Friday, December 19

Nutrition: All. The. Meats. Too many, this I know. Started my day by stocking up BIG TIME at Sprouts, tons of snacks and a bootch for every single day.

Still, feeling certain that my already-bad acne is about to get fierce. Eating out fucking sucks, yo. Soybean oil is everywhere.

4-lemon super cookies
6-steak, eggs, coffee
10-Renola, bootch
1-apple, pork jerky, Sunbutter
6-salad w/ oil & vinegar, prime rib, baked potato, decaf
Calories 3025: p 1425, c 850, f 750

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 830p-430a, 79% quality. Slept rather shitty, woke often. Woke at 4a with no ability to fall back. Energy definitely on the low side all day.

Healthy Movement: Lotta car-sitting. Walked through a couple museums and a baby-animal zoo, but amounted to perhaps 3-4 hours on feet. Hip doesn't like the sitting, but it's definitely been worse. Excited to do some serious hiking tomorrow, wanna MOVE!

Fun & Play: Vacation day two! Mountains. Museums. Route 66. Critter viewing. Grand Canyon plotting. Dose of BK chitchat, rounding up a crew for next year.

Thursday, December 18

Nutrition: Mmmmm, vacation [over-]eating! Flying makes me snacky. 

515-eggs, cottage bacon, toast, coffee w/ CM
(630-Dustin session)
9-Larabar, coffee w/ CM
1015-summer sausage w/ rice crackers, iced tea
11-eggs, ham, bacon, fruit, coffee
2-rice crackers, apple
415-bacon jerky, pistachios
830-salad, pork loin w/ yams & pineapple
Calories 3500: P 1200, C 1000, F 1200

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 10p-5a, 77% quality. Sound, but not enough. Alarm woke me from a dream so good that I was bummed to wake up (although I have zero recollection what it was) until I remembered: I'm on vacation!

Healthy Movement: Body feeling fabulous. Early morning session was good but there was a huge difference in how deadlifts felt compared to last week. Ugh. I had my first fail on a Jefferson, but then somehow eeked it out on the left side. 

Fun & Play: Vacation day 1! Session which included bonus HB chitchat. BK chitchat. A super sweet cuddly Hanky who knew he was being left behind and trying to show what a GOOD BOY he could be, please take me with! Zero major hitches in our travel. A front-desk clerk named Brian Klug!!! He's nothing like my BK, but damn I love the coincidence! 

Wednesday, December 17

  • 515-eggs, cottage bacon, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 730-Larabar, coffee w/ CM
  • 945-apple, Larabar
  • 12p-Cobb salad, clementine
  • 4-rice crackers, pork jerky
  • 630-salad w/ balsamic, toast, apple w/ SB
  • calories 2425: p 625, c 600, f 1200

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 930p-5a, 81% quality. In late due to my stellar supper date (worth it!); wide awake at 3a and forced my mind to shut the fuck down and get back to sleep. Worked, but I needed the alarm to wake me from sound damned sleep at 5a. Ugh. Feeling rested, though.

Healthy Movement: Body feels great. Thought no one was going to show to class, so I decided to do it myself. Then someone showed, so I got to do it with her - felt fantastic. I even did some single-arm chin-ups, bitchez! Body is feeling great despite yesterday's badassery. I like!

Fun & Play: Class! HB chitchat about SG. Gifty from my bestie Timmy. Gifty from my fabulous team. Lunch out with the entire incredible Finance team. Fun all-team, got to describe Paleo, claim the 2015 motto again, give a number, and a one-commit: popular! But next time I think I'm sitting in the back row with BK: I could get some work done if I wasn't in the speaker's direct line of sight! Wrapping up things on my last workday for ELEVEN DAYS. Packing / overpacking.

Tuesday, December 16

Nutrition: I have some cysts. Perhaps I should not have eaten an entire bag of maple-glazed pecans on Saturday? Damned sugary deliciousness! (And the distracting convo that made me forget just how much of it I was eating.)
  • 415-eggs, cottage bacon, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 730-apple, Larabar
  • 1045-chocolate super cookies
  • (12p-Dustin session)
  • 115-summer sausage w/ rice crackers, two clementines
  • 315-Larabar
  • (530-yoga)
  • 630-Cobb salad
  • calories 1925: p 525, c 850, f 600

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 9p-4a, 81% quality. That's bullshit. Woke once at 130a, fell back, was awake 3a onward and couldn't fall back for nuthin'. Gave up at 4a. What the fuck, body? On the bright side, my morning resting pulse was 62, which is the lowest it has been in almost three weeks - and I'm talking significantly lower, 10-40 points difference - and is finally in my normal range. I suspect this cold may finally, finally, finally be over.

