Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday, July 28

Nutrition: Got my salads made tonight, ready for the week!

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 81% quality. Super solid; woke briefly around 1a, dozed 4a onward. Got up feeling rested.

Healthy Movement: Little stiff lower legs & feet, all else good. Ran downhills, same number as last Monday but I ran partway back up each time today. Will work on increasing both little by little over the next few months.

Fun & Play: Fun class. Productive morning, things are getting less frustrating! Nice little memorial service for a team member meant time outside, even if it was a bit chilly. Lunch run. Insanely productive afternoon. Time flew by like a jet! Fetch with pooches and spare time to read besides, how lovely!

Sunday, July 27

Nutrition: Appropriately hungry and properly fueled.

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 1045p-6a, 77% quality. More like the 98% it registered yesterday. I was out like a light, never heard the hubs come home, woke maybe twice feeling overheated but immediately fell back. Glad Hanky let me sleep in. Napped 130-330p.

Healthy Movement: Just a little lower-leg stiffness, which is a good thing. Still, I kept procrastinating on a lifting workout. Lately that has been my sign to skip it, take it easy. But what about that pull-up goal? So I did upper body only, three moves, and the bench was just as tough as I expected which is to say, I felt like a weak noob. Still, I got what I could, including 45 pulls, which is better than nada.

By the end of the day, noticed that feet are a little sore, core is stiff, and I have some dumb bruises from the fall, but nothing major. Ordered five new pairs of trail Merrells so I can hopefully pick one and return four, and have something perfect for the SHT and nicely broken in by the time I return--in five short weeks. Eep!

Fun & Play: A quiet, coffee-filled morning, enjoying open windows and cool fall weather. This sure doesn't help me cope with heat, but I fucking love temps in the 60s. All my chores done. Lots of pet time, little bit of hubs time, two chores knocked out. Almost got hammock time in, but that's when rain decided to come down. Damn!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Saturday, July 26

Nutrition: Camping breakfast of bacon, eggs, yams, & coffee: perfect! Lunch at the Duluth Grill was a bomb-ass salad with handmade balsamic vinaigrette thus true olive oil! Didn't feel the slightest bit deprived. Snacks on the trip home. But I realized I've GOT to start figuring out what can go into my belly on a long trail run. MUST have things I can eat at aid stations or in drop bags, as I don't know that I'll have any kind of crew there.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 1015p-6a, 98% quality. That's as far off as it could be. I was expecting to see 50% or less! Must have been the stiff camper mattress didn't register my tossing & turning. Took a while to fall asleep due to heat, then I woke up constantly: had too-big ear plugs so they hurt, thus I popped out the right one at some point, which meant I could hear the train whistle several times, ugh. Woke up at a very uncomfortable angle but somehow my neck didn't stay stiff, whew!

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling better than expected. Stood all morning at aid station, felt fine.

We ate lunch and then headed up to Gooseberry, to trek the start for Brian's 100-miler. It was very hot heading out for our run, but I was hopeful since I felt pretty good. But the run was the fucking worst. It was a 20-minute walk in the sun before we even hit the start which didn't help things. Then we ran two miles of direct sun & the [new] usual out-of-whack breathing, and just as things began to settle, I felt my legs telling me they were tired, the heat began to really hit me, my hands got fat, and justlikethat I was SO fucking over it. I realized I'd had almost no water while working the aid station, since I had wanted to avoid needing to use the woods. It was 80-ish, which shouldn't be that bad for late July, but I've had few hot runs this cool summer, thus I have zero acclimation. So many reasons for it to go poorly, and it did. Humbling and frustrating. I was having no fun and felt like a pathetic little wimp, knowing Brian totally could have done the full two hours we'd planned. Of course he was perfectly understanding but it was frustrating to hold him back when he needs all the SHT miles he can find.

I have serious work to do before pacing Brian in his 100, which is just 6 weeks away. Luckily I only have to get to around 15 miles, tops. But that's not much time, given a couple weekends of social stuff like Terri's visit or the Marthaler gathering. Yikes; I MUST prioritize the running over the lifting sessions each weekend, and also reduce them to strictly bench & pull and that is IT.

Post-run we cooled off for a bit in the river, which helped, as did the bottle of ice-cold water I slammed as soon as we reached the cooler. Drive back was long, we stopped a few times and getting out I felt so damned stiff - any movement felt good. Shoulders/neck got the worst of it, reading probably exacerbated the usual awful vehicle posture.

