Tuesday, October 18

Body: Still a touch sore from Sunday's enthusiasm, but nothing concerning. Session went well. After work I took a nice long stroll with Shannon and it was as good for the brain as a run with Heidi. Just need more of that on a regular basis.

Brain: Solid. Busy scattered-feeling day where nothing major was accomplished, but good discussions were had, and many small things were readied/planned for Saturday's meet. Lovely walk on a gorgeous fall night. A sweet purring kitty to pet & love on. Quiet night at home with an absorbing book. Days just don't get much better than this!

Monday, October 17

Body: Slept like a rock, it was wonderful. Upper back is a bit sore, neck has a tight spot, butt is sore, but that's all fine. Energy is good.

Brain: Counting down: 4 more DBB days after today. Like WHOA. Lunched with the parents for probably the last time in a long while. Eve was TT and tons o' fun.

Sunday, October 16

Body: Great night of solid sleep, though Hanky wouldn't let me sleep in, of course. Lifted mid-morning and did All The Things which included some SGC moves and focused accessory and then a complex I just felt like playing with. Things felt good for where they should be, although OHP is stalling in a very disappointing way. Reread parts of that chapter of Starting Strength during my rest periods.

Brain: Hubs gone all day again, it's family wood-cutting extravaganza weekend I guess, and I'm sure they are all wondering why I'm not there to help. Because I already had weekend plans when I first learned about it, that's why; maybe my plans look a lot like laziness, but that's exactly what I planned & needed this weekend, so they can judge away. Got my chores done, got two errands done (including decorating for Boss's Day), and had plenty of reading time. I hit triple-digit books finished this year. Holy shitballs, that's a lot of reading. No wonder I never seem to get anything else done!

Saturday, October 15

Body: Excellent night of sleep, including waking naturally at 6am, wowza! After breakfast & some reading time, I dressed to run, but assessed things and realized I didn't really WANT to run, I just wanted to get to the woods. So I decided Hanky & I would just take a very long walk, and so we did, and it was lovely. I didn't finish feeling drained & nappy, so I could get things done at home.

Brain: Good. I have zero regrets not WDing today, but I realized I spent the past 5 straight years at it, either running or crewing or volunteering, so it's strange not to be there. But I'm happy to be home. Logged a couple errands and then headed home for chores & ample reading time.

Yesterday just before eating supper I realized I hadn't logged any food yet, and I had a near-physical reaction of revulsion, practically gagging at the very idea of it. I won't be doing that anymore. I came in about where I need to be, and so I can stop. And I completely hated it, so I will stop. I made it all of three days.

Got some FANTASTIC news from a friend that made me so happy I cried. Secret for now, and not my news to share anyway, but will be really wonderful for me.

Friday, October 14

Body: Feeling good but happy for a rest day. Super lazy at home in the eve, happily.

Brain: Busy work day, improved by lunch with my BB. Silent afternoon during which I cranked out a lotta work, whew! A gorgeous eve had me hanging out with pets in the yard, until it got chilly. Then I took my book to the couch to be a lazy veg. It was awesome.

Thursday, October 13

Body: Woke in the night needing to get up, h/s/g. Feeling pretty good. Tiny bit of squat soreness, but nothing in upper body. Session went well enough, given how I've felt most of the past few weeks. After work, because it was a glorious fall day, I happily went to LCSP. Running was feeling hard on the lungs & brain, so I walked a lot, and took a lot of pictures, and deeply missed my Heidi, but didn't dwell on it too much. Haven't figured out what I'll do come winter, just yet.

Brain: Very good. Didn't get the work done that I wanted to (feel like I can point to nothing accomplished today), but had a great Chief meeting, sat in on a consult, had a wonderful time at the team meeting, and thoroughly enjoyed my day. Ran into Steph & her mama on the street & we chatted (lovely people). Blissful fall trails. Weekend plans solidifying (and minimal). Hubs gone to a "safety meeting" with coworkers, so the house was silent other than snoring pets. It's a good life.

Wednesday, October 12

Body: Fabulous long night of sleep, got up feeling good. No time to run, Dad's bookwork at noon, TT in eve.

Brain: Started logging my food yesterday in order to get my sleep in order. Also an excuse to learn My Fitness Pal so I can talk about it with clients. But man, I immediately felt the old feels around spending what feels like hours inputting food, and looking at the numbers, and also looking at their recommendations which make me want to punch things. Little warnings like I'm nearing my fat limit or "this food is high in saturated fat!" made me screamy. I'm not sure I can do it for more than a day or two; paper at least doesn't fucking JUDGE.

Normal taxy day, plus a visit with Dad, followed by the dentist (scheduled THREE doctor appointments today, adulting champ!). After work, TT was a TON of fun, and I felt far very comfortable walking around and coaching people. Finally. It was fantastic fun. Home was nicely quiet.