lunch, and that I would be joining friends in the bar afterward to meet a pal's new boyfriend (this meant I'd be home after 7, so supper had to be covered as well). So I simply brought along quite a bit of my own food, and it worked out just fine!

Full report:
7a-fried egg, chicken sausage, c regular coffee, 3 fish oil, dandelion root
8a-c regular coffee
9a-.33c cantaloupe, slice pineapple, 1.5c regular coffee (all provided)
10a-chicken sausage link
12p-3c iceberg lettuce, .25c black olives, .75c tomatoes (from buffet), .5c bell pepper slices, c carrot slices, c celery strips, chicken sausage link, 1.5c regular coffee, 3 fish oil, dandelion root
2p-turkey patty, .5c carrot slices, .5c celery strips
4p-oz pecans
6p-turkey patty
730p-3 fish oil, dandelion root
TOTALS: 1444 cal, 74g fat (22 sat), 63g carbs (18 fiber), 126g protein

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