Fun & Play: Aid station was a great time, refueling badass runners while hanging in the woods in the shade and NOT killing myself on the trail. Fabulous lunch. Pre-run excitement. River standing. Finished a book. Got home to overjoyed pooches and SHOWERED and slept in my OWN BED and snuggled with my kittehs.

Friday, July 25

Nutrition: Ate an entire pizza for lunch as SHT prep. Was not sure it would do much good, but worth a tasty try, yo. Supper was a snack assortment of summer sausage on rice crackers, snap peas, and kombucha. You know, as all campers do.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 82% quality. Relatively good, woke at 330a, tossed & turned for a bit, but fell back and slept solidly to a natural wake up. Somehow even Hanky was sleeping in today, nice! Sleepy on drive up north, but that's par for a long ride for me.

Healthy Movement: Felt sore and achey from the get-go. Oops. Stood at NSS all morning, then sat in a truck for way too long on the way up north. SHT run felt tough to start, then awesome. Happiness.

Fun & Play: Morning at NSS. Saw my Buddy and Supergirl. Ran into now-former coworker Marty and chatted a nice long while at the grocery store. Tripping up north to enjoy a lovely run on the SHT. Enjoying a campfire at a podunk little campground. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday, July 24

Nutrition: I ate a lot today - and a lot of Larabars again - but it seemed easy to get the calories in.

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 930p-445a, 82% quality. Yeah. In too late due to time with hubs, up too early due to antsy Hank. At least it was solid.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling surprisingly good. Thought I'd feel some achiness from SUP-ing. Somehow I am not even sore from squats this week, either...until the morning progressed. I was feeling them by session time, but then the soreness went away, probably in the PR glow. After work, hit LCSP for a short but delightful outing.

Fun & Play: So super productive this morning, fewer interruptions. Still a lot of frustrations, but a lot of progress at least. Fabulous session with my beastie. The newbie & I managed our first check run with only minimal hiccups! Not enough, but SOME, time to chat with Timmy before she disappears for her week of vacation. Running in the woods and seeing TWO precious deer! That will never ever get old, I swear.

Temperance: I been gettin' posty over here:

Wednesday, July 23

Nutrition: Today my LAPW lunch amounted to about 200 calories. Happy to be a speaker who didn't need to pay, just to come back and eat my own food. But: lame.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 845p-5a, 76% quality. Up at 3a for water, bathroom, took just long enough to fall back that I considered getting back up for grub, but I fell back and dreamed heavily until the alarm buzzed me up.

Healthy Movement: A mid-week rest day: whoa! LAPW took my lunch run, and SUP-ing with Holea after work meant I couldn't do it then. But I will have some sweet weekend mileage on the SHT so I think I'll be okay. Plus I should probably rest up before that so it doesn't 100% suck, right? Honestly, I'm feeling quite proud that I didn't do my class this morning. Outside, metcon-style bodyweight stuff, yet I resisted. It also gave me a perfect hair day, so, double bonus!

Fun & Play: Class. Productive morning thanks to a team member who volunteered her services to help with A/P. LAPW meeting & being on the panel, plus carpooling with Monica K. Productive work afternoon, best since the eruption, I'd say. SUP-ing was delightful. Short but quiet eve at home, including fetch with pooches.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday, July 22

Nutrition: Thanks to my alarm dog, I was ready for work 15 minutes too early. So I decided that was a perfect time to have my first snack: before half the town is even awake! I never imagined it would be so challenging to get enough calories. I need to start slathering EVERYTHING in coconut oil, because once again: 4 Larabars in one day. 

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 9p-430a, 72% quality. Solid but Hanky needed out extra early this morning for no good reason. Well, maybe he had a good reason, but I didn't. Ugh.

Healthy Movement: Core thingy is tight only after sitting. Solution: stay upright! Got a little bit of an angry right wrist, thumb-related tendon issue. Mild, but worth remembering. Also worth remembering: right IT/knee a little angry on 2nd Prowler pull. (Gulp.) Otherwise session was great, squat & bench rep PRs.

Fun & Play: Cool morning. Great session that ended with a WONDERFUL chat with Mary, made the work insanity more tolerable to see she is in a good place. Busy busy busy afternoon but everyone was in good spirits.