Healthy Movement: Body is feeling great - hip did complain a bit the first outing from my car, but that's it! Kicked ASS in my session. Dustin didn't deload me as programmed, since I'm off all of next week. And I hit a BENCH PRESS PR with the big-girl plates. Now THAT makes for the best-evah Christmas gift - thanks, Dustin! Yoga club after work where I discovered a tight low back: stretching it felt positively fantastic.

Fun & Play: Chitchat with MB. Delivering gifts to my girly besties who were most appreciative and profusely thankful. Feeling loved! Session. BK chitchat. United Way sale at work. Yoga club. Supper at my favorite place with my BeloveBuddy AND her SuperGirl. Spoiled.

Monday, December 15

Nutrition: Fresh, juicy, messy pears: I love you!
  • 5-eggs, cottage bacon, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • 730-coffee w/ CM
  • 930-bacon jerky, apple
  • 1230-pork jerky, pear, Larabar
  • 315-Larabar
  • 5-eggs, ham, potatoes, decaf (Trav's)
  • calories 2250: p 825, c 750, f 675

: 8 hours in bed, 845p-445a, 93% quality. Woke often 1a onward.

Healthy Movement: Body is feeling good, hip gave nary a tightness most of the day. Had some weird slight twinges of tightness in RIGHT low back; new & most unwelcome. Noticed it in class warm-up and the random 3rd-world squats that I do during class, but it never came back during day. Standing is all good! Intended to, and changed to, run after work with BK, but the shit weather ruined it. Too slippery, certain I'd faceplant. Plus, I managed to forget socks. Eh, more rest might mean kicking this cold for good. Still waking up phlegmmy. 

Fun & Play: Team chitchat. BK chitchat. Bacon jerky! Super duper productive workday. Supper with BK and giving the perfect gift to him. HB chitchat. Clyde snuggles. Finishing touches on the gifts for the rest of my besties, which involved writing them love notes. I am so very lucky to have my peeps. So so so in love with them all. 

Sunday, December 14

  • 545-pork jerky, apple, coffee
  • 830-fruit, Larabar, moar coffeez
  • 930-clementine
  • 1245-spaghetti squash, toast
  • 4-Larabar, bootch
  • 5-Cobb salad w/ vinegar, iced tea
  • calories 1700: p 525, c 875, f 300

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 10p-515a, 67% quality. In late due to partying (ha, parties used to START at 10!), woke often thanks to hotel bed/pillow not being MINE, woke early to hit the gym. Napped 1045a-1245p.

Healthy Movement: Tight calves from the run & some shin soreness. But zero hip pain on my walk to the gym! No workout in said gym, because there wasn't a single free weight and I wasn't interested in spending time figuring out how to use the one stupid weight machine - and it ain't cardio day. Decided I would find time to lift at home before working at NSS. Unfortunately I felt sickly the entire ride home, ready to puke at any second. No idea why, but it was perfectly awful. At home, I crawled directly into bed; couldn't even make myself help unload the car. Woke up feeling mediocre, but good enough to eat food & go to work. Improved with time. Logged 5 sets of 5 pulls during my time at NSS, but they were tough. Hip did hurt some by the end of the day, too much sitting. 

Fun & Play: Quiet morning reading. Family time. Nap with both kittehs snugged up tight. Leaving gifts for Dustin & NSS. Supper & chitchat with miss Emma.

Saturday, December 13

Nutrition: Oof. I don't wanna talk about it.
  • 5a-eggs, cottage bacon, toast, coffee w/ CM
  • (6-8m run)
  • 8-eggs, ham, bacon, potatoes, coffee
  • 1-olives, pancetta, prosciutto, salad w/ chicken, prosciutto, balsamic vinaigrette 
  • 5-maple pecans
  • 7-BWCs, salad, raw veg, bootch
  • 9-BWCs
  • calories 3000: p 700, c 1000, f 1300

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 945p-445a, 78% quality. In late since I got home late and had things undone; woke once around 230a, but it was otherwise sound. Woke naturally. Napped 245-445p. Glorious.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling great. Excited to run with my beasties. A huge crew showed up and I was able to run with all of my favorites for at least a little while. Delightful! It also felt good, although my lungs struggled. Not sure whether speed or sickness on that one. Started it out with a coughing spell but otherwise the cold is on its way out. Sat the entire rest of the day like a slug. Hip was bothersome at the end of the day and a bit on the run. Huge improvement over past long runs, though!

Fun & Play: Fun run with my beasties. Fun breakfast & white elephant exchange with my beasties. Hoppe family getaway to the wreath ceremony and water park. Had a great nap in my allotted solo time, woke to BK's news that he passed his test (of course he did), played another white elephant game, ate all the food, laughed all the laughs, and gave toddlers horsie rides. Happy fun times!