Sunday, May 1

Body: Slept like a champion, 9 hours in bed. Lifting was hard again, but went quite a bit better than last week. Met up with BK for a walking coffee date that was thoroughly enjoyable other than the seemingly drunken dogs who don't know how to operate on leashes. Got home too late to nap, but one of my chores was bringing the hammock outside, and I took a little catnap in it: lovely.

Brain: Great night of sleep. Quiet morning, hubs didn't get home until it was lifting time. Listening to a thoroughly entertaining audiobook. Dose of BK. Charlie Bou's birthday party at the dog park. SUNSHINE. Catnaps. Hammocks. So much time to read.

Saturday, April 30

Body: Sleep a little sketchy, but got up feeling good. Had a small group for the C25k walk, which once again was chilly. Spent rest of day in a vehicle, for the most part.

Brain: Love the C25k group stuff so much. Did an hour's worth of NSS work to deal with month-end type things, and then had an arts & crafts spell making my cousin a cardboard fort. Rode to Cities, shopped at Whole Foods, hung with cousin's family/friends/many chitlins, rode back, then home to crash. I went to bed at 8:35 pm.

Friday, April 29

Body: Sleep great. Upper back slightly sore from deadlifts & rope pulls, in a good way. Guts finally pretty normal. Walked with my beloved Heidi & a pack of pooches in the evening, and it was wonderful fun. I purposely chose not to run, again playing conservative to prioritize my deadlifts.

Brain: Excellent workday again, very productive. Had a fantabulous lunch with Shannon that could've lasted hours longer. A lovely outing with Heidi; truly don't know how I'm going to get through life without her alongside me.

Thursday, April 28

Body: Solid night of sleep. Guts trending toward normal, but not there yet. Had a headache mid-morning, which is very rare for me. Session went better than I expected (my expectations were extremely low), and the light deadlifts were me playing conservative given the past few days, rather than pushing to a heavy grind. Eve C25k walk was quite fun, with two pooches along!

Brain: Excellent day at NSS. Boss boys gone meant everyone had a busy day, and also that I had a task to feel out the post-bombshell fallout, which was better than I anticipated. We had a lovely team "meeting" at which everyone was SO chatty that it was good, but also made me sad, that they don't feel that same comfortable openness with the boss boys around. I got a lot of random things done and worked ahead a little to compensate for the coming month-end: a good feeling.

Wednesday, April 27

Body: Crappy sleep; checked my phone at 1a, at 3a, and 5a...ugh. Guts are still not cooperative. Didn't want to eat lunch, and didn't want to work; left at noon. Tried to nap but at most it was a short catnap, I just couldn't fall asleep. Still didn't want to eat, because it was pleasant to NOT have gurgling guts, but no caloric intake doesn't go well with me. At simple spaghetti (rice noodles) and made a fruit/protein smoothie. And guts commenced gurgling...ate the leftover spaghetti for supper. Still same unhappy guys but I stopped feeling pukey at least. 

Brain: Bad sleep left me with lower energy, but not blasted like it might have just a month ago. Still, after I finished a tax return at noon, it sounded daunting to start another; I felt certain that I would hit 2pm and want to I went home. After my pseudo nap, I booked a hotel for Spring Superior, shopped for gifts, and read, surrounded by sleepy pets. It was lovely.

Tuesday, April 26

Body: Clyde woke me up (what felt like) every 15 minutes, starting at 330a. Got up okay but cranky about it. Didn't have high hopes for my session, and we dialed back squats due to my suspicions and also tight left hammie (WTF, you?). Pulls maintained and bench was decent. Checked FAH later on, but elbow still crank. Worked on speed switches instead. Guts were a mess all day, left me feeling kinda rotten. Eve walk was nice, another chilly windy evening, but a fun chatty group made it delightful. Left big toe was sore afterward again. Damn.

Brain: Decent. Solid morning, session better than anticipated, but afternoon was dragging, and extra-wild chitlins DID NOT HELP my brain. Ugh, kids. Then a work bombshell was dropped, one that will affect all of us, but most of all I'm expecting my beloved boss boys to be bombarded. One of my post-bombshell tasks is to keep an eye on the team and manage the fallout; well, the boss boys are part of the team, and their sanity shall be endangered by the fallout. So I did what little I could today, which was to buy & leave them each a treat with a silly note. It's not much given the situation, but if there's anything I have learned in life, it's that the little things usually are the big things. How many times have the right words, delivered with love, helped me through a rough time? All the time; every rough time. Our people are all we have, in the end.

Monday, April 25

Body: Decent. No ill effects from yesterday's lifting, that I can tell.

Brain: Decent. Slept well & felt good, but REALLY didn't want to go to work, but that's a rainy Monday for ya. Wanted to bail on work at like 3, but made it just past 4. I think I may grab a half day off on Wednesday. Just because UGH. Visited the family in eve for big bro's birthday, which was nice.