Wednesday, July 27

Body: Pets were noisy early again, but I fell back and got up well-rested. Felt some aches from Tuesdays, but better than I did after the weekend lifting. Ran solo (avoided any chance of running buddies by using different lot and very different route) with the audiobook, walked early/often, and was able to enjoy it. Probably was key to have the book and prevent any real thinking.

Brain: Good thanks to extra sleep. Busy taxy day, went by quickly. Having much better days there than before vacation. Happiness on a decent run, which included a lengthy deer encounter that completely made my week. Silly Chief talk. Silly doggies.

Tuesday, July 26

Body: Pretty good thanks to the rest day. Session was just about where it was two weeks ago, but if running doesn't go well tomorrow & Saturday, then I'll ask Dustin to change pretty much everything. (Except pull-ups; never skip pull-ups!)

Brain: Excellent/busy day catching up at NSS. No Chiefs, but had a brief exchange of silly texts that reminded me why I love them. Was wonderful to be back! Eve blood donation + library visit = happy girl. 

Monday, July 25

Body: Still achey from both lifting and running. Planned rest day. 

Brain: Decent. Got shit DONE today and even did some NSS work that involved moving my & Lisa's training tomorrow so that we are together!

Sunday, July 24

Body: Terrible night of sleep; took ages to fall asleep, woke early to rotten pets. Had to do a run; didn't have to be long since it was an unplanned bonu, so I decided to make it an easy LCSP outing, just go do the usual lap and see what happens. I had to tell myself a bajillion times that I couldn't quit early, just needed to finish, go slow & walk plenty if that's what I needed. It was. I need to get regular runs in again or this is never going to work. But running is so hard now that I don't even want to do it. Post-nap, the body felt pretty terrible. Ached everywhere as though I had done 20 miles.

Brain: Low from the run. Did my best to set it aside and get chores done, studying in, fluff books read. Part of the running difficulty is I miss my people. I am telling myself that running continues to lead me to new people, I don't have to quit as though I'll never find more. But it's hard. Very, very hard. This 50k may not happen. Or I may need to tell Dustin to completely change my program away from powerlifting so I can prioritize running...not like lifting is going well anyway.

Saturday, July 23

Body: Got up early to run, and it was like a sauna, so I swapped days & lifted instead. Didn't go well; everything was heavy.

Brain: So glad we have enough time to readjust to normal life. Got a nap in, got some cleaning done, got some reading done, watched a movie together.

July 16-22, Vacation Week

Body: Held up fairly well through all the driving. Did very well with the hiking. Felt the altitude, but compared to the hubs, my recovery pauses were super short, so that gave me some confidence.
  • Short 1m walk on Sunday just to break up the drive 
  • Three short hikes on Monday at Rocky; tried to get a long one in, rain kept taking us down
  • Short dumb hike then a nice long tough hike on Tuesday at Rocky; finally, what I looked forward to for so long
  • Manitou Incline on Wednesday; harder than I expected, but probably could've chopped off a half hour without the hubs' longer rest periods - I had wanted to go back a second time the next day, solo, but logistics prevented it
  • Short easy hike on Thursday at Garden of the Gods, more about sheep spotting
The Incline day was the only day that turned out rough; we checked in early for a nap at the hotel, and I felt drained the rest of the day. It included the drive up Pike's Peak, and that made me feel nauseous besides. Rotten. I think that lingered into Thursday. We drove to some more sight-seeing and I didn't want to leave the truck; another hike sounded Herculean.

Brain: Low spots: blown tire, 2 hour delay. Two hotels double-charging us. Hubs deciding he should probably have better shoes at breakfast on Monday, further delaying our start so we could go shopping. Rain thwarting two attempted long hikes on our first day. Spontaneous concept falling apart when it meant we didn't know what we wanted to do. Struggling to find a place to eat, always, every day, three times a day. Wishing desperately I could do normal vacation eating.

High spots: petting goats while tires were replaced. No dogs or cats waking me up. Cousin Jen, family, & yurt. 3 books read and much studying accomplished. Mountains. Wildlife. No crises back home. Mountains. Finally getting to climb the Incline. Hubs willing to do whatever I wanted. Snow in July. Forgetting about real life troubles for a nice long time. Mountains. Under budget. Cobb salads, meat & potatoes, & breakfast food. Mountains. Hubs time.

Friday, July 15

Body: Mostly okay, but I do have some left hip pinch going on, like I did this winter from squats. Vague, mild, but there.

Brain: Improved, but still too raw. In need of vacation. Excited to take off in the morning!